Chasing the dream: Stryker2

Since I found this game in 2011 I’ve been cursed with only ever being satisfied with one of my lists at the time. I find a list I really like, and then can’t find a list that matches it to an extend where I’m pleased with both at the same time. The last couple of months I’ve been playing Caine2, and true to the curse I’ve been stuck with just that one lists doing what I want, and every other list being unsatisfying. I’ve tried:

  • Kara Sloan, which was highly overrated.
  • Haley1, which was quite boring.
  • Haley3, which I didn’t really understand (and would need more dollies to play).
  • Haley2, where I couldn’t quite make a list I enjoyed.
  • Nemo3, which felt just a teeny bit ‘lacking’ somehow.
  • Stryker3, which was just kinda bad.
  • Siege, which just didn’t do what I needed.

Next up is Stryker2, now that Gibbs is out so he can do real work without getting dangerously low on health. The Cavalry is heavily armored against shooting and magic, and with a backup-heal in case Stryker isn’t hogging Gibbs. The Centurion can be all but immortal at ARM 26 against ranged/magic, or one unit of Cavalry can be ARM 22.

Bad... ass!!!

Bad… ass!!!

This actually seems really promising. The infantry removal is exceptional, the survivability is solid, and the offensive punch quite real. Stryker2 can molest several heavies on his own, and his 17″ (19″ with Hunters Mark) threat isn’t anything to scoff at either. I think he might be able to play into Wurmwood as well, and probably Karchev, which would make life a lot easier. Thorn is a combat monster with a solid threat range, and Positive Charge turns him hyper accurate and quite punchy.

Lord Commander Stryker
– Squire
– Centurion (or maybe Ol’Rowdy)
– Thorn
Major Harrison Gibbs
Journeyman Warcaster
– Firefly
Rhupert Carvolo
Lanyssa Ryssyl
Storm Lances (Leader & 4 Grunts)
Storm Lances (Leader & 4 Grunts)

I’m really looking forward to this list, but the painting will destroy me (almost hoping the list will suck)… I would need to paint ten Cavalry (TEN!!!), which then might suck balls after the errata in January anyway. This seems like a list that I’ll test a few times, and then put on the shelf unless I can borrow the models until January, but man it looks sweet.

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  1. And my lucky streak with Cygnar seems to be continuing. The new rumors are, that Stryker2 receives Field Marshal (Counter Charge), which would just be amazing. I would probably change the above list a bit, but Thorn with Counter Charge and Disruption as an absurd defensive tool in the current meta! (and Stryker himself can do the same). Aaaand that was a hoax.

  2. Don’t know if you have the models, but one unit that is just amazing with Striker2 is Sword Knights. Those humble little buggers are cheap and with Positive Charge in the mix, hit at an absurd Mat 10, Pow 12 Weapon masters (and being 15/16 against shooting, no knockdown, which is not sexy, but isn’t terrible). They also really like his feat, and Thorn to set up PC/Flank. It also frees up an extra 7 points for more options (losing the 2nd storm lance unit). If you swap squire out for one of the other attachments (or Arch Duke Runewood, this list really likes pathfinder); you can pick up Laddermore for that spot, and she cranks the Lances to 11.

    • Worth considering. It does require Rhupert attention to get them to DEF 15, but still might be worth it.

      • True, he’s either pathfindering them some cover or giving out dirge, or you could go tough/no knockdown, which is always a hoot.
        My favorite play with him is still to run the whole army screaming at the opponent when they have carefully stayed 1″ outside of your engagement range, then feat. It screws up so many carefully laid plans. It’s not really an alpha strike, more like taking toys away from both kids, but it really messes up control casters on all sides.

        • (him being Striker, not Rupert). Rupert charging the enemy isn’t likely to put the fear of god into anyone. :)

        • I’m probably going to give infantry spam a try tonight, with double Sword Knights. I think that sounds quite fun with flank, Ragman, Positive Charge, and Feat. That’s a lot of chopping if they’re not all shot to death :D

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