Merry Christmas people!

A special shout out to Joseph for his Christmas donation, and to all you readers out there in the aether. It’s been a year of joyous experimentation, where almost every game was a great experience, and in which I won my second ever painting competition (due to lack of any serious competition). I didn’t really win anything else this year, but rediscovering the game I knew and loved more than made up for that little hiccup.

Christmas themed conversions

This year I began writing again. TheOverseer was declared all but dead for years while I spent all my time and energy on the WTC, and despite playing with/against some of the worlds best players my personal growth came to a grinding halt. I learn when I experiment and field silly lists, and when you dedicate yourself to something as huge as the WTC there’s just no room for that kind of shenanigans, so I put them aside and stagnated.

This year I began experimenting again. I made a list of the models I hadn’t used in years and decided I would put as many of them on the table as I could, in what ‘Chris’ dubbed the mighty “Fuck It” initiative of 2015, which I instantly adopted as it sounds a lot better than un-mothballing. Here’s a list of the models I put on the table in either serious games or actual tournaments:

  • Defiler
  • Harrower
  • Kraken
  • Leviathan
  • Nightmare
  • Nightwretch
  • Reaper
  • Ripjaw
  • Slayers (plural, I had 7 on the table at a tournament)
  • Wraith Engine
  • Bane Knights (I know, but I hadn’t used them for years)
  • Revenant Crew (Well, technically they’re going on the table just before new years eve, but that counts!)
  • Bloat Thralls
  • Rengrave
  • Slaughterborn
  • Necrotechs (plural, I had 7 on the table at once just last week)
  • Scrap Thralls
  • Steelhead Halberdiers
  • Steelhead Heavy Cavalry
  • Orin Midwinter

And that’s just all the old models. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a bunch of our new releases as well, like the hilarious Swamp Gobber River Raiders, Deneghra The Soul Weaver, and I finally discovered a way of using Goreshade (Lord of Ruin) without losing all my games. There are plenty of models left to try, but either I don’t own them or haven’t assembled them, so there should be more interesting builds in my immediate future.


I’ve attended theme tournaments, I’ve traveled abroad, and just this week the Russians unveiled their version of the team championship in February: … which I will attend if I can find a team willing to build silly lists and drink boat loads of vodka instead of trying to win (and finances allow it of course).

Thank you everyone who followed my adventures this year, and I hope the next years will have even more stuff that doesn’t suck… hell, I’ve even begun work on my first tactics article in years, so who knows where all this positivity can lead!? MERRY FUCK-IT CHRISTMAS people!



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  1. Your “silly lists” sometimes make our players cry.

  2. Your welcome dude

    Joseph ;)

  3. Merry Christmas. It’s nice having a place to read about silly lists and projects again :) hope to see you soon so I can give you some models :)

    • I’m glad that you rediscovered your love of WM/H this year. What you call “silly lists” is, I think, what makes this game great… you can play what you like and still have a competitive game.

      Merry Christmas! This blog has been a consistent favorite for a lot of years – I hope you keep writing it for many more.

  4. I started Warmachine in 2012 with your Terminus list having read the majority of your articles up to then. To say that I’m a fan of your work and that you’ve been a major inspiration on my play is putting it lightly, so this past year has been absolutely delightful to read. Your love of the game has become apparent in the way that you’ve written, the lists that you’ve made, and the comments you’ve said. It’s nice to have the good inspiring silly Lamoron back. Here’s to a joyful 2015 and an enlightening 2016! And above all else, fuck it all!

  5. With one year of W/H experience, being a competitive yet “these are my lists look at me I’m special” wannabe, you have been a major source of pleasure and inspiration this year.
    I like the way you have found YOUR ‘i’m competitive yet I have fun’ middle ground.
    Hoping that one day i’ll buy you a beer and listen to your viking stories.
    Keep up the great work and happy new year :)

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