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All theory and no play make Lamoron something something

It’s been a while since my last game, and since that game ended in a loss I should have avoided I’m eager to get some more games in.

Sloan, post errata

The errata finally struck, and Kara Sloan got herself a new feat. It wasn’t entirely as expected, which could be either because the spoiler source mixed up Fire Group and guided Fire like everyone else (very likely), or because PP decided to change it just to spite us.

The week of ouchies

This week I’ve squeezed in three games with Nemo3. It… could have gone better.

Nemo3 Vs. Terminus

I drove out to give Jan another go at taking down Cygnar with Cryx, and this time I brought a hastily designed Nemo3 list.

Siege vs. the world

Yesterday I participated in a games day, and last night I faced up against Severius2. I tried Siege on for size as an answer to Lylyth3, Wurmwood, and Menoth in general.

Kara Sloan Vs. Asphyxious3

Work has been insane, so the report had to wait a couple of days. Wednesday I drove out to do battle against Jan, my former rival for the title of best Cryx player in Denmark, and now target practice for Kara Sloan.