The Soul Weaver: Part 4

Please excuse spelling and inconsistencies, but I’ve got an early – and long – day tomorrow and I thought you might live with some errors instead of waiting two days for it. I had my first game with the actual Deneghra3 model, and I can’t believe how absurdly large the model is, and those wings are epicly inconvenient as they catch on sleeves and get in the way of accurate model placement, but she looks so bad-ass I almost don’t mind!

Denghra, the Soul Weaver
– Deathripper
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Ogrun Bokur
Swamp Gobber River Raiders
2 Soul Trapper
2 Soul Trapper
2 Soul Trapper
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

The list has eight points that are not part of the core build. In the future when the Inflictor arrives – fingers crossed for 2016 – I’ll rebuild around two of them, but for now the list has the following choices that are not locked in.

  • Gorman (2)
  • Ragman (2)
  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders (2)
  • Soul Trappers (1)
  • Soul Trappers (1)

This time I went with the build above, simply because I wanted all the newly painted models on the board. Stephan – our local WTC Cygnar player – has taken up Cain2 in preparation of the coming ADR season, and last time we fought he lost when Eiryss missed Deneghra on a 6+ roll, so he was eager for some payback.

Captain Allister Caine
– Ol’ Rowdy
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Journeyman Warcaster
Lieutnant Allison Jakes
– Centurion
Professor Victor Pendrake
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
Savio Montero Acosta

The list is a work in progress as well, but it’s interesting because it’s so very unlike the Cygnar lists I’ve designed my list to face, but still reliant on shooting to gain the upper hand (Cain2 killing ungodly amounts of infantry every turn). I went first and deployed in an attempt not to over-commit as I often do on Incursion.

I run up, and the picture is half-way through his first turn

Neither of us have committed a lot of models to my left flag, but the Boomhowlers are in range if I commit my Nyss to wiping them out, and I semi-out-threat Ol’ Rowdy with Snapjaw on the flank, so I decide to see if I can bully the middle while clearing the left, and hopefully keep him from scoring to much on the right.

After my turn 2, and Acosta has just used his vengeance

I lose one River Raider to Cain since he was deployed in the wrong spot, but potentially Cain could have missed because DEF 18 is a lot when he needs to put up heightened reflexes. I move up the WSC and try a couple of Dark Fires on the front Boomhowlers and one fails tough.

I activate Deneghra, grab the soul of the WSC and use it to ride-by Mortality the remaining boomies, then kill half of them with Nyss Hunters. Again I forget that Acosta get’s a full move – not 3″ – when his vengeance procs, so he’ll be coming down my lines with his silly 17.5″ threat range.

My turn three

The Rangers + Cain + Centurion clears (and breaks) the Nyss, so I’m going to be behind on points for now if he can clear out Malevolus. He jostles for position on my left flank with Pendrake moving in to contest, and Holt gunning down some Soul Trappers. I have the upper hand in the threat range dance over there though, and I ran Gorman into position, so the next turn will be bad for him. Acosta chooses to nuke Malevolus which frees up the right flag, so he ends the turn up on points, but rather that than him spiking damage and killing Snapjaw.

I managed to collect a couple of souls on Soul Trappers who survived, so I load up two Helldivers to help on the left flank. One tried for a slam on Holt into Aiyana but missed, but since it has one more focus it tried a regular bite and manages to kill Holt anyway. The second Helldiver eats Pendrake with a focus to spare, and the left flag is mine. I have two burrowed Helldivers on the right flank, but this round I choose to run in a single Soul Trapper to stop him from scoring on my turn as well, instead of trying to keep him from scoring at all, and losing my main pressure points over on that flank.

I move in the two remaining WSC members to try and clear Acosta and the Boomhowlers from the middle flag, and though Acosta survives and moves away the Boomhowlers break to Terror which makes the flag MUCH easier to grab. I run up my Bokur to score instead of spending a Helldiver doing it. I measure my control area and find out that Ol’ Rowdy is a wee bit out of range for Snapjaws bite, and I ponder how to deal with ARM 23 Rowdy (Arcane Shield) when I notice that he’s pretty far from Cain.

I grab my balls and decide that he’s out of range, so I can move up Gorman and Black Oil the bastard. Snapjaw charges up and tail slaps him a few times but no KD, while Ragman moves into position for Death Field. It’s looking pretty good for me, especially because Eiryss ran away from the right flank Helldivers like the wee cunt she is. I score two points ending the turn on a 2-1 score.

