I discovered miniature wargames in 1997 when a couple of friends introduced me to a fascinating science fiction game involving dice and little metal guys beating the snot out of each other.  It was second edition Warhammer 40.000 and despite a couple of years away from the game during college it held my fascination until I found Warmachine in the late 2010.

I’m married to a wonderful women that simply cannot understand why I play with little dolls, but then I don’t understand why medical night and Paradise Hotel are worth spending time on so I guess it all evens out. I’m a Librarian by trade, a nerd by nature, and if someone ever figures out how to give me super powers the world should duck and cover because Kansas will be going bye bye.

I currently own more than 300 points worth of Cryx, more than 200 points of Circle, more than 200 points of Legion, more than 100 points of Mercenaries, and a bit of Khador on the side.

You can contact me at Lamoron.Overseer (on) Gmail.Com


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  1. Hello fellow scandinavian.
    First of all I am so sorry for my horrible english I could write you in Swedish but then again I didnt know if you got the whole picture.
    I am one of the ppl behinde one of the biggest Swedish Warmachine/hordes tornament ever.
    Its a 40 points 4man team event between 3-4 November In Borås Sweden.
    For more (swedish) information you can check it out right here.
    I would love haveing you, your blog and some crazy ass danish over here.
    My regards Blauholtz

    • I’ll bring it up with the crew. I think we’re going to Norway in January and there’s a large Danish tournament in November as well, but you can contact me at Lamoron.overseer on so we can talk privately.

  2. Love your site. Ive been reading it. or over a year.
    I am writing because I dont see many updates from the other wrters on your site.

    Have they all given up? Are they all too busy playing games?
    Whats going on?

    • We’re all becoming old men with wifes, demanding jobs, and less time to do what we love. If I look at my own update frequency/quality of updates, and compare it to what I had two years ago it’s depressing as well :/

      The other writers got hit with real life, and Roar has only played six games this year, due to fatherhood taking up his time (five of those games were in order to win the Danish Masters though).

      Hjelmen has been on a Warmachine break for some time (since the ETC actually), having trouble finding the ‘spark’, and Joe just never really got started (though he has the longest article I’ve ever seen in our drafts section).

      It was always the deal that there would be no pressure from my side if they signed up, and that’s a promise I intend to keep. I’m currently trying to find the time and motivation for a major site overhaul, so I can take in authors I don’t know (currently people need administrator rights to post), but when/if that will ever happen is anyones guess.

      I would love to run a site with a pile of authors posting divine advice on a daily basis, but in reality that’s a pipe dream for the time being. It’s sad, but that’s the way life goes.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick response. I understand all those things you mentioned. You cant pressure anyone for any kind of creative endeavor.

    Have you thought of offering your articles to a larger already established site instead?

  4. This ended up a wee bit longer than I expected. I need to give you a little background information in order to answer your question, because as I see it there are four reason you can write online.

    1. The first type of writer craves attention/recognition, and that usually leads to failed blogs and poor quality updates. It’s a trap every writer needs to strive to avoid, because writing in order to please the crowds always ends badly.

    2. The second type wants to change something, which usually leads to a short but glorious hail of posts, and then fades into to nothingness. I tried this about ten years ago, but it gets old really fast when you only have one subject.

    3. The third type is in it for the money. This usually fails as well, unless it’s a site with funny cats, or something else that automatically generates a billion hits per day. These sites are littered with commercials and annoying pop ups, making it a hassle to read as well.

    4. The final type is what every writer should strive for. The guy who runs ‘The Oatmeal’ personifies it, because he only updates his site whenever he feels like it, and he still has 7.000.000 hits per day. Writing because you enjoy it, or somehow gain something from it yourself, is what every good writer should be doing.

    I work really hard to stay in category number four. It can be almost impossible at times, and after the ETC in 2012 I really had to struggle in order to deflate my ego after meeting actual real life fans, but Hjelmen helps by lovingly calling me ‘worldfamousblogger’ whenever he can get away with it.

    The reason I don’t ‘offer’ my articles to the larger sites, is because the only reason to do so would be more readers, and the only reason more readers would be attractive, is to gain more recognition/attention. It’s for the same core reason that I don’t have adds on the site, because adds would tempt me to write simply to attract more readers (and more money), which is not what I want The Overseer to be about.

