Damiano: Part 2, The Dark Side

Something kept scratching at my snowflake itch, and as I was contemplating the good old days of Kayazy Assassins with Iron Flesh, that were all but impossible to kill in melee, when I made the leap to Sure Foot on Damiano. From there on it sort of snowballed, and I think I’ve found a way to include ALL the assassins.

Captain Damiano, Dark Lord of Assassins
– Nomad
– Nomad
– Buccaneer
Rhupert Carvolo
Anastasia di Bray
Kayazy Assassins – Max
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Kayazy Assassins – Max
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Croe’s Cutthroats – Max
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators

That’s 37 stealth Assassins… that should give anyone nightmares. There are ranged assassins, backstabbing Kayazy Assassins, frontal assault Eliminators, and ambushing Anastasia whom I really should convert to full ninja gear. The threat ranges are very low though, so I’ll be taking a bunch of casualties at range (blasts and attacks that ignore stealth), a bunch of casualties on taking the alpha, but perhaps the surviving assassins can clean house anyway.

Jarok Croe

Ragman for obvious reasons, even though I would have loved to include A&H instead, and Rhupert for Pathfinder – but also Tough on the DEF 15 (17 in melee) Assassins that are immune to KD. I also really wanted Wrong Eye to employ Star Crossed behind the assassins, but then we’re talking 100 point games.

So ugly though

I would really have loved to include Lanyssa for added threat range, but there’s no way to get all the assassins in there without losing one of the three key solo characters, and Ragman/Rhupert seems more important than Lanyssa.

I also managed to get my hands on all the models I need, with the exception of the Nomads, which I’ll be converting to more gritty death dealing assassin versions of course. Damiano is already painted in a gritty green/black scheme, so he’ll fit right in.

Still needs work

The Buccaneer could theoretically become a Freebooter if I remove Anastasia, but without Lanyssa I really want to go first in most game, and the Freebooter isn’t exactly an assassination themed jack either. The Freebooter could be converted into a ninja jack though, but that’s a project for later if I find the list as great as I think it’ll be.

The final issue is of course, that the list still don’t have any Steelheads for Damiano to buff, but this list at least has a ranged unit for Dead Eye. Damiano has lost his steelhead status, and gone to a dark and stabby place, so let’s see how this goes.

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