Un-Mothballing: Part 4

I’ve had a couple of games with the different versions of the Skarre2 list. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m going to bring her to Giant Fanatic in two weeks. I didn’t feel like I was lacking focus without Aiakos, and I didn’t feel like I needed an Arc Node all that much, so here’s one last look over the list.

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast
– Deathjack
– Kraken
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader & 5 Grunts)
– Satyxis Blood Hag
Bloat Thrall
Bloat Thrall
– Scrap Thrall
– Scrap Thrall
– Scrap Thrall
Raluk Moorclaw
– Buccaneer
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Skarlock Thrall

The Bloat Thralls have been consistently awesome, and in my last game against Thyron they wiped out an entire unit of Mage Hunter Infiltrators. They’ve shot Bane Riders (hilarious with Black Spot on them), Druids (hooray for Corrosion damage), and one even blew up on Ghetorix (and I rolled 11 on the damage).

The Scrap Thralls have been spectacular. I’ve run them in and killed them myself, thrown them at things, threatened free strikes with a model my opponent couldn’t kill (without losing the very models he needed to free up), and when my opponents have laughed, because they were immune to blast damage, I’ve just charged in and rolled high enough to kill him with a good old fashioned bashing instead.

Having three Necrotechs behind my Kraken, and Death Ward on it, makes it really tough for an opponent to deal with. I still don’t get 19 points worth of work out of it, but I’m getting better every game, and Black Spot is sooo much fun (also in melee against models that are not living, or if it’s full on tokens). Deathjack still dies every time, but he usually manages to lure out the thing that was going to kill the Kraken, after which the Kraken can win me the game.

The Satyxis Blood Witches are great as always. I really wish I didn’t need them in the list, but having an upkeep spell on your Colossal, or having THE Black Spot turn foiled by Tough checks, is just annoying. This just leaves me with two choices (one really) to play around with: Raluk Moorclaw & Jack the Jack. It’s not that they’re bad, and they look really amazing on the table, but they’re not really good either, and five points is a lot to play around with.

Now I could find some really good options to spend those points on, but none of them are really mothballed (or available) at the moment. Bile Thralls would add more things that explode, Necrosurgeon + Mechanithralls would give me both healing and resurgence, and more Blood Witches + Saxon would give more raw power, but that seems like cheating on the whole concept so team Raluk is going anyway… fuck it, it’s just the biggest event in Denmark anyway!


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  1. I’m all for the mighty “Fuck It” initiative of 2015. Continue to inspire us Lamoron! And I hope you get to find plenty of use for your Buccaneer, it’s a fun janky kind of model that does well under a jack marshal.

    • They’re either a huge success or an epic failure (last game the Buccaneer failed to kill a Scrap Thrall with back strike bonus)…. roughly 50/50 :D

      • Wow, thaaaaat’s pretty bad. I will admit, I don’t think that my Buccaneer has ever actually killed anything. But being able to toss a net that ignore target in melee penalties has its distinct advantages. I think my best use was to knockdown a heavy with reach that was tying up an annoying number of my models, letting them disengage without taking free strikes and go be annoying somewhere else. That’s less of a factor in your list with less infantry, but it’s something at least.

        • It was an epic game for scraps though. I failed the assault shot and charge attack on it, and my opponent had a fully fuelled Griffin that couldn’t kill another one of them.

          The following turn he had to clear one away from three Halberdiers whom all promptly died to blast damage. Then I ran a Scrap into a group of Infiltrators but both Bloats missed it, then one had the perfect scatter and killed 8 of the Infiltrators.

  2. Hi mate.

    I love your take on my favorite caster :) I have been following silently the last couple of weeks, while your Skarre2 list took form.
    I feel compelled to advice you though – you can´t do without an arc node! Trust me – I have been there and tried it. The true strength of Skarre2 is her versatility and a lot of it comes from spells. Backlash, blackspot and perdition. Without an arc node you loose your flexibility and let it be up to your opponent to choose if you should be allowed to casts these spells. Does not work for me :)

    Just my 2 cents.

    • I guess I could change Raluk & Jack into a Defiler… that’s super mothball for me (or a Ripjaw… probably a Ripjaw!). I’ll think it over.

      • Dude’s right man you need an arc node.
        Defiler or night wretch and blackspot is amuseballs.

        • But I’ve had no trouble clearing massed infantry, so I think an AP bite might be more handy in the long run.

        • Defiler is indeed pretty glorious. RAT 7 when vaping Black Spot targets (boost after rolling as well, with Seas), and of course the second shot. Also, if nothing else, it’s a good way to murder your own scraps when they’re engaged, because it’s a spray.

          • But yeah I could see some uses for the Ripjaw too. Using Admonition/Perdition to position for some amazing lockdowns could be very funny, and I think he shores up the ARM cracking a little bit as well. Tough call…

          • The Ripjaw is perhaps the mothballiest model I own, and I have a bunch of things that like Black Spot on their tagets already, so I’ll try him out first as I think I can squeeze in 1-2 more games before the event.