    I hope that clears it all up :)

  5. Hi.

    Thanks for the honest response.
    I was only thinking of sharing your experience with the Cryx players at large. I really like your articles. I was thinking of other players who would do the same.

    But writing for yourself when you want is a huge deal.

    The PP Cryx forums used to be a little more active. But I haven’t seen anything of real depth in there in some time.

    I guess I will be forced to think of stuff on my own and watch and wait on the forums. I have only been playing less than 2 years, so I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to contribute in a meaningful way over there.

  6. Hey, I was thinking about picking up eDenny, but there isn’t an actual article about her on PP forums. Do you know where I could find one? Or do you have enough experience playing her to just give me a quick idea of what to run with her? Mostly thinking of using her for scenarios because it seems like she is the best caster we have for it.

    • I’ve only gotten in ten games with her, and though I’m currently on a seven game win streak, I feel I might only know her very superficially, and sadly there’s no really good article on her just yet.

  7. Lich Lord Terminus

    Question: With the advent of Colossals, is the Lich Lord Terminus dual Leviathan, Bane Thrall list still viable?


    • I haven’t tried, but I’m inclined to say no.

      The entire premise was that two Leviathans could force an enemy forward, and a Colossal with an ARM buff can simply ignore their shooting (and in most cases out-shoot them).

      It used to be, that whatever could ignore them like that was slow and bad in melee, but Colossals will one-round a Leviathan, and two Leviathans cannot even return the favor.

  8. Can you put together an article for Cryx casters and their counters to Colossals? :))

  9. Hey there,

    I don’t know how active you are on the PP forums, but I would love your insight on this list I just bodged together for Sturgis! I know you’re working on your own ideas right now and I’m eager to see what you come up with but I wouldn’t mind some insight either!


  10. Hello

    I am presentely playing mainly Cryx with small side of Trollbloods. I am trying to build for both armies, but my focus at this point is Cryx. I m looking to add some stuff at this points and my two caster are pdeneghra and terminus. So far I haven t had issues with terminus, 3-0 , but pdeneghra is 0-4. I tend to like to charge into the opponent with tricks and subterfuge and do massive damage.

    Would another warcaster be more appropriat for my style?

    So far this is what I own;

    Cryx starter box ( deneghra, 2 deathrippers, defiler, and slayer)
    bane thralls x 10 + officers
    bile thralls
    Withershadow combine
    pistol wraiths x 2

    My hopes is to get a viable 35 pts and 50 pts list going with either Cryx or mercenaries that can help my cryx forces and Trollbloods.

    First big dilema;

    After reading I few of your articles I realised as much as you are Cryx to the core you use a lot of mercinaries and minions. I can see where you are going with this, and I was headed to the store to play and maybe pick up Nyss Hunters. Unfortunately my game lasted too long and I had to run out, and as I was reaching for the Nyss hunters, 2 cryx players discouraged me from taking then along with a circle player. I was wondering did I miss interpret your tactics or the guys at the store lack vision. I think I understand you wisdom by having an army that flows and unfortunately all elements are not found in on single army hence the use of minions/mercinaries. I just wanted your opinion on these questions as I do not wish to make mistakes in acquiring new troops as I have a family to take care of and a limited budget for warmachine.

    thank you

    • Anyone stopping you from buying Nyss Hunters should have their heads examined. Nyss Hunters are amongst the best ranged units in the game, and they’re not bad in melee either.

      If you have any debuffs available they become true monsters, and while they’re more common with Cryx they’re not a rare sight in Trollblood lists. These are the three casters that just spring to mind.

      Gunnbjorn: Snipe makes them downright stupidly powerful as a ranged unit. Usually he brings other things instead, but if you’re on a budget they’re still very very good with him.

      Borka: Iron Flesh makes them DEF 18, and a ranged element in a Borka list is pretty darn good. This is a tournament worthy combination.

      Calandra: Star crossed and her feat makes them damn hard to get rid of, and turn them into melee monsters. I’ve seen this combination win games more or less on their own.

      Then there are Cryx casters, and while pDeneghra and eDeneghra are the main candidates for Nyss Hunters, there are really none of our casters that can’t use them because Nyss Hunters are very self-contained. The only thing bad about Nyss Hunters is, that they’re a pain to assemble.. like really bloody annoying.


