Siege vs. the world

Yesterday I participated in a games day, and last night I faced up against Severius2. I tried Siege on for size as an answer to Lylyth3, Wurmwood, and Menoth in general, but with less than spectacular results. I should have won the first game against Lylyth3, but the lack of Rangers in the list made me vulnerable to dice fluctuation and I lost when I couldn’t roll 9+ on boosted attacks (three attempts, and one success would likely have been enough).

I then had a game with Kara Sloan into Lylyth3 to see how bad that was (my win statistic is really suffering during this early testing) which I should have lost, but my Cyclone with magical guns from Arlan, Guided Fire, and full focus just shot Lylyth3 in a single turn. Average damage should have been around 5-6, but instead it deleted her so go go Cyclone! Then last night I faced up against Severius2 with my new and improved Siege list.

Major Markus ‘Siege’ Brisbane
– Firefly
– Firefly
– Hunter
– Hurricane
– Squire
Journeyman Warcaster
– Hunter
Rhupert Carvolo

Vs. something like

Hierarch Severius
– Blessing of Vengeance
– Devout
– Repenter
– Reckoner
– Vanquisher
Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard
Thorn Gun Mages
Rhupert Carvolo
Vassal of Menoth

The game itself was me running up, Severius2 using his feat to wipe out most of my Rangers, and then me flailing ineffectually at him for five rounds until I ran out of models. Severius2 is just as amazing on the table as he is on paper. The Choir sings passage, and then you can only shoot his pile of jacks with magical ranged weapons. Sure thing, I have plenty of those when I use Arlan and cycle Explosivo, or so I thought.

  • Shoot the Reckoner (Shield Guard / Devout + Oracular Vision)
  • Shoot the Reckoner (Shield Guard / Blessing + Oracular Vision)
  • Shoot the Reckoner (Oracular Vision)

So factor in a miss or two each turn due to terrain, and it becomes all but impossible to win a firefight with Severius2. His Temple Flame Guard with +2 DEF and Concealment (Rhupert) were downright impossible to get rid of, and with my Hurricane unable to charge because of another silly spell I was just hamstrung in every aspect of the game. I ended up killing most of his TFG, but I was unable to prevent him from winning on scenario.

I tried a last ditch assassination but again the double invulnerable Shield Guards and Severius own Oracular Vision, combined with cover, just made it impossible. I’m not sure Severius2 is the best caster in the game, but he’s something you need an answer for. Running infantry spam isn’t going to work either, as he’ll just feat on the front line and catch all your dudes behind a wall of 4″ Cloud Effects that light people on fire.

So it’s back to the drawing board, as I need a caster that can reliably remove the Choir AND overload the defensive mechanism of that list. Cain1 could probably overload the mechanism with his field marshal ability to give all his jacks magical guns, but even then I’m losing my three highest power shots each turn (two if I shoot directly at the Shield guard jacks), which is downright nasty. Cain2 might be able to do it as well, which is something I think I’ll explore, but a Cain2/Kara setup has some other real downsides in a Steamroller tournament.



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  1. Do you have any idea what spell was stopping you from charging with the Huricane?
    Sevvy2 only has rebuke and that is only stopping orders, power and special attacks.
    His list also looks quite meatless at first glance. The repenter just feels so weak at the moment.

    • Hmm, I was robbed. I didn’t question that rebuke now stopped charging (I miss knowing all the rules intimately), but that only works on something that needs orders to charge. Someone owes me a beer!

      It’s the first lists he’s put together for Severius2, so I’m guessing it’s W.I.P

      • Personally I’d drop the Vanquisher and try to wiggle Hand of Judgement into it. Through the Thorn Gunmages you can engineer free charges and the 10″ spray, the Gunmages and Sevvy2 should be enough to kill all the infantry you want.

        Either way it looks like a nasty list.

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