Battle at Lund: Convention report

This weekend I attended the first convention style tournament in Lund. It was both mine and their first warmachine convention, so I didn’t really know what to expect and instead just decided to go with the flow: Great success!

9/10, would attend again!

The hotel was amazing, the food was acceptable (hence the 9/10 instead of 10/10) and the price of beer was a bit steep, but beyond those minor inconveniences it was downright brilliant. I’ll take you through the experience, and superficially through the games, but anyone considering attending next year should DEFINITELY do so.

The trip

We drove to Copenhagen on Thursday and crashed at another player, since the Swedish Masters began early Friday morning and getting up at 3. AM to drive from Aarhus seemed like a poor choice. We did not figure on getting pulled over and searched at the border to Sweden, but thanks to the state of the world today we did.

It was pretty intimidating as the Swedish police outnumbered us greatly and began searching our players while I tried to explain the huge number of square bags in our trunk, but to our great relief a new copper showed up and he turned out to be a fellow nerd.

While the others were herded around or searched I had a chat with the new cop, and once he saw my miniatures he cleared everything up without us having to unpack 10 bags of miniatures, so to you my dear savior goes a heartfelt thanks, even if you never read this.

Having been delayed we were now falling behind schedule and had no time for breakfast, so when we arrived at the venue/hotel we unpacked our minis and got right down to playing. We all agree that the stressful start was why we did so poorly on the first day, and I’ll stick to that story!

Swedish Masters: Game 1 vs. Exulon Thexus

I was matched up against a Mercenary player and we ended up playing Deneghra3 Vs. Exulon Thexus. Now I’ve never faced Cephalyx before, I’d had no breakfast, and honestly I was feeling a little sorry for myself so I just dove into the game without much research on Exulon, and I payed for it.


If you’ve never played against Exulon Thexus either his feat basically allows him to line up your entire army in neat little rows, and then spray them to death. All my Mechanithralls were like ‘oh hey John, you’re here as well! What fun! Hey who’s that guy… hey, ow ow ow quit it!

Denghra, the Soul Weaver
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
Mechanithralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Skarlock Commander
Mechanithralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Skarlock Commander
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
Necrosurgeon (Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls)
Necrosurgeon (Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls)
The Withershadow Combine
Gorman di Wulfe
Ogrun Bokur
Soul Trappers (2)
Soul Trappers (2)
Skarlock Thrall

I think I lost about 70% of my infantry on his feat turn so I had to do something drastic. He had placed one of his monstrosities on the wrong side of a linear obstacle, and one of the others had only POW 16 after buffs, so I went all in and charged his last monstrosity with Deneghra after putting up Dark Shroud with Ragman.

Camp to great victory

I feated, tore the monstrosity apart, and then camped my way to a scenario victory while Deneghra slowly picked apart what he had left. It was pretty darn sweet to say the least, and even being surrounded by ambushing units and getting tossed and turned everywhere didn’t slow her down. In the end I had rebuilt a lot of my forces and even gained an attrition advantage, with every model pulling their weight as even the Soul Trappers and Skarlock Thrall engaged the enemy in deadly melee!

Result: Scenario win

Swedish Masters: Game 2 vs. Haley3

I got matched up against Olov Winroth which is a name some of you might now as he’s a damn good player (currently ranked 2nd in Sweden) so I was in for a fight. I dropped Deneghra3 again since I would be facing Haley3 which is a matchup I’ve won before against a WTC level player. Edit: Olov won the solo tournament on Saturday.

Olov during deployment

Before it all went to hell

The game itself was uninteresting as I got a severe beat-down but then I saw an opportunity. The Helldivers had arrived and I needed to knock Haley down and eat her. I had one banged up Helldiver, two fresh ones, and I needed to knock Haley down and eat her. Unfortunately I was so busy doing the assassination that I didn’t get pictures of it, but here’s one from the turn before.

He wipes most of my remaining models, and I go for the assassination

I move the damaged Helldiver up to Haley3, charge up with Deneghra3 and Scourge it in the back, killing it and knocking down Haley (perfect).  Then I feat and load up the two Helldivers, apply Ghost Walks, throw a Mortality on Haley, and throw a Mortality at the Stormblades blocking my one Helldiver from getting to Haley.

I throw it on the wrong Stormblade. I had my pick of the litter and I threw it one the one guy who turned out to be in cover, and I lost the game. The Nyss Hunters all missed the blocking Stormblades by one or two, my remaining Withershadow Combine landed a hit on the UA and left him on two boxes, and thus my second Helldiver couldn’t make it to Haley.

