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On the subject of theme forces

Initially I thought Theme forces were a great idea, but that’s because I – and presumably everyone in charge – failed to see the consequences of these theme forces.

The Soul Weaver: Part 5

I’ve come to realize that most of the current list isn’t really doing anything. In general the list just dicks around and tries to not get Deneghra killed until the Helldivers arrive.

Battle of Lund: Experience

Now that my cold has resided to manageable levels it’s time to report on my trip to Lund.

Battle of Lund: 2015

The tournament is close(ish) to home despite being in Sweden, and it seems to be growing – with next year promising to be a convention style tournament – so I made it a priority to attend.

Lord of Ruin: Once more into the breach

Screw you internet wisdom, I don’t need you. I’ve tried a whole bunch of Goreshade3 builds with abysmal results, no scratch that… horrible fucking travesty covers the experience more accurately.

The Soul Weaver: Part 4

Tonight I had my first game with the actual Deneghra3 model. I can’t believe how absurdly large the model is!!!

The Soul Weaver: Being a Battle Engine

It occurs to me that I need to brush up on some rules for being a Battle Engine Cavalry model, and you guys might as well come along for the ride.

The Soul Weaver: Part 3

The package arrived yesterday and I spent all day drilling and putting together models.

Un-Mothballing: 8

With the announcement of Active Duty Roster – season 3 – I find myself reaching for Skarre2 again. I’ve done some more reading on her spells and abilities, but there’s no substitute for in-game experience.