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Caine3, Brickhouse, and themes

When Caine3 was spoiled just a short time ago I had people start texting me, and the first two messages were as follows.

New Years tournament

Somewhat delayed we’re hosting a New Years mini tournament to try and get our meta rebooted after MK3.

Caine2: Doom Cannon

I bought my DOOM CANNON to field with Caine2, and it was spectacular.

Stryker2: The Swarm

Last night I faced up against Cryx again, in a setup neither of us had seen coming!

Cain2: The list

I’ve had a few requests for a walk through of my Caine2 list, since it’s somewhat different from what most other people run. Now I’m not sure the evolution of the list is finished, but who am I to let the people down.