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Lamoron fucks up the WTC Qualifiers

A couple of months back I decided to go play the Danish WTC Qualifiers, because I rarely get to see those guys outside of the tournaments and I miss them.

Emperors Chosen

Last weekend we went to the Emperors Chosen. I brought power casters, a really good list, and finished well!

Danish Masters 2016

The Danish Masters are over, and as predicted the amount of rust I carried around – combined with less than a week to prepare – left me with a less than optimal result.

Kara Sloan Vs. Asphyxious3

Work has been insane, so the report had to wait a couple of days. Wednesday I drove out to do battle against Jan, my former rival for the title of best Cryx player in Denmark, and now target practice for Kara Sloan.

Battle at Lund: Convention report

I can’t really recommend it enough. Great place, great people, and expensive but great beer.

Battle of Lund: Experience

Now that my cold has resided to manageable levels it’s time to report on my trip to Lund.

Giant Fanatic 2015

This weekend I participated in the best tournament I’ve had in years: Giant Fanatic 17

Mini-tournament report

This weekend I attended a small local tournament (more like an organized games day really) and I had some really strange games. I played my Deneghra1 list and my experimental Terminus list.

Danish Masters 2015

The Danish Masters 2015 have ended. It was a lovely trip with some great games and surprising results, though of course Mikkel Ernst won it… again…

Today I broke the curse!

Lord Exhumator Scaverous was released in 2011, and in the almost four years he’s been in our arsenal I’ve had some seriously mixed feelings towards him.