Active Duty Roster: S3

The Active Duty Roster for season three is up, and there’s some serious shit going down this time. It’ll be a hard season for Cryx, despite some really good choices in our lineup, so let’s take a little tour through the factions.

The fuck were you thinking PP!

  • Cygnar: Stryker2, Cain2, Haley1, and Nemo3

So what do you drop against Cygnar this season? The obvious answer was on twitter within hours, and it’s ‘the idea of going undefeated this tournament’. Cain2 with ADR is a tall order, but Haley1 with ADR is impossible against a competent opponent. I just about had an answer ready for Haley1 with my Deneghra3/Skarre2 setup, but for the duration of this season there’s nothing to do.

Tough, but not impossible

  • Menoth: Kreoss2, Feora2, Severius1, and High Reclaimer

While not as bad as Cygnar this lineup is more trouble for Cryx. Kreoss2 and High Reclaimer both have anti-Cryx tech, so even people playing the ‘poor’ choices on this seasons ADR will have tech against us, and Severius1 is among the worst match-ups I feel we have in Menoth.

Urgh, Zerkova2

  • Khador: Vlad1, Sorscha1, Irusk2, and Zerkova2

Zerkova2 is going to be a nightmare, and Vlad1 can be built against us. This setup might be doable, but it’s not going to be easy either, since I suspect Zerkova2 will be in almost every ADR setup. I’ve only faced her once, but she’s a doozy.

Not bad at all

  • Cryx: Skarre2, Deneghra3, Goreshade3, and Mortenebra

It’s something we can work with. My setup will most likely be Skarre2/Deneghra3 which I was already planning, so it’s just added bonus for me. It’s a solid setup but the lineups from the other factions make it less of a treat.


  • Retribution: Thyron, Rahn, Issyria, and Vyros1

Issyria is annoying but that’s about it. Thyron, Rahn, and Vyros1 are all manageable in an equal skill game, and Deneghra3 is a solid drop against all of them.

Same as usual

  • Convergence: Aurora, Axis, Lucant, and Syntherion

Not much to say as they don’t have a lot of variety in their setups.

No biggie

  • Mercenaries: Bartolo, Exulon, Durgen, and Fiona

I’ve actually never played against Cephalyx, so I hope I’ll see some this season, but nothing her except maybe Bartolo seems problematic, and it’s still a match-up where I’d bet on Cryx.

No ADR for you

  • Trollbloods: Borka, Grissel1, Madrak2, and Gunnbjorn.

No ADR for Trollbloods this season, except maybe some old-school MMM setups with Grissel/Madrak.

Nor for you…

  • Circle: Kromac1, Baldur1, Mohsar, and Krueger1

No ADR for Circle this season I think.

Nor you…

  • Skorne: Hexeris2, Makeda3, Zaal2, and Morghul1

I could see Makeda3 making a comeback, but I don’t see what she’s supposed to be partnered with.

Dear Zombie Jesus… halp!

  • Legion: Rhyas, Vayl1, Lylyth2, and Absylonia2

Da’fug is Lylyth2 doing on that list. That’s a really nasty setup they have there. This needs some more pondering but it could turn out nasty for everyone.

Pigs are sad, gators are happy

  • Minions: Helga, Arkadius, Rask, and Calaban

So Rask/Calaban will be a thing, while the pigs can keep on dreaming about battle engines they’re not getting either.

Fuck me

Legion, Cygnar, Menoth, and Khador will be hard this season, with Cygnar being a road block you can only really pass if they decided against bringing Haley1. Cain2 with ADR is incredibly flexible as well, so here’s to hoping most Cygnar players will default to solving Cryx with him instead (Stryker2/Cain2 setup), as he’ll simply be very hard instead of impossible. If ever there was a season to explore other factions it’s this one my brothers, because headaches will be had by all who serve the dragon father.

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