A new beginning: Cygnar

As some of you have seen on twitter I’ve packed up my Cryx for long term storage. Cryx was my first love, and despite a few periods of faction-infidelity I’ve stuck with her for five years. I’ve served the dragon father through nerfs, through long periods without useful releases, and through two periods of training and participating in the World Team Championships. I’m pretty sure I even designed the core concepts of a few releases, as some of my thoughts on models ended up looking an awful lot like what came out 2-3 years later.

This guy for one

The reason I’ve decided to pack it up is because Cryx no longer feels like home. The aspects I enjoyed the most in Cryx have been altered so heavily that it no longer feels like the faction I’ve loved for so long, and the emotional roller coaster I experienced during the last couple of months turned the last bit of enthusiasm sour. The final nail in the coffin was, that after reading the rules and cards Cryx simply felt boring, and the hopes I had for changes just weren’t there.

I could write for hours about the travesty we experienced as a community during the last two months, the lies we were told, the insult that was the L&L keynote, and the whole depressing process in general, but instead I’ve decided to simply start fresh. About a month before MK3 was announced I picked up Cygnar, after having an amazing game against Jarle from Courage of Caspia, and going through the new Cygnar rules I experienced all the wow-factor I couldn’t find in Cryx.

Cygnar jacks all got better and cheaper in an edition that seems to be focused on large battle-groups. Cygnar infantry mostly received boosts in an edition that otherwise took infantry down a notch, and despite several old linchpins losing ground the general feel is of the faction is: holy shit. I don’t know where Cryx will end up on the power curve, but I’m deadly certain Cygnar will be a top contender, and I need that kind of power at my command in order to be competitive with my unique snowflake syndrome.


Cygnar now has all the little synergies that vanished from Cryx, allowing for unnecessarily complicated builds, and making the faction malleable enough to keep my interest. If at some point Cryx regains that flexibility, the synergies, and the general theme I loved about it – then by Toruk those models will be brought back from the basement, but until then I’ll be joining the opposition. This coming weekend I’ll be playing my first real third edition game, which I will probably lose because it’s against Mikkel Ernst, but my many shiny new models will be joining the fray .

Lord General Coleman Stryker (28 points)
– Dynamo (18)
– Stormclad (18)
Archduke Alain Runewood (4)
Captain Maxwell Finn (6)
Ragman (4)
Lanyssa Ryssyl (3)
Arcane Tempest Rifleman (4)
Arcane Tempest Rifleman (4)
Trencher Infantry [Leader & 9 Grunts] (16)
– Officer & Sniper (5)
Trencher Infantry [Leader & 9 Grunts] (16)
– Officer & Sniper (5)

Long threat ranges, acceptable shooting, extremely hard hitting, and insanely accurate infantry. The Trencher Infantry can achieve MAT 9 / POW 14 charges every single turn. We could also kick it up a notch by including Ragman and the feat, for auto-hitting 4d6+16 charge attacks, and of course assault if that even matters at that point. I love that everyone is excited for Cain, Sloan, and Haley3 but I’ll begin with my first – and for now only – Cygnar love: Stryker3.


So for the foreseeable future The Overseer will be about Cygnar. Every archive about tactics or models in MK2 has been marked as such and removed from the front page, though in time I plan to go through the general articles about tactics and check if they’re still useful. Until then, FOR THE KING(s)!

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  1. Sad to see you go mate. For some reason cryx was the only thing about warmahordes that had any interest for me, it always felt wierd reading your blog when it was about another faction.

    Initially I didnt much care about the nerfs to cryx in mk3 and thought of it as a challenge, but truth be told I was a bit annoyed with how PP had treated us. Our local meta has been getting smaller and smaller with players moving to guildball or infinity. I held out as long as I could because I didn’t like the Infinity models, but then I found the combined army and my cryx will also be hitting the shelves for a good long while.

    I really hope the next couple of books contain enough surprises to bring me (and you) back, but I doubt it. PP had a great chance to fix useless units and the problems with our jacks but it seems like they want our jacks with pillowfisted arms that fall off while limiting our troop choices even further.

    Anyway hope you have fun with cygnar I’ll check back in every couple of months to see how things are going.

  2. I hear you. I’m practically doing the same thing but only moving over to Trollbloods since they were something I was interested in for awhile but Cryx kept pulling me back in. Good luck with Cygnar and everything!

    I plan on really taking a look into Cryx again when theme forces are released but I don’t have any faith they will really bring back the things I enjoyed in Cryx. Which was the speed and aggressiveness of the faction.

  3. best of luck with Cygnar! I think im moving to CoC. Love the blog though, so ill still be a reader.

  4. +1 from me. You helped me with what units to get, what synergies to attempt and generally how to play as well as answering promptly a couple of questions I posted. I don’t have the time or money to invest in another faction so I’m stuck with Cryx for the foreseeable future. Hopefully it’s all not as bad as it seems and Cryx will find its mojo. Hope to see you back serving the Dragonfather soon.

  5. As a long term swan that has always enjoyed your writing and strategy, I say welcome to the dark (light?) side. I’m really looking forward to seeing your take on the boys in blue.

    • My first take is to introduce the swans to Cryx tactics, by swarming the enemy in tough and hard hitting infantry. I guess after that I need to learn some new tricks! :D

  6. I only started Warmahordes last August, but I’ve been Cygnar since day one. I have yet to play a Mk3 game, but I’ll be reading this site and evaluating your advice.

    I’m a bit of a unique snowflake myself in that I’m determined to never play a Haley and that I’ve got zero interest in Trenchers. I’m a fan of Nemo1 and Caine1, although I may be moving to Nemo1/Stryker2 soon since Caine1 seems to border on irrelevant in Mk3.

    • Well Trenchers sucked all of MK2, and Haley3 is genuinely fun to play against. Don’t ban yourself from specific models, just don’t use the exact same builds as everyone else, and you can have the best of both worlds :)

  7. I’m going to stick cryx out for a few games; I’m branching into khador for a chance to play with and mix&match convert their awesome vodka-fueled stompy robots.

    I’ve always lamented not being able to use our cool looking Jacks, and I’m excited to see the game swing towards large battlegroups. Cryx got boring, but I kinda hope so did everyone else, just a wee bit.

    I agree that the community management was shit.

    • Khador looks like they became more interesting. A lot of their options were toned down/changed but overall I think they became more powerful as well, so load up on Stallin vodka and charge!

      Cryx heavy jacks are still shit with a couple of exceptions, exactly like MK2. The lights are super interesting but in a world of cheap heavies… I have a hard time seeing them work outside Venethrax.

  8. Sad to see you go, but as you do, I somewhat part ways to stand in the pool of Cryx-Branching-to-Cephalyx-Branching-into-Mercenaries as a whole.

    Hopefully, as others have said, Themes may give us those well needed intricacies and complexities that we thrived upon in MKII.

  9. Please come back to Cryx, I need you.

    • Tell them to un-fuck my faction then! :D

      My friend Jan, who is most likely the best Cryx player in Denmark (we did a little battle over that title, but I think he has slightly better results) is testing Cryx and doing miserably. I’m scheduled to play him tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get a little more feel for Cryx on the table while I’m blowing them away.

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