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Spotlight: Scrap Thralls

About a year ago I started using Scrap Thralls. It started as a way to flesh out lists with low model counts, but I quickly discovered just how much the Scraps really have to offer, and at one point I even built a quite successful list which managed to have 41 active scraps on the table

Going full moron: Part 1

Earlier this evening I lost a game to Haley2, and if my opponent hadn’t been entertaining me – and supplying beers – I think I might have been a bit bored.

Un-Mothballing: Part 6

I thought a bit about how much fun I’ve had with twelve Scrap Thralls over the last month or so, and then thought about the sheer stupid fun I could have with three or four times that number.

Un-Mothballing: Part 4

I’ve had a couple of games with the different versions of the Skarre2 list. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m going to bring her to Giant Fanatic in two weeks!