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Lund Emancipation: Ready!

I am now officially ready for the tournament in Lund. I only got in three test games with my Skarre1 list, but all things considering I’m happy with my setup.

Bane Riders: Spoilers & theories

They’ve finally hit the ‘spoil’ button on Bane Riders, and some people were disappointed. I for one am not amongst them, and I’m very happy with what we got, to the point of me thinking Privateer Press might have overdone it slightly.

Pirate Queen Skarre: 2

I finally got in a game with the pSkarre double Kraken list. The list operates on the idea, that very few lists can shoot two Krakens to death before they get in charge range, and that few heavies out-threat them.

Pirate Queen Skarre: 1

While working on the final part of the WTC report I got a little distracted. There were a lot of pSkarre players at the WTC, and I’ve only ever played her once or twice, so I got to thinking about her and what I could do to make her interesting.