      Concerning casters, we don’t have many that can play like Terminus can, but we do have some that come close. Venethrax is an option, but personally I find him downright life-draining boring to play. Asphyxious1 is probably what I would encourage you to look at, or maybe Asphyxious3 (but he’s a bit more complicated).

      pSkarre might also fit you well, but she will require some additional purchases (mainly Blood Witches and Necrosurgeon), but those purchases mesh well with Asphyxious1 as well.


      Asphyxious1 + Blood Witches + Saxon Orrik…

      Iron Lich Asphyxious
      – Deathripper
      – Deathripper
      Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
      Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Satyxis Blood Hag
      Bane Lord Tartarus
      Pistol Wraith
      Pistol Wraith
      Saxon Orrik
      Skarlock Thrall

      I would have liked a Warwitch Siren in there, but at 35 points there seem to be no room. This is of course built with your current collection in mind, but it’s a pretty solid list.

      Weaknesses include the lack of a Warwitch Siren and a vulnerability to shooting because the list has no way of blocking LoS to Asphyxious, and no way of protecting him against Eiryss.

      • Thanks to the list above and your help Deneghra has her first win. Played a buddy of mine who was playing a 25 pts shooty Khador army. He had 2 heavy that could aoe damage, 2 mortar with aoe, 6 winterguard riffle corp and a warcaster that can shoot and let everybody shoot more then one. Killed him in the 5th turn. Had 2 deathripper, bane thalls with command, tartarue, madilyne, gorman, machine wrath, skarlock and denny. He kept aoe ing the visible character ( madikyne, deathrippers, sharloch).

        I have a question. Can a non stealth hide behind a stealth figure, and will this hid the non stealth and keep him from being targeted.


        • A model with stealth is not an intervening model, when determining line of sight from a model that is further than 5″ away, so you can’t hide a non stealth model behind a stealth model to protect it from being shot or hit by spells. You can ofc have a stealth model blocking passage in front of a non stealth model, to protect it from being charged.

  11. Everybody gone Horde lately and it been causing me trouble. Can you suggest an article or a warcaster or even a list to deal with them. Terminus hasen t gone up vs Horde yet and denny bin owned everytime. I figured there has to be something i’m doing wrong or that i missed.

    BTW thanks for the info on stealth above.

    • Well, there’s always Venethrax, but Terminus generally does well enough against most Hordes casters. Venethrax with Darragh Wrathe (Beyond Death) feels a lot like cheating against Hordes.

      I still think the reason you’re losing against Hordes with pDeneghra is, that you simply don’t have enough guns, but could you give me some examples of the lists they’re using?

  12. Good evening; this will be a bit long, I tryed to be as precise as possible.

    So far I’ve faced 3 Legion of everblight, Skorne, and 2 Circle.

    The first was a agelius with a group of blighted archers, strider, and a warlock that was buffing the troops and that had a bow, the was also a pair of shreders.

    Second list had a carnyvius, agelius, and some filler that i can t remember.

    The third game was monday and it had Archers, 2 ravagors, strider and a couple other single and the warlock had a big bow. Got BBQ ed, literlary…Ranged army

    Skorne was a combo list. Warlock could cast a by speel that made a unit super powerful for 1 turn and then all the units die. Oh and everything that dies is counted. On feat turn the warlock gains a focus for every unit that died since the beginning of the game, and kills whatever he did not kill during his boosted units turn.

    The circle game 1 boring, the guy had stones and teleprted stuff in and backed off. hi was picking off my stuff blocking the middle, was anti magic aura.

    The second game saw a lot of use of +5 armor but hit automaticall, stone monsters, werewolfs, archers that cant hit water if they jump out of a boat.

    The biggest thing with horde is the fact that the warlocks always keep lots of fury to transfer damage. I hit one warlock 4 times with almost 70 damage, and it all got transfered to warbeats.

    My list is always been

    9 banes + command
    2 deathrippers
    machine wraith
    bile thralls

    I am currently building the 2 sirens, 9 + 1 nyss hunters ( these are hard to assemble), saxon orick, darragh wrathe, Asphysious 1, malice.

