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Un-Mothballing: Part 6

I thought a bit about how much fun I’ve had with twelve Scrap Thralls over the last month or so, and then thought about the sheer stupid fun I could have with three or four times that number.

Un-Mothballing: Part 5

Having locked in the Skarre2 list for Giant Fanatic I thought I was done, but every time I looked at my beloved Deneghra1 list I had doubts…

Un-Mothballing: Part 4

I’ve had a couple of games with the different versions of the Skarre2 list. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m going to bring her to Giant Fanatic in two weeks!

Un-Mothballing: Part 3

Asphyxious2 can sod off back to his drawer, but maybe it’s time to bring out Skarre2. I never really could get her to work in the old days, but she’s certainly amongst my mothballed casters!

Un-Mothballing: Part 2

Un-Mothballing is the bomb, and come October I shall attend Giant Fanatic with the newest un-mothballed list of doom and destruction!