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Danish Masters 2013 – Report

Sorry guys, but I was delayed by a sudden request for a WTC-team video presentation. With a bit of job hunting done, the video waiting for team approval (damn rush job, but when the deadline is yesterday…), and todays meetings done, I can finally get around to writing a bit about the actual games I had this weekend.

Danish Masters 2013

The Danish Masters are over, and we have a new champion… Christoffer from Sweden… the shame is unbearable. Not only is he from Sweden, but he’s also a Circle player, which should be grounds for ‘on the spot’ execution, but instead we sent him home with a trophy!

On the first day of DM…

I’m writing this on my wife’s iPad, so any errors are obviously not related to any amount of beer I might have had with my brother in law.

The first day of WTC training

I had two games today, which was less than expected, but some of the guys were still blowing chunks after last nights bender, or trying to cure their hangovers with more alcohol.

Terminus: WTC post 1

Terminus came out of retirement tonight. I had my first game against Jet Black Joe and his Old Witch list, but I can’t reveal his list in detail. If someone sits down and goes through all my coming posts to put it together, he’ll have earned it.

WTC Strategy meeting

Last night we had our first WTC Strategy meeting. Naturally there are some things I can’t reveal (I have promised to be uncharacteristically serious about this event), but I can tell you that my Captain has been insisting I bring Terminus out of retirement, and that I have finally given in.

Spotlight: Terminus

I’ve been meaning to update this for a while, and I think I’ve reached a point where I won’t learn much more about Terminus. Terminus has been my main Warcaster for more than a year, and for months I’ve played him exclusively, so I’d like to introduce you to him properly.


Terminus: Part 3 (Done)

Usually my games are decided when someone comes within range and gets charged by Terminus, but with this model on the table they began running away like crazy and I won 3/5 games on full scenario points. Fear is a potent tool it seems.

ETC Report

This will be my European Team Challenge post where I’ll write everything and upload everything. This will take some time since I need to sort out everything, sleep, work, and make sure my wife likes the idea of me going next year by doing something nice for her. I’ll post a comment every time I make a major update so you won’t have to keep checking for new stuff.

Tournament: Terminus Vs. eKaya

Lars and I have danced this dance before and Terminus is a nightmare for his list. I could speculate that the composition of his list is to blame.