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Active Duty Roster: S3

The Active Duty Roster for season three is up, and there’s some serious shit going down this time. It’ll be a hard season for Cryx, despite some really good choices in our lineup, so let’s take a little tour through the factions.

The Soul Weaver: Part 2

I’ve had a couple of more games with The Soul Weaver – all of them against Cygnar – and all of them were very very narrow wins. The list has serious potential, but it also has some serious issues I need to deal with.

The Soul Weaver: Part 1

So this article turned out to be more about the state of Cryx as a whole, but I do manage to talk about Deneghra at the end!

Looking ahead: 2016

I’m optimistic about the coming year of warmachine, and while it might not be another year of ‘fuck it’ I learned much from this one (on a personal level), and I hope to have just as much fun.

Un-Mothballing: Part 7

I can’t do it, cheating on Cryx just feels so wrong!

Giant Fanatic 2015

This weekend I participated in the best tournament I’ve had in years: Giant Fanatic 17