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Ghetorix WIP: Part 2 (Done)(7)

July 23, 2012

I fixed him up a bit and got down to painting. I’ve had the flue and a throat infection of some sort since Thursday but today it’s clearing up a bit. The upside was getting some work done on the Circle project in the periods between coughing up blood of shaking with the fever.

Ghetorix WIP: Part 1

Despite infections and illness I got some work done on Ghetorix. He’s missing “something” I can’t really define right now but the core concept seems to be working.

Terminus: Part 3 (Done)

Usually my games are decided when someone comes within range and gets charged by Terminus, but with this model on the table they began running away like crazy and I won 3/5 games on full scenario points. Fear is a potent tool it seems.

Terminus: Part 2

It annoys me that I get so little gaming done these days but at least I can soothe my addiction with some conversion work.

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