    The withershadow combine is giving me issues, and has not been a factor in the last 3 games vs the horde, well actualy since i got them they done skat. The bane thralls are getting targeted, and tartarus get shelled right away with the bile thralls. The only thing that I can say is I always have a long shot chance with pdenny with a late assination run, but most of the time they camp 2-3 fury and end up damage transfer.

    My cryx have never taken a horde army out, and with trollbloods I had a small 25 point game, just to try horde out and took down a legion army.
    I must be doing something wrong­….



    • The obvious problem is that pDeneghra does not like Legion one bit, because her main defenses have zero effect on most legion builds. This is why I usually pair her with Terminus at tournaments, because with the exception of Saeryn I consider him a favorite in every match-up.

      1. Sounds like pLylyth.

      2. Same caster?

      3. Sounds like eLylyth.

      4. Zaal. He is a nasty one indeed, but pDeneghra ranged is not a bad choice against him. pDeneghra melee is just asking for trouble though, so I guess that’s why you’re having so much trouble.

      5. Unknown caster. Again Nyss Hunters will solve your problem, as the anti-magic aura can be shut down by shooting the leader of the Druid unit, and Nyss Hunters ignore their clouds and camouflage abilities.

      6. Possibly eBaldur. Woldwatchers (the stone monsters) are difficult to kill when they’re in stone form, but Bane Thralls and pDeneghras feat combined on a charge should sort them out nicely in most cases.

      Finally I think you’re doing something wrong if Tartarus gets shelled, because he’s never supposed to be out front. The three rules of Tartarus!

      Tartarus positioning

      So in conclusion, you didn’t really lose the games against Legion you just brought pillows to a bare knuckle fight, and you generally have a poor selection of models to run with pDeneghra (Nyss will help immensely).

  13. Thank you for the help. I will take a look at your range Denny list for my secondary and have terminus be my main list. The people at the club may not like it ( they hate it when terminus hits the table ), but that’s not my problem….

  14. Was wondering, Venethrax has several spells with upkeeps. Can he upkeep more then one spell at a time on himself? Looked at him and hes pretty much a beast, espetually if he can have more then 1 upkeep up.

    • No model can have more than one friendly and one enemy upkeep on itself at any time, so no. Usually he camps, uses WSC to upkeep Dragon Slayer, and has Darragh Wrathe standing behind him using Beyond Death. Very few Warbeasts can break that camp.

  15. So a list with WSC and Skalock Thrall you can have all 3 of his killer spells up and Darragh with Beyond Death rocking makes him outright OP. Now I see why your saying it becomes a boring list to play. Add the other awesome Cryx tricks and makes for a shutdown list that many will pack up and leave without throwing dice. If I get to many people churping about Terminus, Ill take out this list…LOL

    • Correction not all 3 spells at once, but in play in different order.

      • Lamentation and Dragon Slayer are both “Self” spells, so he can only have one of them up on himself. Soul Harvester is Friendly Faction Model/Unit, so you can have that up on another model/unit like maybe Bane Thralls (Satyxis Raiders are great for it though).

        With WSC upkeeping Dragon Slayer, and the Skarlock applying Soul Harvester, he can indeed full camp at ARM 25, and with Darragh Wrathe it is indeed effectively ARM 27 against living models, and that’s without souls. In the few games I’ve had with him, he usually had around 30+ ARM every round after the first, but deer god he gets dull to play.

        I would still recommend Terminus, because he’s more fun and has fewer bad match-ups. Terminus also laughs at Eiryss (Sac Pawn biaaatch) whom Venethrax hates like the plague :D

        The upside is, that they share so many models that you can just play Terminus and then field a workable Venethrax list with almost the same models (would recommend some Satyxis though).

        • Also remember, that Venethrax can actually have Soul Harvester on three different model/units in a single round if it makes sense.

          1. Upkeep Soul Harvester, activate that model/unit and harvest souls.
          2. Use the Skarlock to apply Soul Harvester to another model/unit, then activate them and harvest souls.
          3. Finally go about your business with Venethrax, and if he’s safe enough and there’s an opportunity for it, cast Soul Harvester on a third model/unit and activate them.

