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Kara Sloan Vs. Asphyxious3

Work has been insane, so the report had to wait a couple of days. Wednesday I drove out to do battle against Jan, my former rival for the title of best Cryx player in Denmark, and now target practice for Kara Sloan.

Danish Masters 2015

The Danish Masters 2015 have ended. It was a lovely trip with some great games and surprising results, though of course Mikkel Ernst won it… again…

Danish Masters 2015: Intro

The Danish Masters are almost upon us, and in two weeks time we’re heading of to the capitol to do battle with the swedes. It’ll be spectacular, and Christoffer Wedding will have another shot at finally get rid of Svenne, the horrifying doll I decreed he could only ditch when a Dane manages to beat […]

Spotlight: Asphyxious the Hellbringer

In SR 2015 the Active Duty Roster arrived, and I decided I would finally give Asphyxious3 the attention he deserves. I’ve fallen head over heels for the Hellbringer, and this is the result.

Active Duty Roster: 3

Last week I played eight games, which is way more than I normally do, and it feels really good to be back in the game.

Active Duty Roster: 2

This Sunday I participated in a four round “SR 2015 masters format” tournament, which for many of us was the first time we really got to test the new Active Duty roster.

The Active Duty Roster

In two weeks I get to participate in my first SR 2015 tournament with masters rules, so these are my thoughts on the Active Duty Roster for that event.

Asphyxious 3: Hellbringer

This last week I actually had some games of Warmachine, and the coming weekend I get to attend a small tournament in Silkeborg.