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Kara Sloan Vs. Asphyxious3

Work has been insane, so the report had to wait a couple of days. Wednesday I drove out to do battle against Jan, my former rival for the title of best Cryx player in Denmark, and now target practice for Kara Sloan.

MK3 – Right in the feels

The mercenary insider itself was an emotional roller-coaster. I got hit in the feels, I admit as much.

Battle at Lund: Convention report

I can’t really recommend it enough. Great place, great people, and expensive but great beer.

Battle at Lund: 2016

It’s time to invade Sweden again. This time Lund is hosting a convention style event with a bunch of different tournaments, including the Swedish Masters

Scaverous: Part 2

I’ve won a bit and lost some more, but crucially the build isn’t actually doing anything special. Time to go old school baby, yeah!

Scaverous: That time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again where I dust off Scaverous all enthusiastically – believing that this time I’ll make it work – and then put him back in the drawer after roughly three to five games.

Spotlight: Soul Trappers

Soul Trappers are some of the most interesting models I’ve seen released in all my years of serving the Dragon Father.

Spotlight: Scrap Thralls

About a year ago I started using Scrap Thralls. It started as a way to flesh out lists with low model counts, but I quickly discovered just how much the Scraps really have to offer, and at one point I even built a quite successful list which managed to have 41 active scraps on the table

Going full moron: Part 2

So I’ve had a couple of games with my list and it has performed well above expectation, but then it IS run by Deneghra1. I’ve begun painting the models I need for the list, but I thought I should give you some updates on the interesting models.

Going full moron: Part 1

Earlier this evening I lost a game to Haley2, and if my opponent hadn’t been entertaining me – and supplying beers – I think I might have been a bit bored.