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ArosCon: Fortune or Flounder!

This will end in tears, of this I have no doubt, but I’m not sure if it ends up being mine or theirs!

ArosCon 2017, new list

After having gotten involved in some online nerd-drama (I know I shouldn’t, but it’s so hard to resist!) I needed some R&R.

WTC 2017 – Initial thoughts

In the infamous ‘Scottish’ incident of 2014 I decided to never again play in the WTC, but a serious of strange events have led to me reversing this decision after three years.

ArosCon: 2017

ArosCon is one of the few cons in Denmark, and like our country it’s small and insignificant for anyone but us.

Lamoron fucks up the WTC Qualifiers

A couple of months back I decided to go play the Danish WTC Qualifiers, because I rarely get to see those guys outside of the tournaments and I miss them.

New Years tournament

Somewhat delayed we’re hosting a New Years mini tournament to try and get our meta rebooted after MK3.

Emperors Chosen

Last weekend we went to the Emperors Chosen. I brought power casters, a really good list, and finished well!

Emperors Chosen: Almost ready

A long running gathering of danish nerds – the Emperors Chosen – has a Warmachine tournament this time around.

Danish Masters 2016: Prep

For the last six months I’ve known that I couldn’t participate in the Danish Masters 2016 because of a scheduling conflict, but then on Monday night miracles happened.

WTC 2016 qualifiers: Shits’n’giggles

Soooo this weekend we’re playing qualifiers for the 2016 WTC, and I’m participating on team ‘Pigs Might Fly’ to support the whole thing.