Captain Kara Sloan

Tomorrow I’ll be playing against the now undisputed Cryx champion of Denmark. In the past we’ve done battle over that title, with him being slightly better on the table and me being slightly better with list design, but now that I’ve gone traitor there’s no real competition for the favor of Lord Toruk. I’ve kept an eye on his progress with Cryx, in order to judge exactly how badly Cryx was hit, and so far it’s looking grim.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting Kara Sloan on the table. I’ve been following Jarle from Courage of Caspia and his progress with her, but three things stand in the way of simply copying his build. First of all he’s a more tactically advanced player, which I know because I’ve both watched his games and played against him. His current build also requires a skill set I simply don’t yet have, and until I’ve come to terms with that I can’t rely ‘decode’ the build.

By Luke Mancini, http://mr–

Secondly I’ve spent years looking at the Cyclone, because that model is god damn amazing, and I want to use them now. Kara Sloan is probably THE caster if I want to use them competitively, so by god I’m going to do it now. Finally there’s simply no way I’m going to copy another mans build before failing severely with my own, so SNOWFLAKES ASSEMBLE!

Captain Kara Sloan
– Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
– Defender
– Defender
– Defender
– Cyclone
– Cyclone
– Cyclone
Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Gobber Tinker
Gobber Tinker

If you missed it I finally found a steady job, and thus decided that I can now spend money on project Cygnar. In order to field this list I need to buy Arlan and another Gobber Tinker, but otherwise I actually have the models I need – though some assembly is still required (a lot actually). The core concept of the list should be fairly obvious.

You tell them Jesus!

The issue will be keeping Kara herself safe. With Refuge she can shoot and relocate, but upkeeping Refuge, casting Guided Fire, and casting Fire Group leaves her at 0 Focus which is insanely dangerous even with her high defense. The key to the list will most likely be evaluating if Fire Group is vital, or if camping two is more important.

The three Defenders can really get some work done at long range, while triple Cyclones should put out an average of twelve accurate shots each turn to handle Infantry. The list itself is somewhat weak against heavy infantry, but on feat turn there’s quite a lot of POW 15 shots (even better if the rumored errata is true). The Cyclones also have a free focus each turn to land a fully boosted POW 12 on something, and RNG 12 is the sweet spot (RNG 14 if Fire Group is up).

Stockpile will be my Steamroller Objective, which will add another source of repair to the list in some scenarios. Arlan needs to be kept safe if there’s Incorporeal models around, but if there isn’t he can use his sweet d3+3 repair as well. If a jack is using stockpile and all three mechanics it’ll repair 14 boxes on average which is quite a lot.

Finally the three Defenders have Ragman to back hem up if some really heavy armor comes trundling along. I’m going to assume that they’ve put at least some damage on the enemy heavy/colossal/gargantuan before it arrives, at which point I can throw in Dark Shroud and go to town with POW 19 Hammers.

Even if I can’t bring it down the combined attacks of three Defenders should be enough to knock out any remaining Cortex boxes, and to be honest I’m planning to drop something else into most Hordes lists (Nemo3 or Stryker3).

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  1. Huge congratulations on the job man!

    I’m extremely curious about your thoughts on Sloan’s other ( and perhaps more typical ) warjack options. Hunters, Chargers, Stormwall, etc. Perhaps I could lure you into doing an article on the subject?

    • Maaaaybe, but Jarle from Courage of Caspia is doing many of those. I will say that chargers feel overpriced with Sloan (great with other casters) because she’s already casting Guided Fire so the powerful shot advantage isn’t nearly as great.

      Hunters deal the same damage as Defenders for only a bit cheaper, but are vastly inferior in melee, so unless I find the lack of first turn shooting really problematic I don’t see them in my immediate future.

      Expressing opinions without any actual game time here though, so opinions might drastically change.

  2. I can’t wait to read your battlereport!

    Are you enjoying Cygnar so far?

    Do you think you could pair Kara Sloan and Stryker 3 effectively?

    Does the paradigm -magical/physical | ranged/melee | speed/armor | buff/debuff- does still mean something in MK3? Is it still a rule of thumb for your list building in this new version of the game?

    Lots of questions!!!! :D

    • Having started a new job hasn’t left me a lot of time to play, but I’m immensely satisfied so far. I think Stryker3 and Sloan will do well, but I’ve yet to see the meta so we won’t really know for several months. If it doesn’t work I’ll be trying Nemo3/Sloan instead :)

      • Thanks for the insight. I feel Stryker3 combined arms + Nemo3 electricity heavy msu looks quite solid and to complete one another too.

        I have the same problems as you, can’t really put time into actually playing the game these days x)

        • Nemo3 in general looks amazing as an ‘all comers’ drop, but I need to get Stryker3 out of my system first. I’m testing him with three Defenders and double Trenchers next, for the combined approach.

  3. Having 3 cyclones also means some serious area denial with their 6(?) wall template covering fires.

    • Indeed, but they actually had trouble getting much use out of them, as their guns were needed to actually kill things with my very limited number of available actions.

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