The Soul Weaver: Being a Battle Engine


It occurs to me that I need to brush up on some rules for being a Battle Engine Cavalry model, and you guys might as well come along for the ride. I don’t have much experience with Battle Engines, so please please correct me if I’ve gotten something wrong here!


The first thing we’ll look at, is how terrain affects The Soul Weaver, besides the obvious issues of maneuvering a huge base around, failing to reach melee because of linear obstacles, or that one model that just won’t die where you want to land.

The Soul Weaver never gains the DEF bonus from concealment, cover, or elevation.

We’re stuck with her basic DEF, with the notable exception of Grave Wind adding +2. At this time we have no models in Cryx with the ability to increase her DEF further, but if we ever get one it’ll be amazing.

Cloud effects and forest terrain do not block line of sight to The Soul Weaver

The enemy will be able to shoot you when and where he wants. Obstructions technically blocks line of sight if they’re large/tall enough, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an obstruction of the size needed to block for her (Battle engines are considered to be 5″ tall)

Pathfinder & Flight

The Soul Weaver can advance/charge through terrain and obstacles, obstructions, and other models. This alleviates some of the problems she has with maneuvering her big-ass base, but not enough to make it easy. My card has a funny typo, and she can also advance through ‘ructions‘ if that ever comes up


The Soul Weaver has several issues related to targeting, but also a few nifty things going for her because she’s cavalry as well. Most Battle Engines have issues with fields of fire, but none of Deneghras weapons are marked as belonging to one field of fire, so she should be good there.

A model targeting The Soul Weaver does not suffer the target in melee attack roll penalty.

Still stuck with your basic DEF then, even when swarmed by enemy troops. This also means that a model missing her never rerolls against models in melee, that attack just misses completely, and finally the Soul Weaver can be targeted by CRA attacks while in melee (ouch).

Tall in the saddle

Cavalry models ignore intervening models with bases smaller than their own when making melee attacks. This means she can hit across anything up to and including large bases, and if your target is in base contact with a large base model (1.96″) she can hit the target across it. This makes it very hard to hide from her, especially when combined with…


Flight allows to ignore intervening models while charging. If flight has been shut down she also has Cavalry Charge, which allows her to ignore models with bases smaller than her own when declaring charges, so there’s some redundancy there which might come in handy some day.

Cavalry charge

The Soul Weaver get’s a juicy +2 to attack rolls on the charge attack, which makes her almost accurate enough to land an attack without resorting to spells. This is easy to forget, but it’s a nice bonus when you’re only making one melee attack besides your…

Impact Attacks (Mount)

Not easy to abuse but a huge base can REALLY get that Impact Attack to hurt if your opponent messed up placement, or if you’re playing her with a Colossal and your opponent just killed it with non-reach models. Remember that flying allows her to continue her charge, even if the impact attack fails to kill the models, as long as she has enough movement left to make it across (apply Ghost Walk to avoid the free strikes where necessary).

Various abilities

Finally we have a bunch of rules that didn’t really fit in the other two main areas. Predeployment is one of them of course, and so far I’d recommend placing her centrally as her high speed allows her to relocate quite easily.


The Soul Weaver cannot be slammed, pushed, thrown, knocked down, or made stationary. This is pure gold and without this rule she’d be unplayable, but a lot of the crazy assassinations in this game just won’t work. DO NOTE that she can be placed, so watch out for that Telekinesis. This also allows her to cast Scourge on models she’s engaged with and not worry about knocking herself down.


Friendly Faction models can repair her. In my experience a caster doesn’t usually take damage until they take all of it, but in the event of a failed assassination attempt you can repair her which is pretty cool. You can also heal her, so theoretically she can go from 1 box to perfect health in one turn if you have enough Necrotechs, Neurosurgeons, or other models that can repair her.

Ride-by Attack

Is a bloody awesome ability. You declare it at the beginning of it’s normal move, the model then makes a full advance and can halt its movement at any point to make its combat action. Do not resolve abilities that trigger when the model ends its normal movement at this time. After it ends its combat action, the model resumes its movement. Therefore, a model making a ride-by attack triggers end-of-action effects before end-of-normal-movement effects.

Walk into range and spray or fire some spells, then walk back out of charge range. Walk back out of annoying auras – like Orin Midwinter – to cast, then walk back into the zone and score. Walk up and hit some peeps guarding the flag, then walk in to score on it, and a thousand other interesting applications. This also helps her manage that huge base of hers, and can prevent things like counter charge and watcher.

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  1. Neurosurgeons can’t heal her. Battle engines are not warrior models.

  2. Neldar is right. On the plus side, she can still heal herself along with being repaired.

    And coming from personal testing with the dragon lady, a ride-by attack is what you’re going to be doing about 90% of the time. Cast Mortality from 14″ away and still be safe. Ride over to use a soul to allocate some focus before going elsewhere. It’s not quite light cav rules, but at SPD 9, it’s damned close.

    • Agreed on the ride-by attack. It’s a great ability for all cav models, but cavalry casters make especially good use of it (especially the ones that aren’t melee focused).

      I used to play Kraye quite a bit, and pretty commonly ended up doing a ride-by every turn after T1.

      • Same here. I just really wish her spray attack was RNG 10 instead of 8 (a bit more RAT wouldn’t hurt either) so she could at least spray where she debuffs.

        • I wish her dragon monster did something that actually gave her a reason to get within 8″.

          “Oh my, Mr. Dragon, what large teeth you have! Too bad they are completely worthless…”

  3. Remember.
    Bokur. Because inflictors dont exist!

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