Going full moron: Part 1

Earlier this evening I lost a game to Haley2, and if my opponent hadn’t been entertaining me – and supplying beers –  I think I might have been a bit bored. Now I don’t blame him one bit for fielding a boring list, because the game has become increasingly hard to win with interesting lists over the years (and he needed the training for the upcoming tournament season), but my list was sort of boring as well, and that just won’t do.

The Owl agrees….

When I got home I sat down and took a look at my collection, noting down all the models I think are really funny while being at least moderately useful on the table (and something I can be bothered painting), because now I’m going full moron for a bit!

  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders

I just purchased the remaining six models to field the full nine. These little guys are chaos incarnate, either doing absolutely nothing or zip-lining into the enemy ranks for complete activation sequence havoc, and free strikes on ranged models which are likely to fail because of the abysmal MAT/POW.

  • Soul Trappers

I’ve had a blast with these guys, killing models they had no business ever dealing with, and grabbing the odd soul for my casters in the process. I have the full Field Allowance of these guys as well, so in the list they go.

  • Scrap Thralls

What solo character hell would be complete without a full FA of Scrap Thralls. Blowing up on people, blowing up on my own people, getting thrown at people, or simply running in to jam in the late game, where you can’t even kill them without risking your own guys in the process.

  • Aiakos + Slayer

Because I haven’t forgotten my epic adventures with Slayers during last years Giant Fanatic tournament, and I need things with open fists to chuck Scrap Thralls at people.

  • Rorsh & Brine + Razor Boar

It’s been ages since the hogs have seen table time, and after owning a couple of razor boars for years I feel like it’s time one of them had some table time. It might also be nice having a transfer target that isn’t also your main damage dealing heavy.

  • Deneghra1 + Arc Node + Skarlock

At this point I’m going to have to pick the only caster setup with any shot at actually doing something with the above models. With so many turds to polish there’s only really Deneghra1, but this is a list which is supposed to not lose every game, so in they go.

  • Deathjack

I suck at Deathjacking, but with so many Soul Trappers in the list he might end up being quite good. I also need some punch in the list because even with the massed debuffs and feat this list hits like a wet sock… sort of unpleasant but no real danger. Now with the Deathjack it can roundhouse Colossals.

  • Bile Thralls

Because nothing is more fun than blowing a bazillion models to hell. I so rarely include Bile Thralls in my builds these days, which is most certainly a mistake that needs to be rectified.

Warwitch Deneghra
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
– Slayer
Swamp Gobber River Raiders (3)
Swamp Gobber River Raiders (3) / needs paint
Swamp Gobber River Raiders (3) / needs paint
– Brine
– Razor Boar / needs paint
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Soul Trappers (2)
Soul Trappers (2)
Soul Trappers (2)
Skarlock Thrall

It shall be glorious, it shall be stupid, and it shall probably lose at least half the games I play with it, but it shall not be boring! The list is subject to change after I get some some sleep of course, but for now I shall retire with a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that the next game will feature this look on my opponents face…


Atomic batteries to Lamoron, turbines to silly! Roger, ready to move out! I’ll report back once I get trashed by some Lylyth2 or Epic Cain.






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  1. I took it out for a spin against Thagrosh2 and won. The list is hilarious, with solo characters everywhere and three fully powered heavies.

    • Also, my Razor boar killed two Legion lessers… now who’s the lesser beast!

    • It was super bad, and I sucked a little bit :D The list presented so many problems that figuring out what to do was a bit hard. I’m really beginning to hate the scraps that just runs to engage and fucks everything up in the following turn :) Besides all that bad stuff that happened to me, it was a great game xD The heroic raiders breaking left and right, the pink boar and the naga that almost killed Denny one triple 6 post clock :)

      • Gotta love the Scraps… also, charging without using the special attack was surprisingly effective!

        • It is. Why blow up one of your models if nothing is in range for the explosion. It’s so much more trouble in my turn dealing with free strikes and having to remove blocking models or unjam my stuff. I’m really warming up for the scraps. When I get back to Cryx at some point, you have to force me to play them :D

          I think the soul trappers are quite good also. They can do some nice stuff (jam, block and power heavies) and force the opponent to deal with them, or suffer the consequences of a super focus powered caster.

          I’m not sure about the river raiders, but they might be cheap enough that they are a good investment. I like the idea of combining scraps, river raiders and black banes for maximizing the havoc and mayhem, but it might not be good :)

  2. Heh solo spam is the best! I had so much fun with it under Denny2 (pre-nerfs to her, Gorman and PW’s) and I know MidnightCarnival did something similarly bizarre with Denny1.

    But yeah laughs all round to be had with that list :)

  3. I’m considering finding a point and taking a Reaper on Aiakos instead. Less damage output and no throwing (but I have two other models that can throw) in exchange for more threat range and drag shenanigans.

  4. I think your mad but also a genius, the army is fracking crazy and on feat turn the opponent must just hate you.

    4″ AOE’s everywhere and goblins anywhere else.

    what can I apart from well done.

  5. Had another game tonight. The Reaper on Aiakos was great, though it was an easy matchup and thus not a great test.

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