          At this point you’re down three Focus (1 free upkeep, 1 upkeep, and casting Soul Harvester), so make sure that ARM 22 is enough to survive the turn (it usually is though). Hmm, maybe I should get around to writing that article on Venethrax.

          • Thanks for the insight, Terminus is still my main warcaster, but Venethrax is looking nicer as a secondary option. A spotlight on Venethrax would be awesome, then again a spotlight on all our caster would be nice. Your referring to Satyxis raiders or witchs, sorry being new to all this I get the 2 mixed up…both seem pretty useful.

  16. Hello again

    Congrats on the 3rd place and the good showing in team play. Was wondering if you had another option list or a variant for Terminus. Right now Im fielding in a 35 pts league at my local store;

    Banes full w/command + tartarus
    Bile Thralls 1/2 unit
    Marylin corbeil
    Machine Wraith
    Machine Wraith

    Problem is my opponents are starting to see the many different ways I win. This is has not lost yet by the way, you can take all the credit. I was wondering if you had a diff terminus list I could use as my alternate list?
    On a side note question did you discuss somewhere a list with twin Leviathans with terminus.

    Thanks for your imput


    • There is a twin Leviathan build called “Gunslinger” but it isn’t mine. It was actually the inspiration for my current list, but sadly I feel that Colossals killed the Gunslinger build.

      Lich Lord Terminus
      – Stalker
      Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
      Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
      The Withershadow Combine
      Bane Lord Tartarus
      Darragh Wrathe
      Madelyn Corbeau
      Saxon Orrik
      Skarlock Thrall

      This is my usual 35 point build but I haven’t played it in a long time. I could see it have some problems with a Stormwall setup, as Terminus really has to deal with it himself, but on the other hand there probably isn’t much left in the opponents army if he does.

      • Hello again

        Not much of a change from the main list. The different elements added are already in my… your 50pts list. I may consider going to P or E denny as a back-up list. I d like a range list and my Nyss hunters are finally finished and I have my eye on a kraken. The nature of a denny list is completely a different beast then Terminus, and would probably completely screw any oppenent that tries to build a list vs Terminus. Do you think Kraken in 35 pts is viable, or should I save for 50 pts list. Is leviathan a good addition as well, I’m on the fence with my next expense, kraken, or leviathan. I’m trying to get bang for buck.


        • Depending on character restrictions and style of play, I’ve reconsidered my stance of pDeneghra as the perfect match for Terminus. She’s still good, but eDeneghra probably does better since she covers the nasty Cryx match-ups that Terminus doesn’t like (eDeneghra and eAsphyxious primarily).

          • This may sound strange, but can you elaborate on your choice of denegrahs. It’s totally clear where you rest on terminus, pure assassination. After reading your edenny spotlight I realize that she is more capable using a variety of strategy and different units/solo/warjacks….right? My other question is do you improvise more with edenny then pdenny? Please correct me if I am wrong is pdenny the main piece that needs to be protected till she launches her assassination. While edenny is the Swiss Army knife in the middle of an army of potential assassins. The parallel that I can see is terminus and pdenny are pretty much two assassins, they just use different prep methods to pull there executions off, while pdenny can adapt to whatever her opponents throws at her, and makes the best available agents the leathal weapon.

            What do you think?

            Thanks bob

          • pDeneghra is raw violence like Terminus, but unlike Terminus she doesn’t do it herself. pDeneghra is attrition to the max, or a pop’n’drop asassination caster with Scourge, Feat, Parasite, and some ranged models.

            eDeneghra is a toolbox, where you have to flow and adapt to everything that happens, unlike pDeneghra (just shoot everything) or Terminus (run at caster, kill), but unlike Scaverous you “can” play simple with eDeneghra and still win, which is a great boon.

            eDeneghra isn’t really an assassination caster in my book, and neither is she attrition or scenario. eDeneghra is a control caster that can do all three depending on the opponent, and she has so many tricks to get it done.

  17. Gonna take her out for a test drive, and see how well I can manage edenny.

    Thanks for helping me get a clearer picture.


  18. Hi Lamoron

    Is this still a viable list at this present time. This list is a modified version of the list you have on the Pdeneghra spotlight. I have made some modifications, due to lack of certain models. I have been play testing this list for an upcoming season at the local store. So far it does come as advertised, pitchforks and all. Its a fast list that does well in the early rounds, but there something missing that I can t put my finger on.