  3. Ripiaws belong with Scavernous and PGaspy
    Scav becuse TK lock down is hilarious
    Gaspy becuase a brigade of AP is what he does best.

  4. I love this list! What are you planning to pair it with??

    • For now it’s going to be matched with some boring Deneghra1, but I’m considering a last minute switch to something more interesting (no idea what, but I have two weeks to ponder the issue).

      • Might I suggest you try out an arc node and a Necrosurgeon in the Skarre list during those two weeks then? It will mean losing some combination of Necrotechs and Scrap Thralls, but those two pieces have saved me so many times when playing Skarre2 that I consider them to be compulsory picks.

        • In fact; just drop Raluk, his Buccaneer and the Skarlock Thrall in exchange for a Defiler/Ripjaw and a Necrosurgeon. With Deathjack and an arc node you will have less need for the Skarlock anyway. And Necrosurgeon > Skarlock with Skarre2 in my opinion, anyway.

          • I guess I could drop the Skarlock for a Necrosurgeon, but in no game have I actually needed it. The Skarlock reapplies one upkeep, and I have no trouble taking 1-2 damage during a game if I can’t find that single focus…

          • The way I look at it (in quite simplistic terms), the Necrosurgeon & Skarlock Thrall both effectively allow you to upkeep a spell for free (Skarlock by re-casting the spell, Necrosurgeon by healing the damage taken to upkeep the spell). Necrosurgeon wins because it can also heal damage taken during the Feat; and is more survivable as it plays further back, and has Sac Pawn.

          • Skarlock can reapply spells that are removed or spent, which the Necrosurgeon can’t. I’ve had the Skarlock apply Black Spot which the Necrosurgeon can’t, and I can have the Skarlock farther away since healing is B2B. Not saying you’re not on to something but the Skarlock has more to offer than you let on :)

          • You are quite right, of course. Hence my ‘simplistic terms’ disclaimer. My personal experience is that I have gotten more mileage out of the Necrosurgeon, particularly as Deathjack can fulfil the Skarlock’s role if absolutely necessary.

      • I’m not sure I’m really feeling the Skarre2-Deneghra1 pairing. It feels a little like you are pairing a list which uses spells to enhance shooting (Deneghra1) with another list that uses a spell to enhance shooting (Black Spot with Bloat Thralls & Kraken). No temptation to bring a more melee-orientated list to pair with Skarre2?

  5. More interesting?
    Nothing beats using Mortenbra gunlines.

    • Now you’re just suggesting stupid ideas. Why not fill a Mortenebra list with mercenary infantry for all the synergy there is? The only useful things a gunline gains from Mortenebra are Overrun and Interface, and the latter only because you won’t be casting her spells because they don’t help a gunline. All this assuming you’re referring to a jack-based gunline. Spectral Steel turns into a boring +2 ARM and disengagement tool and Terminal Velocity, the thing that arguably makes Morty work in the first place, becomes useless.

      • It’s not stupid if they’re faction models… that feat round where every gun you have rerolls both attack and damage…

        • Sorry, I’ve been sick and apparently can type faster than I can think now. Is one turn of rerolled shooting worth it though? I can’t help but feel like the list is missing out on so much potential.

          • One turn of rerolled shooting in any other faction would be a resounding yes, but in Cryx… probably not. I’m going to try it when the Sepulcher arrives though, as those Desolator shots with another chance at Crit Paralysis… Mmmm tasty :D

    • I have been considering just that, but many of the models would overlap with the current Skarre2 project. It would be in faction guns and then as many Helldivers as I can borrow from the other attending Cryx players… still might do it, but my Mortenebra was taken apart so I could copy her parts with grey stuff molds.

  6. Out of interest, what would you consider to be an optimised Skarre2 list? You know, one that isn’t using mothballed pieces?

    • I’ve played Skarre2 before, but I never really ‘clicked’ with her, losing as many games as I won. That was with Satyxis Raiders, Nightmare, Blood Witches, and all the things that come highly recommended with her, so for me this is an optimized list!

      Common wisdom dictates some Satyxis Raiders and Nightmare instead of the Kraken, possibly with recursion or Blood Witches instead of the many exploding elements of this one, but since I never got it working I’m not the man to ask :D

      • I don’t think Nightmare is necessary, though Satyxis Raiders have been superb for me. I’m pretty far from being the best player around, but I have an 80% win record win the following list (only 10 games, mind). It’s designed to abuse Black Spot whilst offering the typical Perdition’d Deathjack assassination route. This includes a 2-1 record against very competent opponents at the UK National Masters, so I must be doing something right:

        – Deathjack
        – Leviathan
        – Defiler
        Max Satyxis Raiders & UA
        Min Bane Thralls & UA (Dark Shroud is my damage buff, I’m pretty poor at getting Ragman right)
        Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
        2x Pistol Wraith (Black Spot ensures they still do work, despite the nerf)
        Warwitch Siren
        Satyxis Raider Captain

  7. Lamoron: obviously a bit of a moot point, since it’s not even on the release schedule yet, but would you prefer a Sepulchre over a Kraken in this list? Or is it Kraken all the way?

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