Nemo3 Vs. Terminus

I drove out to give Jan another go at taking down Cygnar with Cryx, and this time I brought a hastily designed Nemo3 list. I decided it was time to try out the new and improved Stormlances, so I put in two units and Laddermore. Then to fill out the rest we have a Hurricane, Junior + Firefly, and that’s pretty much points right there since Cygnar still doesn’t have a 1 point filler (vote for Lord Bucket the 3rd!)

Artificier General Nemo & Storm Chaser Finch
– Hurricane
Storm Lances (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Storm Lances (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Journeyman Warcaster
– Firefly
Major Katherine Laddermore

The list is far from optimal, but when Jan dropped Terminus I felt like everything was going to be just fine. Terminus was my MK2 anti-Cygnar drop, but since Cygnar gained ground in the combined arms melee damage department and Terminus lost ground (not being able to contest, and having to take a larger battlegroup), I felt like this was going to be another steamroll victory.

Lich Lord Terminus
– Inflictor
– Inflictor
Bane Warriors (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Revenant Crew (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– 3 Revenant Crew Crew Riflemen
Revenant Crew (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Satyxis Blood Hag
Captain Rengrave
Soul Trapper
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

Cryx wins first turn and runs up to just outside my 19″ assault range. I move up carefully to stay outside his charge range, with one smaller wave in his ‘run to engage’ range. Jan looks at the table for a while, and I can’t see any brilliant moves for him either. He runs to engage, and moves up his heavies to threaten.

Kraken = Hurricane, Steelhead Heavy Cavalry = Stormlances

I kill both Inflictors without even feating (Hurricane with Ionization killed one on it’s own), wipe every model he used to engage with Laddermore + Nemo’s gun + Finch, then wipe out the Blood Witches with Chain Lightning and the Firefly (a bit lucky there), and reposition out of charge range. Jan lost 38 points worth of models, and the only thing he can kill in return is the Firefly.


He kills the Firefly and camps fully with Terminus, moving him up to begin scoring, which he knows is suicide as it’s in charge range of 10 Stormlances, but if he survives he’ll be back in the game. He doesn’t, and it’s another victory to the dandies. I did technically lose five models this game, but only because four Stormlances had to reposition away to let the second unit finish the job.

Suicide by Stormlance

My list was far from optimal, but two units of Stormlances with Nemo3 is downright insane. One unit has 13/19 with Electrify, and the other has 13/20 with Arcane Shield. They have RAT 7 / POW 14 shots with leaps and reposition, and the Firefly + Nemo can launch them into space with 3d6+16 lightning shots on feat turn.

The Hurricane with a Firefly and Feat is crazy on a level where you have to see it to believe it, but the list hinges on two models (Firefly + Laddermore) which makes it vulnerable to long range linchpin removal, and I don’t like that one bit. Nemo3 is definitely a caster I have to experiment more with, especially since the Hurricane isn’t going to be released in the immediate future anyway.




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  1. I really don’t know how you can stand playing with a faction so obviously broken against Cryx. You know that they’re just taking from the GW playbook now. In another 3 years they’ll release MK IV and suddenly it will be another handful of factions that are awesome and everyone will feel compelled to buy them to stay competitive. Complete bullshit.

    PP really shit the bed on this. Not spending another penny on anything they release until this is fixed. So probably never.

    • Well, we’re calling it research. Jan is writing about his experiences with MK3 Cryx, and when he’s ready I’ll turn it into an article. As of Friday he was 2-7, with both wins being against experimental Protectorate lists.

      It feels absolutely horrible though. It’s like the games are won before deployment, and the only thing left to figure out is how badly you’ll beat up the cripple in the wheelchair.

      It’s still a bit early to tell for sure, but it does look like every doomsayer – myself included – had it right.

      • I don’t know about you but being the only Cryx player in my meta during Mk2 I have been listening to other players tell me that Cryx Mk3 is still really good. That I’m just salty blah blah blah. I honestly don’t know what they see.

        I do look forward to the doomsayer article.

        • Yeah I’ve been getting the same thing. I think Cryx can be built to be playable, if you can dodge the worst matchups, or if the meta evolves away from the worst gun lines, but it’ll be boring and likely still not enough to be truly competitive.

  2. Going to be testing my new Nemo3 build tomorrow. 2x Ironclads, 2x Firefly (one on junior), 2x Stormlances + Laddermore, Rhupert, and Ragman.

  3. There’s a post on the PP forums in which they site the ETC, where apparently, the faction with the highest winning percentage is… well, Convergence. But the second highest is Cryx!

    Honestly, it’s just one tournament, and I’m not taking it to mean that Cryx is as highly-powered as it was in Mk2. But the real takeaway from those percentages is that the win percentages are all between 40 and 60 – a way closer curve than before. It really seems that Mk3 is much better balanced than Mk2.

    I’m a Cygnar player myself, and I loves me some Nemo1 and Caine1. I’m a little sad about what happened to Stormcallers and the Black 13th, but I’m loving the new Sword Knights and Stormblades.

    • In a team tournament setting, with mainly the experienced Cryx players left, and with many broken rules and strange interactions… I’ll admit if I was wrong, but as everyone says: let the meta settle first :)

  4. Just from my own experiences with Nemo 3, an extra way to get electro leaps is always welcome (Stormstrider, Tempest Blazers or even the tower). Running a Lance way the hell upboard and bouncing non-missing boosted leaps on the feat turn by shooting him in the back is just a fantastic assassination option against the Arm 15 or less casters. (oooh, Caine in cover? Heh.). The Strider and Nemo are just insane for this as well since you can boost theirs,4D6 leap shot (assuming power tokens).

  5. I feel so bad for Cryx. I was angry when reading a lot of the spoilers before MK3 hit, but now I’m pissed. I had no intentions about getting back into Cryx right away, since I’m more into Legion atm, but still… the faction is close to my heart.

    The thought about PP using a wheel of fortune to pick the new OP faction is a nightmare haunting me. I suppose we will all have to play the new faction when it hits to remain competitive…

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