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Danish Masters 2016: Prep

For the last six months I’ve known that I couldn’t participate in the Danish Masters 2016 because of a scheduling conflict, but then on Monday night miracles happened.

Danish Masters 2015: Intro

The Danish Masters are almost upon us, and in two weeks time we’re heading of to the capitol to do battle with the swedes. It’ll be spectacular, and Christoffer Wedding will have another shot at finally get rid of Svenne, the horrifying doll I decreed he could only ditch when a Dane manages to beat […]

Danish Masters 2014

This years masters tournament in Denmark got of to a rocky start. It’s a miracle we even had the tournament, but then again it did end up being just about half the size of a normal Danish Masters due to all the drama

Danish Masters 2013 – Report

Sorry guys, but I was delayed by a sudden request for a WTC-team video presentation. With a bit of job hunting done, the video waiting for team approval (damn rush job, but when the deadline is yesterday…), and todays meetings done, I can finally get around to writing a bit about the actual games I had this weekend.

Danish Masters 2013

The Danish Masters are over, and we have a new champion… Christoffer from Sweden… the shame is unbearable. Not only is he from Sweden, but he’s also a Circle player, which should be grounds for ‘on the spot’ execution, but instead we sent him home with a trophy!

Tournament report (YARR!!!)

This weekend I participated in a 24 man tournament in Aarhus. I brought a pDeneghra list I’ve wanted to run, since Sepher from Muse on Minis planted the idea of using the Sea Dog Crew with pDeneghra.

Danish Masters 2012 Cont.

Continuing from part 1. In the final game of the first day I had the misfortune to be involved in the only mistake made in the entire weekend, as a game had been incorrectly entered and I ended up playing against Jan D’Souza and his Cryx instead of the opponent I was supposed to face. Jan is a very skilled player and I would give him a 50/50 chance of taking me down, even if I was running my optimized Cryx lists (assuming neither of us had bad match-ups), and now I was facing him with Circle.


Danish Masters 2012

Denmark is a tiny country and our entire population fits into a single major city in half the countries around the world. Because of this our Masters tournaments tend to be 1/5 the size of most other countries, but this year we climbed to 1/4 and had 29 participants.


The favorable termination of endeavors!

I’m done! I now have two working Circle lists all painted up and ready to go. I’m going to bed so pictures will have to wait but these are the final lists and all I had to borrow was a Feralgeist and the card for my Reeve Hunter since that’s gone missing.


Danish Masters 2012: Helljacks and Bonejacks en masse

After missing Danish Masters last year, I’m more than read… ehm, somewhat ready this year. Fielding as many hell- and bonejacks as possible.