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WIP: Shadowhorn Satyr

Got some work done on the Shadowhorn. I’ve reposed it so it doesn’t look like someone straining to take a dump in the woods, and straightened out those silly horns. I’ve attempted an “in motion” pose I think came out well enough.


Ghetorix WIP: Part 2 (Done)

I fixed him up a bit and got down to painting. I’ve had the flue and a throat infection of some sort since Thursday but today it’s clearing up a bit. The upside was getting some work done on the Circle project in the periods between coughing up blood of shaking with the fever.

Ghetorix WIP: Part 1

Despite infections and illness I got some work done on Ghetorix. He’s missing “something” I can’t really define right now but the core concept seems to be working.

Warpwolf Stalker WIP

I’ve begun painting some Circle. As you may know I hate painting but this time I’ve tried using some actual techniques and it’s having some pretty nice effects. Being a complete idiot I decided to start with my centerpiece: Warpwolf Stalker.

Terminus: Part 3 (Done)

Usually my games are decided when someone comes within range and gets charged by Terminus, but with this model on the table they began running away like crazy and I won 3/5 games on full scenario points. Fear is a potent tool it seems.

Terminus: Part 2

It annoys me that I get so little gaming done these days but at least I can soothe my addiction with some conversion work.

Terminus: Part 1

A couple of people have expressed some interest in the Terminus/Deathjack conversion. I’ve done five attempts at making a working and legal Terminus conversion and come up short every time.

Black Ogrun Conversion: Part 3

I really want these guys to feel like dark and brutal scourges of the sea instead of cartoon pirates and they’re getting there.

Black Ogrun Conversions: Part 2

The plates themselves require some more work since the details are fuzzy but I wanted to see how it would look before I did all the work.

Getting the party started: Black Ogrun

I’ve just received all the boxes of Black Ogrun Boarding Party, I’ve ordered Doom Reaver Fell Blades to add some Cryxian feel (even though they’re Khador weapons), and I’ve ordered Warspears quivers to avoid using the really ugly harpoon guns.