I was really pissed at myself for a while, because I had that game locked down even with poor rolls all around and I messed it up. The assassination should have worked with average dice anyway, but with that Mortality it would have worked with the slightly below average dice I got, so it was entirely my fault. Then of course he killed me.

Olov was a great sport about it, an opponent I can heartily recommend, and finally getting something real to eat cleared up my mood even though the food was some form of mystery meat the Swedes kept insisting was high quality sausage… not likely fellas, that thing was nasty.

Result: Assassination loss (Stupidity)

Swedish Masters: Game 3 vs. Deneghra2

I got matched up against my car-mate Søren who brought Deneghra2 so I was dropping Deneghra3 again. When we deployed I realized how eerily similar our lists were.

  • Max Nyss Hunters
  • 2x Max Mechanithralls
  • 2x Necrosurgeons
  • Withershadow Combine
  • Skarlock

That’s 31 points of mirror models and ALL the main infantry units in both lists, so we hunkered down for some serious grind! The game itself featured some really bizarre things like Necrosurgeons running up in the fray on the middle jostling for corpse tokens to deny them to the other, and Nyss Hunters duking it out across the massive 60+ model battle on the middle.

The turn before the major clash

The game ran FOREVER as neither side could really gain the upper hand (he ran out of corpse token counters for the first time ever). In the end I forced Søren to use his feat which allowed me to get Deneghra3 in the battle when he moved Admonia to close while turning a Helldiver into a Stalker with Dark Industries, as without either the feat or Unbinding I felt safe on DEF 17.

The clocks began going critical on both sides but me having six minutes to his three meant I could play him on time, and he was forced to run for the scenario. I spent a minute deciding and then took the assassination attempt. I charged a Devil Shadow Mutineer next to D2, killed him and grabbed his soul, scourged down D2 and put Mortality on her.

Ragman was still alive so I had Dark Shroud up as well, and I punched her twice but left her alive since she was camping fully. She was however not incorporeal so the single Mechanithrall that made it there splattered her all over the place for more great success.

Result: Assassination win

Swedish Masters: Game 4 vs. Vayl2

Vayl2 you old old hag, this time I brought your FUCKING KRYPTONITE! His list was three angels, two Ravagores, Hex hunters, and some support so all I have to do is lure those Hex Hunters out of him and it’s a wrap. I’ve lost the last four games against Vayl2 on not having an appropriate drop, so it was PAYBACK time.

Pirate Queen Skarre
– Cankerworm
Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Mechanithralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Necrosurgeon (Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls)
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Satyxis Blood Hag
Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Saxon Orrik
Skarlock Thrall

I used my Ghost Raiders on a hill to lure out the Hex Hunters, as he would have to charge up there in order to kill and hex bolt the Ghost Raiders behind the hill (Magic 6 won’t hit DEF 15 on a hill). Once he was up there the remaining Ghost Raiders restocked a few on his Hex Hunters, and the Blood Witches popped mini-feat and killed the rest, leaving me with total dominance of the table as his beasts were reluctant to get in cavalry range.

Come at me bro!

He killed a couple of my cavalry, but even Refuge + Repulse isn’t enough to get away from the threat 14/15 cavalry, so I absolutely steamrolled him while using scenario to keep up the pressure on feat turn. He had one option left which was a looooong shot assassination, which didn’t even dent Skarre, and then we shook on it as Vayl was naked in front my army. I felt a bit bad about steamrolling the guy – who was really nice – but then I remembered he played Vayl2 theme and I got over it.

Result: Assassination win

Swedish Masters: Game 5 vs. Thyron

I thought we were done for the night unless qualified for the finals, but no such luck. I don’t usually do well after game three in a day, and after game four I’m a zombie but I came to play so dropping out really wasn’t in the cards.

I had to drop Deneghra3 as Thyron can give his entire army magical weapons (so Skarres Incorporeal shtick would do nothing) and going in I knew it was going to be hard. My opponent had Narn, two MH-Assassins and the Fane Knight, so I couldn’t send in Deneghra before ALL of them were dead.

Ahead on attrition, WAY behind on time

The game went better than expected and I think I was actually slightly ahead in attrition, but due to some poor dice at critical junctions I was unable to deal with the Fane Knight before my clock got critical and I had to send in Deneghra to do work herself.

Pain Knight for great injustice!

