Nemo3 – First attempt

Picking up the nerf-bait Nemo3 seems like a poor idea, but since I’m playing in the Danish WTC team tournament qualifiers with some fairly solid players (in May I think) I actually have to make an effort this time around. If we win I’ll have to think long and hard about actually going, but that’s an issue that might never come up, and if it does I’ll handle it then.

brzap zap!

Additionally I don’t much feel like putting more money into the game these days, as the only reason I’m still playing is because there are plenty of people I wouldn’t otherwise get to hang with. I need to make an effective list, that uses mainly things I already own, that will do well against a broad spectrum of lists, so here we go.

Theme: Heavy Metal

– Finch
– Squire (Free)
– Dynamo
– Thunderhead
– Stormclad
– Centurion
– Firefly (missing in stock)
– Firefly (missing in stock)
Journeyman Warcaster (Free)
– Firefly
Arlan Strangeways (Free)
Field Mechaniks (Chief & 3 grunts)

I messed around with getting the fourth free solo, but I can’t make it fit since Nemo3 has exactly 25 Warjack points which means that in order to hit 100 you have to spend every single point in the army on Warjacks, and I couldn’t hit 100 with the choices I knew I wanted in the list.

  • Dynamo

The ranged destruction he can inflict is quite insane, despite not being able to hit anything besides heavies. He also packs a mean punch in melee, and with Lightning Shroud he can one-turn quite a few enemy heavies.

  • Thunderhead

Anti-infantry and brutal shooting in one very expensive package. I would really have liked to put him on Jakes1, but as I said the points just won’t add up. I’ve spoken a bit to Olannon/Jarle about it, and while his setup looks nice I just can’t see myself buying an additional 4-5 Fireflies to make it fit.

  • Stormclad

A bit of controversial choice maybe, but he does actually shoot POW 14 Lightning which is a LOT on feat turn, and he hits extremely hard in melee. His ability to clear out infantry might also come in handy as the number of Fireflies isn’t impressive in the list.

  • Centurion

I often find myself needing to hold a zone and pretty much nothing does that better than an Electrify + Magnetic Field + Polarity Field Centurion. It has no Lightning damage unless it gains Lightning Shroud when going on the offense, and it’s slow, but I love my Centurion (would have liked two)  so he stays.

  • Firefly (x3)

Obviously powerful, boosts almost everything else in the list, and clears out a bunch of infantry. I only own one of these, but it seems doable to borrow two more for the tournament, so it shouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle.

  • Squire/Arlan/Journeyman

Nothing much to say here.

  • Field Mechaniks

I love me some repair, especially since themes and a price hike made the stupid monster Hunter scarce. With the Centurion and Stormclad on slow offense I expect Thunderhead & Dynamo to take some ranged attention, and fixing them up before the lines clash seems like a solid investment.


I don’t think my pairing of Stryker2 dudespam and Nemo3 heavy Metal can really play into Cygnar, but I’m guessing it would be some list chicken depending on the opposing setup. I happen to have the other solid Cygnar player in the Danish meta on my team, so I would expect to have a skill advantage in any mirror matchups I encounter – if they can’t be avoided during team matchups – so it’s not really something that bothers me much.

ma boys!

If I end up going to the real WTC I’m going to have to adapt the lists, but the way things are going right now anything could happen with updates/erratas before then anyway. Now I just need to get a bit of testing – and possibly some painting – done.

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  1. Hello good sir,

    so I saw and played in to a list a little like this but it was in theme so there my be room for some more stuff,

    (Nemo 3) Artificer General Nemo
    – Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch
    – Squire
    – Dynamo
    – Thunderhead
    Journeyman Warcaster
    – Firefly
    Storm Lances (max)
    Captain Arlan Strangewayes
    Major Katherine Laddermore
    Stormsmith Stormcaller (3)
    Stormsmith Storm Tower
    Stormsmith Storm Tower

    I was using a high def stealth army and it made very light work of it, hope this helps.

  2. I actually like Nemo3 a lot in Heavy as well. He builds very cleanly in Storm Division for the Lancy-Lancy Killy-Killy, but this one isn’t bad either. He really needs a threat extender, and the 2″ deployment does help with that. I went this route
    Lt. Jakes
    Min Field Mechaniks

    You have to pay for one of the solos (I also could not get the point to work out exactly), but this reminds me a lot of my MarkII -Nemo2 list, which I loved back in the day. Thunderhead really needs energizer to get into position and Jakes can fully fuel him. Nemo is also a big fan of the Hurricane, it turns on Force Hammer/Chain Lightning options for him and gets real work done in combat with Lightning Shroud. It’s not as light on output as it would appear either since T-Head,Dynamo, Hurricane, Nemo, Finch, Strangeways and the Fireflies all put out multiple hits, so clearing infantry is trivial, and you still have his e-leap assassination potential against Arm14 or less casters, or the feat can be used to crack armor.

    My real problem is what to pair him with. It’s a solid list, but it’s logical to want a melee or arm-skew in tandem, but most of those are also relying heavily on Lances/Lightning. Which means no beuno in the mirror or various flavors of Kruger. Maybe Striker2 out of theme with lots of Sword Knights, but S2 is also very, very good in Storm Division. Striker1 would be logical, but again, he tends to run jack/lighting heavy. Haley2 is solid, but really wants Storm Division. Sloan or Haley3 or the Caines are not relying on lighting, but are also ranged attrition lists. It’s a bit of a puzzle.

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