Going full moron: Part 2

So I’ve had a couple of games with my list and it has performed well above expectation, but then it IS run by Deneghra1. I’ve begun painting the models I need for the list, but I thought I should give you some updates on the interesting models.

  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders

These guys have been absolutely terrible, but also immensely entertaining and somewhat annoying for my opponents. I’ve lost track of the morale checks these guys have failed when ziplining into the enemy ranks, but with CMD 7 that’s to be expected. What I have learned is that these guys are the perfect gobbers for the aptly named gobber maneuver.

gobber maneuver

They can get in the strangest of places with their zipline, and warbeasts really don’t like getting -2 STR/DEF for a round with a free strike. Not only are they likely to fail at killing my heavies with -2 STR, but my surviving heavies will have an easier time killing them in return.

Light infantry will die to a lucky gobber as well, and their POW 10 guns have killed several important models. They don’t do anything against warjacks or heavy infantry, but they can use both as low DEF anchors for the zipline, and get to the juicy models behind (where they admittedly often fail to kill anything with their POW 6 attacks).

I’ve only really played them against Legion and Cygnar so I’ve yet to see their camouflage play any significant role in a game, but they’re almost as cheap as Mechanithralls so losing them is no big deal. The Advanced Deployment is quite interesting as well, but I really wish they had Pathfinder as they tend to hug a LOT of terrain.

  • Soul Trappers

They’ve been amazing. There are so many weird and wonderful things to shoot at in this list, and the only models that can really use the souls are themselves, Deneghra, and the Deathjack. These little dude have made all three of my heavies self powering, and grabbed a few kills themselves, because they’re mostly ignored.

  • Scrap Thralls

I have discovered the wonderful world of charging without using the special attack. You get to kill light infantry anyway, and if you miss you don’t automatically die and instead threaten free strikes with models that are really hard to safely remove. A year after I began using nine of these in almost every list I’m still finding little golden nuggets dropping out. Might be time for a spotlight soon.

  • Aiakos + Slayer Reaper

Initially I was running a Slayer on Aiakos but the Reaper really adds some shenanigans to the list. Dragging is quite reliable with a fully loaded Reaper on a target that is both Crippled and Withered, and the 13″ threat with Escort really turns the Reaper up to awesome. It has the usual issues ofcourse, but it’s the least threatening heavy in the list and I can feel it getting ignored quite a bit.

  • Rorsh & Brine + Razor Boar

Rorsh and Brine have done almost nothing in the games, but they haven’t died either, and their 14.5″ threat has been fantastic when applying pressure. The Razor Boar on the other hand… what a wondrous thing that pig is. In one game it killed two Shredders, and with Deneghras debuffs it can do some serious damage to anything rushing my lines. I have yet to use the Animus, but in theory in could add some new angles to a Brine missile.

The future!

No idea, but so far this has been insanely fun. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the Deathjack for once, as he has some free reign while the field is filled with flying gobbers and exploding undead. The Reaper can get him some kills without exposing him to danger (combined with the feat), and he’s been casting a lot of spells so he’s feeling quite a home.

If I’m still playing this list come March I’ll be subbing in Mobius and Bloats to replace the Bile Thralls (and one FA of gobbers), but until then I can keep blowing shit up with them, and I don’t much care how many of my own models get blown up in the process – if someone rushes my lines – because mine are cheaper than his.



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  1. I can’t help but feel this is the way the game should be played all the time.

  2. Good on you! That sounds like a fun list to play. I genuinly believe people play better and more interesting games with lists like these. As such I’ve decided myself to go full moron in 2016 and have cooked up the following creation that (literally) came to me in a dream:

    Max ogryn boarding party
    Max ogrun boarding party
    Withshadow combine
    Ogryn bokur
    soul trapper

    I’ve just converted my first leviathan with a serpentine body, very similar to denny3’s mount, and am utterly stoked about using them!


    The boarding party i will convert from ogryn gun corps from mercs and turn the guns into harpoon launchers and make them all piratey and cryxian.

    I personally love doing this because it means that my modelling choices are broadening my horizons in terms of army composition and play style.

    Keep up the good work you crazy list scientist!

  3. Got beaten down badly by Rahn. Not a great drop into gun lines!

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