Knowing he was getting that one shot he charged in the Fane Knight with Storm Rager. Deneghra3 might be DEF 17 but he’s MAT 12/10 and ignores Grave Wind, but I had two additional focus so I was camping at ARM 25 against a POW 17 weapon master. On the charge he’s supposed to deal about 6-7 damage, and on the second swing maybe 2-3 and instead he cut Deneghra in half…

Result: Assassination loss (Slow play / Dice)

Swedish Masters: Results

So with a loss due to stupidly targeting the wrong model and one due to slow play – and then a bit of dice rape – I ended up 15th which was just barely in the top 25% but hey, this is a convention and there would be more games and more fun so we went to the bar and got some beers!

The following day I was better rested, less stressed out, and had breakfast in ‘ma belly’ so it was time for the solo tournament. I decided after the last WTC to never again play in a serious team tournament, which is a rule I’m only going to break once – because the danish WTC qualifiers needs another team to make it even (and if my team wins a round I’ll be flabbergasted). I thought all the good players would be in the team tournament but noooooo.

Solo tournament: Game 1 vs. Rask

I face up against Rask (also a first for me) with 20 Croak Raiders and I drop Skarre1 because he has exactly one magical weapon in the list. The game is a total steamroll but he actually comes close to assassinating me but a whole bunch of things go wrong (incorporeal rules, activation sequence mistakes, and getting out of range to be forced) but with a little more thought I would have gotten a Fury-Wrastler to face.

Silly frogs

Instead I absolutely rampage through his list, and since I only brought four extra spare Ghost Raiders (lack of room in the bags) I miss out on 10-12 new ghost Raiders. This really felt like an almost unwinnable matchup for him, and I all but wipe him out and win on scenario.

Result: Scenario win

Solo tournament: Game 2 Vs. Haley3

True to form my second opponent is a hard one, and turns out to be Jarle: The winner of last nights Swedish Masters. Now I’ve never been a fan boy, but I have to admit that Jarle might be the first Warmachine player to ever make the cut as a genuine Idol. Edit: Jarle also won the Sunday Invitational tournament.


Jarle is a refugee from Warhammer so he’s pretty new to Warmachine, which makes his clean play and tactical insight even more impressive, but what I like most about him was the conversation we had from the very first moment we sat down.

Jarle: So I’m already qualified for the invitational, so why don’t you pick the casters you think would give us the best game.

So I picked Haley3 Vs. my Scaverous list, which I had mucked together out of the other stuff I brought for the masters. Then we fetched some beers, and sat down for what was to become the best game I’ve played in a long time.

Now truth be told I almost killed him after his very first turn (since he’s so new there’s a lot of models he’s never played against before), but I forgot to apply puppet master to my Reaper and it missed the boosted 9+ roll to drag Haley out and win me the game.

Then Aiakos jumped in and missed another 9+ roll (non-boosted) with Puppet Master to also seal the deal, as a successful drag would have gotten her Icy-gripped and back turned non-camping corpse into Snapjaw range. Five minutes later I was happy I missed both rolls as the game just went absolutely bonkers. Saxon Orrik and Victor Pendrake clashed on the flank in a 1v1 fight to the death, where Saxon ultimately ended up decapitating Pendrake and winning me an achievement prize, which I promptly spent on a Squire in honor of the game.

A bunch of my Nyss Hunters on the left flank die when Alexia2 runs in and acts as beacon for the Stormlances who hit her in the back and arc lightning into my Nyss, and Alexia2 isn’t immune to lightning so she takes a hit every single time but tanks it like a boss!

Scaverous reactivated the Reaper after Jarle killed Aiakos, which is something I’ve never done before in my five years of playing this game, and then Scaverous strode into melee threshering models left and right while bellowing and throwing out spells with all the souls he was gathering.

Okay I’m dead, wait what!?

I thought I was going down at one point when baby-Haley was in melee range of Scaverous, but instead Jarle drops both Haleys, put Arcane Shield on main Haley and runs her screaming to the other side of the table, then wraps almost his entire army around her… I was laughing so hard and it was a brilliant move.

Scaverous going for the moral victory – and some bonus CP

I was behind on CP and with no way through the masses I couldn’t contest, so instead I went for the moral victory. Scaverous walks in, uses some TKs and Threshers another four models trying to clear the middle flag, but the Reaper can’t seal the deal despite being fully loaded, but Saxon Orrik runs in to score me a point, while the WSC turns his charger into a Stalker who manages another kill to score me some additional army points as well.

