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Active Duty Roster: 3

Last week I played eight games, which is way more than I normally do, and it feels really good to be back in the game.

Black Ogrun Conversion: Part 3

I really want these guys to feel like dark and brutal scourges of the sea instead of cartoon pirates and they’re getting there.

pDeneghra Vs. eHaley (50 points)

I challenged Kris to bring the eHaley list he’s tweaking for ETC and he agreed to kick me until I stopped moving.

Black Ogrun Conversions: Part 2

The plates themselves require some more work since the details are fuzzy but I wanted to see how it would look before I did all the work.

Getting the party started: Black Ogrun

I’ve just received all the boxes of Black Ogrun Boarding Party, I’ve ordered Doom Reaver Fell Blades to add some Cryxian feel (even though they’re Khador weapons), and I’ve ordered Warspears quivers to avoid using the really ugly harpoon guns.