Sloan, post errata

The errata finally struck, and Kara Sloan got herself a new feat. It wasn’t entirely as expected, which could be either because the spoiler source mixed up Fire Group and guided Fire like everyone else (very likely), or because PP decided to change it just to spite us. It doesn’t really matter because now her feat grants a free cast of Fire Group, and another ranged attack for her battlegroup during their activation.

This makes me consider a few changes to my list. I know everyone is focusing on getting as much work out of Sloans gun as possible, but I’m not comfortable with that level of aggression on a caster that will be camping 0-1 focus, so I decided to pursue another type of play. This might end up being completely ass backwards as fuck, but everyone else is testing ‘active’ Sloan lists so I’ll give ‘passive’ Sloan a few games.

Captain Kara Sloan
– Squire
– Defender
– Defender
– Defender
– Dynamo
– Cyclone
– Firefly
Field Mechaniks (Leader & 3 Grunts)

The Squire allows Sloan to better keep her battlegroup in control while hiding, and supplies an additional focus to boost damage on her feat turn (and two other turns of course). Infantry removal is covered with the Cyclone, Dynamo, and the Firefly so nothing but extreme infantry skew will survive. Dynamo will be the refuge target, allowing him to fire and retreat to safety with relative ease. In the past couple of games Dynamo has performed terribly – with other casters – but Guided Fire should solve most of his issues.

In case of heavy armor the list can reliably grind down a couple of heavies before they arrive, with ARM 22 being the likely break point where I can’t inflict enough damage. With Ragman behind the lines and fairly safe, I can also break ARM in melee, with the Defenders being POW 19 + Cortex damage, and Dynamo being POW 19-20-21-22. I don’t think this list can play into the super dedicated anti gun lines, but we’ll see.

  • Vyros2
  • Wurmwood
  • Lylyth3
  • Severius2

Several other ARM skews might also be difficult to break, like Karchev or Skorne Aradus builds, but I might be able to outmaneuver them as they’re quite slow. I’ll be keeping an eye on the ‘active’ Sloan builds of course, but for now this is my build.


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