Team-Tournament: Lunden (1)

Tomorrow we have our two vs. two tournament in Silkeborg. Each team consists of a veteran and a rookie, and I’m teamed up with a local Trollblood/Mercenary player (maybe rookie is the wrong word… casual player would be more accurate). I know there will be some players there I haven’t seen in a long time, and some new faces as well, so I’m really looking forward to it! The rules are as follows:

One 30 point list, split 15/15 between the two casters.
Only one feat may be used in a game (one for each side of course).

Originally we wanted to play Bartolo/Ossrum double Colossals, but since we can’t find an Earthbreaker we’ve had to revise the plan. Now we’ll be running an Asphyxious1/Bartolo setup, where I have to protect the Galleon while he blows them to hell.

Boom bitches!

Captain Bartolo Montador
– Galleon
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile

This setup is brutal, but with a grand total of three models in his list I’m going to have to pick up a lot of infantry. I decided on Asphyxious1 in case of enemy Colossals, and because Scything Touch is ‘friendly model’, so we can juice up that Galleon to silly levels of damage (not to mention Parasite on it’s targets for shooting combined with hot-shot).

Iron Lich Asphyxious
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Satyxis Blood Hag
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Scrap Thralls
Scrap Thralls
Scrap Thralls

So that’s 27 Cryx models which puts at an even 30 models combined, which is respectable for something that’s essentially a 35 point list and includes a Colossal. The Necrotechs can’t repair the Galleon but they can make more Scrap Thralls or tighten some bolts on the Deathrippers if needed.

We have anti-tough tech, upkeep removal, and some incorporeal models in case the enemy teams forgot to invest in magic weapons. Terrain is going to be an issue, but with points being so tight I didn’t want to splurge on Saxon in a list with only two relevant targets for him. High ARM shouldn’t be an issue with Scything Touch + Parasite, and high DEF should be easy to handle with the brutal number of boosted damage AoE attacks and Scrap Thralls.

The game plan is simply for the Galleon to wipe out whatever threatens it while I delay whatever is coming for it. If they’re not immune to knockdown we can use Bartolos feat to buy an additional turn of shooting, and if they are it’ll be up to Asphyxious to feat and annihilate as much of the enemy list as possible with spells and/or melee.

It’s going to be legendary!




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  1. Ouchies, another team is bringing Deneghra1/Goreshade3… that’s one nasty assassination right there.

  2. The tournament was amazing.

    Round 1: Bartolo/Asphyxious1 Vs. Rhyas/Thagrosh1
    – Scythean, Scythean, Carnivean, Seraph, Shredder and some support.

    The enemy team elected to go second which cost them the game. We ran up with everything we had, then they moved up, and then we jammed them with Incorporeal Blood Witches while using Bartolos feat which knocks you down after you move.

    They had nothing that could hurt us except a Seraph which tried a long shot assassination on Bartolo and failed. We scored in their turn, we scored in our turn, and then we discovered that they had a caster out of the kill box, so we won 5-0 without losing a model.

    Round 2: Bartolo/Asphyxious1 Vs. Haley1/Siege
    – Stormclad, Stormclad, Defender, Stormblades, and some support.

    This game took all of ten minutes. They talked a lot about avoiding my Breath of Corruption assassination, and then did the complete opposite so they ended up with a heavy right between the two casters, and just one focus on Haley1 to Arcane Vortex.

    We had to try it so we did, and Haley died to BoC assassination though Siege escaped relatively unharmed due to high ARM and camp. The Galleon walked up and blew the Defender to smithereens, so Siege was left with one jack and half a unit of Stormblades. After scratching his head for 15 minutes Siege conceded so we could all go have cake. Another game won without losing a model!

    Round 3: Bartolo/Asphyxious1 Vs. Issyria/Rahn
    – Battle Mages, Battle Mages, Hyperion, Chimera, MHA, Narn, and support.

    I informed Rasmus that this was his game to win, because I was going to get wiped of the table in short order, which I then was. We went first and ran up to use the scenario (incursion) to negate their melee threat advantage on Hyperion. I was pretty sure we could tank a charge from it with a Battened down Galleon, but why not try and gain an advantage first to make sure we could one-round it in return.

    I wasted our feat since I forgot about Issyrias Arcane Vortex so the Parasite attempt on Hyperion was foiled, but I blew up 4/6 members of a Battle Mage unit instead. Galleon engaged the Hyperion in a long range firefight across the center flag, which it slowly but steadily won because Hot Shot makes it silly…

    We cleaned up the flag on our right flank and I kept running in single scraps to score, and the Galleon took a break from blasting Hyperion to clean the center flag, which meant we were ahead 3-1 (they were scoring every other turn on the left flag. The Witches were wiped out by BMs, but we just had to clear two flags to win and they only had one thing capable of actually staying alive to contest, so they had to send Hyperion into Galleons melee range… it did not end well for Hyperion when Galleon has access to a +5 damage swing, earning us a point.

    With Hyperion down they had no hope of winning the attrition battle, but Bartolo kept camping two and casting Batten, so assassinating him was a stretch, and Asphyxious kept hiding down behind a forest, only coming out to cast and then teleporting back behind it. All we had to do was clear two BMs off a flag and running something in to score, and Galleon had a full load of focus to do it.

    5-3 scenario win for us, even though I only had Asphyxious and two Scrap Thralls left. I want a Hot Shot Galleon in Cryx… make with the Journeyman Warcaster that works for Cryx PP!!!

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