He cleans the right flag again, rallies the Boomhowlers, while a combination of Acosta and the Rangers clean up the WSC. He runs in Aiyana to contest, and moves Ol’ Rowdy down to contest the middle (he was out!). I still have two Gobber River Raiders in his lines but they’re not breaking ARM or hitting DEF 14. I used them to zipline into Ol’Rowdy and prevent a counter charge, but that was pretty much it. He ends the turn on a 2-2 score. I obviously should have taken more pictures, but it always slips my mind when the game gets interesting. Cain is hiding out behind the fences, but Eiryss runs into position for a shot at Deneghra the following turn.

Pictures again means I’m winning now!

It’s feat turn. I juice up the left Helldiver with a soul and it kills Aiyana so that’s another point for me, and I juice up the middle Helldiver (by his thumb on the picture) and it eats Eiryss so I’m pretty safe against the assassination attempt. I kill Gorman with two Nyss who rallied last turn, and contest his flag with two more. I activate Death Field, Rust Bomb, and Mortality on Ol’ Rowdy and Snapjaw eats him. Wrong Eye can’t hit Acosta so he walks away again, and I mess up so Wrong Eye only has one transfer. I can’t clear the middle flag but I’m up 3-2 on scenario, so he has to do something drastic or lose the next round.

Acosta annihilates Wrong Eye so Snapjaw goes bye bye as well – which I could easily have avoided – but Stephan does some math. Even if he clears the middle flag as well (doable since Deneghra doesn’t contest) he’ll be at four, and all I have to do is clear the left and middle to win, which should be doable with a 13 focus Deneghra3 (grabbed some more souls) and four Helldivers, or he goes for a long-shot assassination.

He oohs and ahhs a bit, then decides to assassinate which he regretted afterwards as he could have made me work more for a victory, and I was down to about ten minutes on the clock so you never know. I’m not sure it would have worked, but assassinating and failing (she took three damage in total) was not the way to go. Four Helldivers is amazing pressure. He had to keep Cain down behind the fences, and he lost both the key models he needed to assassinate me (Eiryss & Aiyana) to them, and almost lost his Journeyman Warcaster as well (slightly out of range to assign on feat turn).

List musing

The list does fuck all on the first two or three turns, but when those Helldivers arrive and apply pressure the opponent has to deal with them, and that means playing weird setups and moving in counterproductive ways. It’s like having really slow ranged attacks that take several turns before arriving, but your opponent knows they’re coming and he knows they’ll be fully loaded and probably assisted by Mortality.

I don’t think I can really express how much I love having four of them. There’s absolutely nowhere to hide from them after turn three, and if they gather in a pod they can bring down some big game (took down Ruin in my last game). I do think I could probably spend some of the floating points in the list a bit better. Ragman and Gorman are great, but the River Raiders probably belong with Deneghra1, and six Soul Trappers was just unnecessary. I think I might try spending three points on something else next time, but four Helldivers will have to be enough!

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  1. Three points is of course nine Scrap Thralls. They might not be brilliant against Cygnar, but they’ll open up more good match-ups in general, and they add some more fun to the list as well.

    • And even if they aren’t the most effective at killing things against Cygnar, a bullet spent on a Scrap Thrall is a bullet not spent on a Soul Trapper. Thanks for the battle report.

  2. Do you find you need the Arc Node in the list?

    • Yes. I don’t usually need it, but it’s a highly effective pressure point because Deneghra3 can pop’n’drop with the Nyss Hunters. Sure it’s not a -5 ARM swing like D1, but KD and -2 ARM is still enough to make most casters consider staying somewhere safer.

  3. Also, do you miss the Skarlock at all? Thanks!

  4. I will highly recommend one Siren in the list cuz she has so many applications.

    1) She offers ONE valuable focus point for the arc node to run.

    2) She let the burrowed out helldiver to GAIN one focus point within 5” of Eiryss so the jack can eat her.

    3) She can seduce somebody else to try to kill Eiryss.

    4) She’s stealth, has a 8” spray, and everything we’ve already known.

    But yes the scrap thralls you mentioned are awesome. Can’t wait to try them.

  5. How do you feel about the Legion matchup? I see a lot of the Vayls in me local meta.

    • Lylyth2 will blow her off the table. Vayl1 seems doable but Vayl2 would be somewhat uphill. Being a huge Base which relies on spell defense to survive is generally a bad idea against Legion.

  6. Really liking the Denny3 post and think this list is going in a good direction. Excited to see some more play testing with it… I have tried to proxy Denny3 in the past and haven’t really be able to nail down a list that I liked with her, but the 4 helldivers + WE&S seem like a lot of fun, and it would be fun to be able to move up and not get shot off the table every game :P Plus I am always looking for anything to give me a chance against Cygnar.

  7. Have you ever considered sliding in a Wraith Engine in your Denny3 list?

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