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Cygnar: First list

I have roughly two weeks to get my new Cygnar army ready for the next major tournament, which is the WTC qualifiers in which my team is there to make it an even number. I

Cygnar: Collection

Having received a care package from a friend I’m good to go on project ‘play Cygnar for next to nothing’.

Traitor to the cause: Cygnar on a budget

I’ve been considering a little vacation with Cygnar while we wait for the new Cryx releases to arrive, and during this weekends convention in Lund I won some Cygnar models. I decided then and there that now would be a good time to play Cygnar.

Battle at Lund: Convention report

I can’t really recommend it enough. Great place, great people, and expensive but great beer.

Battle at Lund: 2016

It’s time to invade Sweden again. This time Lund is hosting a convention style event with a bunch of different tournaments, including the Swedish Masters

Scaverous: Part 2

I’ve won a bit and lost some more, but crucially the build isn’t actually doing anything special. Time to go old school baby, yeah!

Scaverous: That time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again where I dust off Scaverous all enthusiastically – believing that this time I’ll make it work – and then put him back in the drawer after roughly three to five games.

Spotlight: Soul Trappers

Soul Trappers are some of the most interesting models I’ve seen released in all my years of serving the Dragon Father.