Scaverous: That time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again where I dust off Scaverous all enthusiastically – believing that this time I’ll make it work – and then put him back in the drawer after roughly three to five games. The issue is that if I use all his abilities I time out, and if I don’t I might as well play another caster entirely. This time is unlikely to be different, but here we go!

Urgh that model…

I’m converting a model to replace that ugly Games Workshop reject, and even though I’ve been working on it for years I think this time I might finally finish it… well technically it IS finished, but it’s not painted yet which might as well be the same thing.

The foundation layers are drying while i write this

I really like Scaverous, and I’m fearsome with him when I have the time I need to think… without that time though, I’m absolutely pathetic. It sort of bothers me that I can’t think fast enough to abuse the toolbox kit he brings, but perhaps with some of the new releases I can abuse his rules without taking up precious time.

Specifically I’m thinking about Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius, as the combination of Telekinesis, Death Ride, and Assault on a Bloat can produce a truly amazing threat range (22 inches). I’m also thinking that a couple of Soul Trappers could turn the guy up to broken if they manage to snag him some souls on the turn before he feats.

I am having trouble putting together the actual list though. I know more or less what I want, but those annoying numbers keep adding up to more than fifty points, so for once I think I might have to live without Dark Shroud in the list, since Ragman is enlisted with Deneghra3.

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
Bane Riders (Leader & 4 Grunts)
Bile Thralls (Leader & 4 Grunts)
Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius
Bloat Thrall
Bloat Thrall
Darragh Wrathe
Skarlock Thrall
Soul Trappers (2 models)
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

It’s tiny at only twenty-two models but oh man the corrosion destruction could be epic. Deneghra3 will handle the inevitable croak spam, and maybe with this few models I’ll finally succeed at using his exceptional pallet of abilities without timing out.

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  1. I get excited everytime you tackle Scaverous. I can’t think of another caster with who it seems so hard to make the points fit. Getting a working list for him imo is up there with dealing with Hayley.

  2. Given that you’ve gone the Bloat package route, why double down with Bile Thralls? Maybe take Biles out and take the Excarnate option off the table (more likely to get you killed than not?).

    Gets you a min unit of Bane Thralls for extra ARM debuffing…

    Or Aiakos + Gorman (clouding for Scaverous to block LOS)…

    Or any number of other useful solos in combination.

    TL;DR – what’s the theory behind Bloats PLUS Biles and doubling down?

    • The Bloats are unlikely to survive until the late game. Three POW 10 hits do them in on average dice, and going second I would expect to launch one every turn, meaning I will lose 1-2 of them each turn depending on the number of long range guns I’m facing.

      I’ve done Excarnates without dying before, and especially on feat turn it’s only a two point drop in armor. Scaverous isn’t getting the insane threat ranges Asphyxious2 does, but Death Ride and TK can help quite a bit.

      With two heavies and a unit of cavalry I can’t afford to leave my opponent with massed infantry, and I don’t feel like the Bloat Boat can handle it alone. It’s possible I’ll change my mind, but for now I want all the corrosion.

    • actually biles + bloats is a good combo. It forces your opponent into an awkward position.

      If he stays where he is, he catches 3 pie-plates a turn. If he advances to deal with the bloats and he gets purged. Especially against melee-heavy armies this forces a lose-lose situation for your opponent.

  3. I think that Mobius with 2 Boats is too much, as he only can battle plan one of those 3 models. Maybe drop one Bloat for Gorman / Aiakos / WWS, …

    • He’s going to launch and lose one each turn, so think of it as Mobius with two spare rounds of ammunition. Those Bloats are going to die when they move up and fire, so currently I think it’s either none or all of them, but time will tell.

      There’s no such thing as overkill!

  4. Scaverous for the win!

    He is easily the coolest caster with the most incredible spell list, but writing a list for him is borderline impossible, he just never has enough points!

    However I think you might be on to something with the bloat thralls helping him with his low model count. Also I think maybe the satyxis gun mages might plug some gaps.

    He is still the holy grail of list design so good on you for manning up and taking a swing!

    How are you planning on positioning your bloat thralls? I assume you will send 1 in with assault every turn?

    • I only have one game with Mobius so far, but I’m thinking I keep them in the center so I can launch one when opportunity arises, like expensive cruise missiles with a theoretical chance of survival. I need more actual experience before I can say something for certain.

  5. I’m pretty bad with scaverous for a lot of the same reasons, but I’m definitely also excited about using Soul Trappers with him. Even 1-2 extra focus with him has crazy potential.

    Your conversion looks fantastic – can’t wait to see it painted! What are those, tyranid arms?

    • Yeah, I inherited a mates bits box when he quit 40.k in 2010, so I think it might be from a Ravener. I didn’t actually want them on the model, but conversion rules say I need to put a ‘scythe’ like weapon on him, and everything else looked silly, and so was born the Scavofex :D

  6. Scaverous had his first adventure. He faced Vayl2 and got rolled pretty badly, but my opponent overextended and I sneaked in a Snapjaw assassination. High DEF meet TK, Ghost Walk, critical KD and NOM NOM NOMS. I lucked out, pure and simple.

    Not having upkeep removal was shit! I have to make room for Blood Hag somewhere. Bloats were bad again, and Bile Thralls had Icy Grip on, so no corrosion doom this game either.

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