WTC 2017 – Initial thoughts

In the infamous ‘Scottish’ incident of 2014 I decided to never again play in the WTC, but a serious of strange events have led to me reversing this decision after three years. A couple of weeks back my team managed to win the right to set a team, despite our very best intentions not fail and just have fun, and in the following days it became clear to me, that if we could define a team we could pick only people that wanted to have fun, experience the WTC, and only maaaaaybe give one shit about winning.

I’m quite content with this decision. There are a lot of people at the WTC that I haven’t seen in way too long, and with this team of misfits I can enjoy the event, instead of being focused on doing well, getting my sleep, or arguing with judges about poor decisions or cheaters. I’m also quite certain that Warmachine MK3 is a better tournament game when it comes to clean play, and should I run into some asshole I can just walk away, confident that my team won’t much mind.


The team consists of two WTC virgins and three rusty veterans. If we hit our stride and the dice lord is with us we might end up in the middle somewhere, but most likely we’ll be struggling to keep our heads above the bottom 10. In any case I’m considering drop-kicking my Cygnar to the curb, and finally taking the leap to Mercenaries. I’ve spent a lot of years trying to work all the fun mercenaries into a bunch of lists, and now I can just use them because hey, mercs are great now!


The one problem I’m encountering is my utter lack of desire to hand PP more of my monies right now, so getting my hands on an Earthbreaker is a challenge. I’ve traded some old Cryx for a handful of Gunbunnies, a Driller, and Gorton, but in order to be truly competitive I need either more bunnies or preferably an Earthbreaker. I’ve also considered several setups to cover Ossrums back, and I really like the idea of Caine3 with double Galleons, but if getting my hands on a cheap Earthbreaker seems far fetched, it won’t help to add two Galleons on top of it.


In the coming tournament I might be trying out Magnus2 with triple Lesser Warlocks, but while I can see some potential (and epic fun!) I think the setup might have too many vulnerabilities. I also have some lists with Damiano in mind, as I own a LOT of Steelheads, and I think a kingmaker list might be worth exploring because boy are Sure Foot Trenchers annoying to deal with, but that list needs a bunch of other jacks I don’t own.

In any case I’m happy about going to the WTC again, and especially happy about going there without any pressure to perform. The guys I’m going with are hand-picked to be solid players and epic people, so I’m hoping we won’t end up last, but if we do I think the team will be fine with it, and tell the story about how we tanked the World Championships when roasting marshmallows with their kids, in the post world war three apocalypse cave.

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