    Warwitch Deneghra
    – Nightwretch
    – Nightwretch
    Skarlock Thrall
    Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
    – Officer & Standard
    Nyss Hunters (Cyrella and 9 Grunts)
    The Withershadow Combine
    Bane Lord Tartarus
    Pistol Wraith
    Pistol Wraith
    Warwitch Siren
    Warwitch Siren
    saxxon orrik
    gorman d wulfe
    machine wraith

    potential purchases :
    Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
    Rorsh & Brine

    What do you think? I m curious because I heard your reaction to several of the units on the list above on the latest podcast. ie Rorsh & Brine, nightwretchs, etc.


    • It’s still a competitive list, but it could use Wrong Eye & Snapjaw. Rorsh & Brine do work well enough but are way less forgiving if you make a mistake. I abandoned the list because of Colossals, where I feel a heavy is needed in order to have any decent threat through covering fire.

      • I see where the kraken has changed the playing field some. For now till I can grab a Kraken i’ll have to live with that list as my secondary to Terminus.


  19. So random thought.
    Why isn’t erebus + gaspy 3 for ashen veil a thing?
    Def 15 seems like a mighty good pairing.

  20. 16, because you know math…
    Sure many units get a benefit, but I feel it bears a test none the less.
    Force boosts aren’t even a guarantee at that point.

  21. Hi Lamoron. I’ve followed your blog for a while and especially enjoyed the team ATX Cryx review, it was not long enough in my opinion. I’ve been playing Cryx and WMH for about 9 months and frankly, I suck. That or i’m not happy with my performance, loosing more games than I’ve played. I’m on the edge of a faction swap probably followed by giving up the game. Can you give me a diagnosis and some cream for the rash please. I am playing at least twice a week some weeks much more. I am sticking to casters eSkarre, then e Denny who I couldn’t get to grips with so I went to e..groan..Gaspy.


    • Well, most people with your problem have the distinct disadvantage of always playing against hard counters to Cryx, and the past three years have seen a LOT of hard counters hit the tables.

      Skarre2 and Deneghra2 are both casters that require a lot of skill, while Asphyxious2 lands somewhere in the middle, so maybe an easy caster like Skarre1 or Terminus might be a nice change for a while?

      Could you give me an idea about the kind of armies/people you normally face?

  22. Hi thanks for the response.

    Lots of Khador (Winter Guard, Kayazie, p/e Sorscha, Old Witch, IRusk), lots of Trolls (pGrim, p/e Madrak), often with a lot of ranged options) and Menoth (Harbringer, Kreoss), some Cryx, Cygnar (e/pHaley) and Minions.

    Most of them are club players are competitive but more casual than me and have been playing for the same time. Most people seem to factor in anti Cryx,and I started to run 2 casters in club games to give me an honest chance.

    There are others who I get to play less regularly with who have up to 4+ years playing and I expect to learn a lot.

    A lot of my games seem to be 5-10% just off the win. pSkarre is immediately possible what caster would you recommend for a pair.

  23. Hi Lameron. I’ve been reading up on pSkarre and Terminus and think your suggestion to try an easier caster is the way to go. We play a lot of 10 min timed turn Steamrollers round here, which by game 3 i’m struggling to function.

    It would give me the chance to get to grips with playing the scenarios rather than struggling with what to do with so many list play options. So after reading your 2012 Terminus article is he still as hot as he was and what changes would you make to your 2012 list, now? And how would a pSkarre list look, if you ever lowered yourself to write one.


    • Terminus has (sadly) fallen from grace since he lost the ability to contest on his own. He’s still a strong caster but he went from top tier to the bottom of middle tier, so Skarre1 is probably the way to go.

      Pirate Queen Skarre
      – Cankerworm
      Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
      Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      Mechanithralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
      Necrosurgeon (Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls)
      Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Satyxis Blood Hag
      Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
      Darragh Wrathe
      Saxon Orrik
      Skarlock Thrall

      This list is crazy fun to play, but a more standard Bane Knight grind list might suit you better in the ‘cannot brain’ games of the day :D

  24. Good evening,

    I’ve sent you an email to the address above asking if you had any advice for transitioning to the European meta.

    I’m currently living in Japan.

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