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WTC weekend: part 2

The weekend is over, the last swede has just been sent home, the wife is sleeping, and I have time to write a little bit about the experience. This weekend was one of the very best experiences I’ve had in my time with Warmachine…

Player requirements: Faction

I had an interesting question from ‘theurge’, which I feel requires more than a comment to answer. Back when I quit Circle, I stated that Circle didn’t require creativity but flawless play, which are two very different things, and this prompted theurge to ask the following question.

Danish Masters 2013 – Report

Sorry guys, but I was delayed by a sudden request for a WTC-team video presentation. With a bit of job hunting done, the video waiting for team approval (damn rush job, but when the deadline is yesterday…), and todays meetings done, I can finally get around to writing a bit about the actual games I had this weekend.

Spaying Warpwolves, a guide to beating Circle Hit & Run lists

It’s source of constant amazement that Circle players end up in the top of so many major tournaments. Then I had my little flirt and had every bigot opinion about Circle confirmed by actually playing them.


Throwing in the towel

Last night was the end of my Circle project. I don’t think I’ve ever been so violated by dice, and my opponents dice were on fire, but that’s not why I’m throwing in the towel. I’m surrendering because I don’t like the ‘way’ I’m losing, and that might require some explanations.


Where to go from here?

I answered a forumites question about my revised view on Circle, now that I had stopped crying about it and started winning, and in the process of answering I came to another problematic conclusion: I still feel the same way about Circle, and I hate it.


Living without Primal: Theory

Next game will be my 20th game with Circle, and while I was told that the learning curve of this faction was steep I completely underestimated how much it would take to climb this particular mountain.


pKrueger Vs. eButcher

This time I’ll try out a new format. It may turn out to be to much work but I hope not. I’ll try and go about this more methodically and get more into why I did what I did, what I did wrong, and what I probably should have done instead.


Once more into the breach

Since I now feel comfortable putting down Kromac I’ll return to the man that haunts my dreams and sours my existence! Fielding pKrueger has so far been a miserable experience, but I’ve been thinking that I might be using to much infantry with him so I’ll kick my comfort zone in the face and go all in on beasts.


Kromac Vs. Jarl Skuld (50 points)

I met up with Jan who recently took up Trollbloods for another game of “what the hell are we doing”, though I’m taking it a step up from Mondays game since Jan is a scary opponent.