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ArosCon: Fortune or Flounder!

This will end in tears, of this I have no doubt, but I’m not sure if it ends up being mine or theirs!

ArosCon 2017, new list

After having gotten involved in some online nerd-drama (I know I shouldn’t, but it’s so hard to resist!) I needed some R&R.

ArosCon: 2017

ArosCon is one of the few cons in Denmark, and like our country it’s small and insignificant for anyone but us.

ArosCon results

I knew there would be a lot of Cygnar players but holy crap they turned up in force (and the winning Cygnar player didn’t even bring eHaley).


Aros is the original name for the city I live in (Aarhus) and I popped in to look at the games today. I would have loved to participate but I have to work tomorrow so sadly I had to sit this one out. There were eighteen Warmahordes players, six Malifaux players, and ten or so Warhammer players so while not a particularly large con by any standards there was a lot of different things going on.