Caine2: Post Errata thoughts

Having just returned from the first games I’ve had since the errata, I find myself admitting that I was wrong about the post nerf Caine2. I knew he wouldn’t be top tier any more, but I underestimated exactly how far he had fallen, and I honestly thought he would be just below the top… but nope, he’s more like just above the bottom.

Look out Sturgis, here I come!

The problem is that he’s shooting half the number of dudes he usually shot, AND you can’t even do that if you want his upkeep spells in play. His upkeep spells were always a tad less than optimal, but they were worth it when he could reliably deal with infantry himself, because he could focus the spells and army points on dealing with heavies.

Now he can’t deal with infantry on his own, and that means he can’t bring enough anti-armor to deal with the spam/skew of MK3 (I thought you said MK3 was supposed to move away from that PP, bang up job there!), and he ends up maybe upkeeping 1-2 spells that aren’t really worth it, and shooting a couple of guys.

He lost the ability to project his trick shot threat from his own heavies in numbers that actually mattered, so my opponents are no longer afraid to position infantry where my jacks can run in and act as bullet nodes, so his threat projection is down to his basic twelve inches, which in a world of premeasuring just isn’t that much unless it seals the game. I acknowledge that Caine2 needed a slap on the wrist, but as usual PP uses a hammer to do complicated surgery.

The all solving hammer PP seems to think is working well.

We’re down to six people in a meta that was more than twenty strong before MK3, the internal balance in factions is horrid, the game is more bland and boring every month, but to be fair the core rules are better, which is the only thing keeping me here right now. I’m fighting PP, I’m fighting to see the grand plan behind making most factions have a handful of playable casters (at best) when there’s around three to four times that number of casters on their roster.

I need another break.


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  1. I feel your pain, ive been slower in my transition from Cryx to Cygnar, which is just beginning. Cryx is bland and I’m just hoping Cygnar have enough to hold me, and its not the game overall that sucks. Pre Mk3 I was excited and fully engaged, now i’m disheartened and not wholly enjoying it. I guess this is what happens when games designers leave “others” to redesign a game. Its like Games workshop all over again.

    • I’m clinging to the hope that Pagani can steer the Titanic away from the iceberg. I have 12.000 dollars worth of GW products I ended up just handing to my nephews to play with, and if my PP models go the same way I might be done with miniatures all together.

  2. I just asked around a bit, looked through Ontario Team Championships list, asked about Norweigan Masters. Grand total Caine2 lists reported: 0

    I’m so incredibly salty about that nerf.

  3. I feel your pain.
    I really loved your Caine2 double Centurion, double Junior list but ist seems to no longer work as good as pre- nerf.
    I hope that PP is going to bring hin back to the table somehow…

  4. The change to caine2 (and haley1) are obviously part of the ‘fix cryx’ attempt. I liked Caine2 previously felt like something was missing. The change PP have implemented is garbage for sure.

    If trickshot was the issue I would have changed it for thunderbolt, and in order for him to actually play warjacks I would have liked for him to gain free upkeeps on battlegroup.

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