MK2: Serving the Dragonfather

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  • Team Atlanta Podcast about Cryx, featuring much rambling by me and Walter. WARNING: some parts of the podcast now features information which is outdated due to the August 2015 Errata.


Light Warjacks (Bonejacks).

Heavy Warjacks (Helljacks)


Solo Characters.



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  1. Have you ever though of doing a spotlight on the Kraken?

  2. Moar cryx videos plz.. There is so little content on warmachine, especially cryx! I need more discussion topics to broaden my skillset!

  3. Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for posting all of this content. As a new Cryx player (got into the field about four months ago), you among others have been an invaluable resource.

    I’ve been playing pAsphyxious exclusively, and for a while was running Nightmare (that moment when christmas came around and i got a 10 point ‘jack instead of the slayer multikit. Woops), small unit of Bane Thralls+UA, Tartarus, a Pistol Wraith, and the small unit of Bane Knights for 25 point games. I quickly realized the superiority of the Thralls over the Knights (the group I got into it with played Cyriss, Cygnar, Menoth, and Trollbloods, but Menoth turned into Khador very quickly), and as the next purchase I got the Withershadows and a Machine Wraith. The wraith has been serving as a Cryxian flag unless the Jack heavy Cygnar player rears his head, but that’s enough.

    However, I wish to thank you more than anything for solidifying my decision to buy Terminus. I’m receiving him tomorrow in the mail, but while doing some proxy work (Nightmare standing in for a sturdy model? Blasphemy!), the 25 point Terminus list is undefeated against Legion of Everblight, and Skorne, over three games. Currently, the terminus list is something like this:
    Lich Lord Terminus +4WJ
    -Deathripper 4pts
    -Bane Thralls (Leader & 5) 5pts
    +UA 3pts
    -Bane Lord Tartarus 4pts
    -Warwitch Siren 2pts
    -Mechanithralls (Leader & 9) 5pts
    +Brute Thrall 1pt
    -Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls 2pts
    -Withershadow Combine 5pts

    My list is a war of attrition, and slowly threatening the enemy and pressuring them, while controlling when and where they do things by jamming up lanes with mechanithralls. Being within Terminus’s shadow of death makes for increasingly difficult to remove roadblocks (not that they’re hard to remove per say, rather that if one of them manages to survive its tough luck for that heavy over there). In scenario play, the Banes serve as a wonderful paranoia agent, because the Legion player was formerly the cyriss player who got his hands on the colossal+battlebox, and ran that. The colossal has been destroyed by the banes in a a single turn due to parasite/scything touch and dark shroud applied by both tartarus and the thralls. The enemy fears the banes, and tries to keep themselves defended, only to get wrecked by Terminus. He’s brutal, and I love it. Once again, thank you so much for pushing me in the right direction.

    All hail the dragonfather!

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