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Lamoron fucks up the WTC Qualifiers(3)

March 26, 2017

A couple of months back I decided to go play the Danish WTC Qualifiers, because I rarely get to see those guys outside of the tournaments and I miss them.

WTC Qualifier 2017

This weekend I’ll be going to the qualifiers for the Danish WTC teams. I’m super motivated to go see the guys, but as for the game itself the feelings are more lukewarm.

Nemo3 – First attempt

Picking up the nerf-bait Nemo3 seems like a poor idea, but since I’m playing in the Danish WTC team tournament qualifiers with some fairly solid players (in May I think) I actually have to make an effort this time around.

Caine2: Post Errata thoughts

Having just returned from the first games I’ve had since the errata, I find myself admitting that I was wrong about the post nerf Caine2. I knew he wouldn’t be top tier any more, but I underestimated exactly how far he had fallen, and I honestly thought he would be just below the top… but […]

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