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Game Theory: Losing

A couple of years ago I argued that you could learn as much by winning as you could by losing, but I never really managed to get the local rookies to analyze their games to an extent where that was actually true.

Game Theory: Probability moves

Probability and I have a long and complicated relationship. As with so many other things it took a hobby to finally unlock their secrets.

Breaking the flow: Evolving as a player

Every so often someone comes along and tells everyone that losing is the best way to learn, and most people agree with them. Now personally I think it’s a statement lacking nuance, and instead of losing we should be focused on gaining and traumatically losing a flow state.

A different take


Self-defeating Miniature Wargaming Disorder

Back in the days of Warhammer 40.000 I had a friend and regular opponent with SMWD. Thomas was intelligent, tactically sound, knew his way around list construction, and should by all rights have been a dangerous opponent, but games against him would always go like this.


Living without Primal: Theory

Next game will be my 20th game with Circle, and while I was told that the learning curve of this faction was steep I completely underestimated how much it would take to climb this particular mountain.


Lesser gods of resource management

This is not an article about using the Lesser Warlocks with Cryx, but an attempt at explaining exactly why the Lesser Warlocks are the unappreciated gods of resource management for Warmachine Factions.

Game Theory: Stealing the initiative

If you have “The Initiative” you’re in control of the game. This doesn’t mean that your models aren’t dropping left and right, but they’re doing it on your terms and according to your plan.

Ripple effects, part 2

External Synergy isn’t about making a more powerful list but about reducing the impact a bad match-up will have in a tournament setting.

Ripple effects

I’ve been struggling with this article for a while now and I don’t think I can do it any better so here goes. The thing I like most about Warmachine is how incredibly complicated list construction really is.