I could easily have cleared the flag with Telekinesis, but I would be damned if Scaverous wasn’t going to set a new personal record for most souls in a game, so he went in there and killed them all instead – like a real man – acting completely in the spirit of the game.

Result: Scenario loss (Stupidity / Dice)

Solo tournament: Game 3 Vs. Krueger2

Properly inspired by the game against Jarle I drop Scaverous into Krueger2 with Druids, because who better to beat up the greatest anti-magic unit in the game but a guy who relies on offensive spells for everything!

Flanking like a boss!

I flank Scaverous like a boss with no clear plan except that he needed to be able to get behind the house to avoid being druid-dragged to his doom. I run the Nyss full speed as I need to be within 14″ of the Druids the following turn, so I can walk and shoot them even with Storm Wall up.


It worked WAY better than expected. He accidentally puts his one Stalker to far up and and I not only get to CRA half the Druids to death I also manage to get Snapjaw on the Stalker with TK, but he fluffs his rolls sooo badly and I need to send in the Reaper as well. Reaper finishes the job but now I’ll lose two heavies for his one.

He moves up Megalith and his Stalker to kill my heavies which he does, and then uses Una and her Rotterhorns to nuke all my Mechanithralls. I think he cheated – unintentionally – here as I don’t think they can run and scream even with help from Una, but I don’t think he knows that, but he didn’t know that I could spawn Mechanithralls from my Skarlock Commander hiding behind the wall either.

All the pictures I took are useless due to to the lighting at the table, but I spawn six new Mechanithralls and along side Wrong Eye they annihilate Megalith, and since the Stalker is going to frenzy anyway I ignore him for a turn. Half my Nyss are dead but the rest charge in on the druids and roll well, wiping most of them out. I send in one Mechanithrall on Una which hits but then flubs damage and leaves her alive (no transfers).

From there on it was a grind, but ultimately he decides to push Krueger2 up to feat and begin dominating my flag, and I go for an assassination during his feat turn with Storm Wall up. It was quite epic, with Scaverous doing his Icy-Grip + Telekinesis on Krueger, then Ghost Walking the remaining five Nyss out of melee to shoot, and bringing up the Withershadow Combine to Dark Fire. Krueger2 goes down with two shots left in my arsenal.

Result: Assassination victory

Solo tournament: Game 4 Vs. Vayl2

Another Vayl2, bring out Skarre1! This one is non-tier with 20 Croaks and almost no magical weapons, so I ROFLSTOMP him as well, to the point were we did some lists dojoing afterwards to see if we couldn’t get a Naga in one of his lists for future games like that.

Turn 2

From turn 2 and on Vayl was surrounded by Ghost Raiders, on fire, and with her entire army locked down or dead. It was the worst beat down I’ve given anyone in years, and I won simultaneously on scenario and by chopping and burning Vayl to death with Ghost Raiders.

Result: Assassination & Scenario victory

Solo tournament: Results

I finished third and thus qualified for the invitational on Sunday, which left me in a jam because I really didn’t want to play in it. I’d had so much fun playing interesting games on Saturday and I wasn’t feeling the need to play serious games on Sunday – because I wanted to go drinking with the others, and I can’t do both.

In the end the beers decided for me, and I decided on playing Who’s the Boss on Sunday instead, which caused an avalanche of other drops as all the qualified Danes dropped and went drinking or played who’s the boss on Sunday (sorry organizers!).

There were plenty of people who wanted to be in the invitational but just didn’t quite make it though, so they got spots instead and everyone enjoyed themselves doing what they wanted. I played two hilarious games of who’s the boss and then we drove home, utterly sated but full of exceptional new energy. I also got a second achievement by turning Dynamo into a Seether, which allowed me to grab a Gun Mage Officer for my coming vacation with Cygnar.

Battle at Lund

I can’t really recommend it enough. Great place, great people, expensive but great beer, and I heard some of the others had a drinking game going where you had to drink every time someone complained about something being overpowered, which it seems ended in some severe hangovers on Sunday. I didn’t get to use the Sauna, but that will be a priority next time – assuming it’s the same venue. Fix up the food a bit and I would have given it 10/10, but 9/10 ain’t bad!

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  1. I just realized that two out of my three losses this weekend were against the two people who won all the solo tournaments.

  2. Thx for the reports!

    Forgot to share the lists?

    • I brought my Deneghra3 list and my Skarre1 Cavalry list. Both are found on the site. Saturday I brought a Scaverous list I mashed just mashed together, and Sunday I played Who’s The Boss.

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