MK3 – Right in the feels

Rant warning: A post in which I tell Privateer Press that what they do is alright, but they should stop fucking bullshitting us about it. With that out of the way, it’ time for a RAAAAMPAAAAAGE!

The mercenary insider was an emotional roller-coaster with the interesting new Croe’s Cutthroats making an appearance, followed by a caster (Constance) specifically designed to combat the undead. I mean let’s be real here and acknowledge that we’re the only faction that really uses the undead, because nobody cares about the Risen or Swamp Shamblers in this context. I don’t mind Mercenaries getting some awesome options, and Durgen looks fun despite being a nightmare for our infantry lists, but Constance just rubs me the wrong way.

Another hit to our faction… figures…

The outrage would go nuclear if they released a Warcaster which had an ability that read ‘While in this model’s control area Khador non-warjack models suffer -2 to damage rolls‘ so why are we seeing a model that specifically targets our main line of infantry here? I would actually be perfectly fine if her ability affected all non-living models, despite that being an even bigger hit to Cryx as a whole, but then her model would be balanced around it and affect the other factions as well.

The most exciting news for Cryx so far has been that some of the mercenaries we have access to were made playable and interesting. I mean I trust in Privateer Press when it comes to making a balanced game, I trust that they’re going to correct the unavoidable issues that crop up in a project like this, but the drip-feeding and the bullshit statements really has to go. I don’t care that the Cephalyx Mind Slaver now has stealth instead of Sac Pawn, but trying to tell me it’s a buff is just condescending.

Stealth works against magic which Sac Pawn did not, but in every other sense it’s inferior. In addition they then hours later revealed that Reinholdt can trivially and automatically remove stealth from a model in his LoS, so good luck keeping those Mind Slavers safe.

I loved the statement that Purification was now limited to the Protectorate, but when half the casters then have upkeep removal – or an even better version of Purification – I’ll call bullshit on the whole thing. I loved the idea that Cryx would be the faction of cheap and expendable Warjacks, as well as infantry, but with every new release I see cheaper and/or better options everywhere, so we’re back to being the faction with shitty overcosted warjacks, except now we’re forced to take them.

I got hit in the feels, I admit as much. I don’t much mind most of the changes we’ve seen, and the majority of those changes were either needed or well thought out streamlining, but every achievement, every brilliant flash of insight, and every solid release is getting tainted by the bullshit statements and flat out lies. Dear Privateer Press, if you make my faction unplayable I’ll use another one. If you make my model-collection less than optimal I’ll buy the newest hot shit instead, but bullshitting me is where I draw the line.

Fucking stop it!

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  1. You shouldn’t read too much into the Insiders’ marketing babble. Wait until you have a complete picture and let the meta develop a little bit.

    The first indication of whether Cryx has actually lost any power will be about two months into MK3, I think. When we see WTC lists being published after the global big-shots each have tirelessly crammed out as many games in as short a time as possible.

    After some pruning, things might look different.

  2. One thing to consider about Constance is that she kind of needed a little something against Cryx since it’s the only action that actively fights her for souls. Between Death Toll, Soul Trappers, the Wraith Engine, various feats and abilities, and not even counting all the RFP stuff (Blood Knives, the new Drudge-Shanghai), her feat is rarely firing at full cylinders against Cryx the way it does against virtually every other faction. I can understand the need to compensate her in some way in this light.

    That and, between warjack emphasis and the revealed nerfs to undead models, it’s likely that undead stuff will be a lower percentage of your typical Cryx army anyway going forward.

    • Seeing as how the newly leaked cards really seem to be pushing for living models you may be right. I don’t know, I feel like Undead already lost a great deal of power with the limited recursion, lack of morale in the game as a whole, and now special buffs for others fighting us.

  3. Iron lich overseer looks interesting though, giving all jacks in its command range that it’s marshalling now get dark shroud.

  4. I agree with you on a lot of points here, Lamoron. However, i do not believe anymore that PP was interested in balancing Cryx. They are planning on planting the faction in the dirt. Why do i think this? Well besides the fact that we’re nerfed every which way (and the other factions too). I think PP decided Cryx on a whole is a bad play experience for the other factions. And what has PP decided to do with bad play experiences as of late? Remove them. Well you can’t just remove Cryx. But you can make them completely unplayable and thereby remove them from the game. If this is the case, i’m quitting the game. I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on Cryx. If PP feels it’s okay to do something like i’m suggesting to appease a majority of their players while shitting on the rest, i want nothing to do with them.

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