WTC 2015: Cryx lists

Last year I went through all the Cryx lists and using a broad spectrum of highly scientific methods I assigned them each a color. This touched quite a few people in their special place, and I even received some angry emails…

… here, have another one!

This year we’ll have the added fun of assigning them a ‘how screwed are you by the errata’ rating (SBE) from untouched (0) to unplayable (5), which will of course be just as scientifically well founded as the rest of the evaluations. Now without further ado… the lists! (all the lists can be found in this excellent little document)

  • Jeremy Lee, Team USA Stripes

Asphyxious3 and Deneghra2. The Asphyxious3 list might be standard but it’s a standard that has arisen quite recently (in Europe at least), so I was tempted to give him an Orange rating, but since his second list is a Deneghra2 Body & Soul list it’ll go Red instead. His Asphyxious3 list is strong so I think he can work around the errata, and his SBE is a modest 2/5.

  • Aaron Wale, Team Australia Platypus

Asphyxious2 and Deneghra2. The Asphyxious2 list has Orin Midwinter, and the Body & Soul list is bog standard. I think his main list is less flexible than Jeremy Lees so his SBE rating is an strong 3/5.

  • Andrei Ivanov, Team Russia Bears

Not getting drunk with the Russian is the only thing I regret about not going to the WTC this year. Andrei brings a Skarre1/Deneghra2 setup with fairly standard lists, but the Skarre list features Soulhunters instead of the third unit of Bane Knights, and the Deneghra2 list isn’t B&S, so I’ll hand him an orange here. SBE rating is a modest 2/5

  • Alexandre Maiffret, Team France Obelix

Skarre1/Deneghra1. A Skarre1 speed list with Soulhunters and a bunch of Satyxis, combined with a Trent Denison version of the Deneghra1 mercenaries list. The errata only affects two models in his lists, so it’s the lowest SBE rating of 1/5.

  • Kevin Aouragh, Team France Obelix

Asphyxious2/Deneghra2. A Body & Soul list, and a Asphyxious2 list which also includes Gorman. SBE 3/5.

  • Ryan Chiriboga, Team USA Stars

Come on guys, I need something interesting, not Skarre1/Asphyxious2. Skarre1 with 30 Knights and 30 Mechanithralls, combined with a completely standard Asphyxious2 list. SBE 1/5

  • Tom Guan, Team USA Stars

Deneghra1/Deneghra2 (B&S). Disappointing that a personality like this turns up with something so boring, even though his Deneghra1 list has Soulhunters. I probably would have given him an orange rating, but I’d expected more from a player with so much skill and creativity. I know it’s hard to justify bringing interesting lists when you’ve got a team depending on you, but I still hoped. SBE 3/5

  • Dorian Gordon, Team Spain South

Yes! Mortenebra/Asphyxious2. Even though the lists are both standard I’m awarding a green status simply because he’s the first player on the list to bring something interesting. SBE rating is low though Mortenebras two Warwitch Sirens will have a hard time locking down an enemy now. SBE 1/5

  • Raul Segado, Team Spain South

Deneghra2/Skarre1. The lists were close to achieving a green status, as the Skarre list is Satyxis spam but the Deneghra2 list has a Kraken and Nyss. I like the old school Deneghra2 list, but I think it’ll be way tough for him due to the errata. He can still drop Skarre1 into things so it’s a strong 3/5 SBE rating.

  • Andrew Kenny, Team Ukraine

Skarre1/Deneghra2 (B&S). 30 Knights, 30 Mechanithralls, and a standard Body & Soul list. SBE 2/5

  • Andrew Kenny, Team Germany Dichter Denker (Poet thinkers I think)

Deneghra1/Skarre1. Andrew manages an orange rating by including Croe’s Cutthroats + Orin Midwinter in his Deneghra1 mercenary list. SBE 1/5

  • Sascha Maisel, Team Germany Dichter Denker

Asphyxious2/Goreshade3. The Asphyxious2 list has Devils Shadow Mutineers but is otherwise standard, and the Goreshade3 list is a Kraken/Cavalry setup. SBE 1/5

  • Sami Suikki, Team Finland White

Asphyxious2/Deneghra1. Asphyious2 has double Bile Thralls but is otherwise uninteresting, and Deneghra1 has Satyxis Raiders instead of a second shooting unit, but still uninteresting. SBE is 2/5 because Deneghra1 brought Gorman, 2 WWS, and 2 PW.

  • Niko Ranta, Team Finland White

Deneghra2/Skarre1. Body & Soul and 30/30 Skarre… jesus christ. The bigger this tournament gets the more boring the lists become. SBE 2/5

  • Trent Denison, Team Australia Wombat

Trent gets a special color. He and I came up with basically the same list on the same day, so instead of coloring him red for bringing a standard Deneghra1 list I’ll have to color him purple because he invented it himself. The Skarre1 list is standard, so if he hadn’t invented it I’d color him red, but fair is fair and you’re allowed to play something you invented. SBE 1/5

  • Eric Liu, Team Middle East

Asphyxious3/Scaverous. Scaverous alone would get him a green in this company, but Asphyxious3 brought a Kraken. The Scaverous list is not that interesting, but it’s friggin Scaverous! SBE 1/5

  • Richard McCammon, Team Middle East

Skarre1/Goreshade1. Go team middle east, saving my day here! Skarre1 is what she is as usual, but bringing Goreshade1 to the WTC is just steel balls, and it’s a damn theme force as well! Four Stalkers, Nyss, and Banes. I hope he does well with this! SBE 2/5 because his Goreshade list will be missing those two control Pistol Wraiths.

  • Allesandro Montagnani, Team Italy Michelangeo

Asphyxious2/Goreshade3. Standard Asphyxious2 and Goreshade3 with a Kraken. Still more interesting than half the other lists. SBE 1/5

  • Carlo Piccini, Team Italy Michelangeo (reserve)

Deneghra1/Deneghra2. Deneghra1 with mercenaries and Deneghra2 B&S. No surprises, SBE 2/5

  • Sebastian Peterson, Team Denmark Red

Lists are missing from the document, but a Deneghra2 B&S and Asphyxious2 can’t be anything but red.

  • Miguel Correia, Team Portugal Kult (full Cryx team)

In case you were wondering if the nerf to Deneghra2 was warranted, here’s another Body & Soul player. SBE 3/5 (because his other list has plenty of bad match-ups so he’ll have to drop Deneghra2 at some point). If you’re wondering why this setup is green… well it’s a full Cryx team ffs!

  • Alberto Santos, Team Portugal Kult

Terminus and Deneghra1. Deneghra1 is mercenaries as always, but Terminus ensures a green rating by himself.  It’s a Kraken/Snapjaw setup as well, with Mechanithrall backup, so fingers crossed for you mate! SBE 1/5

  • Luis Ventura, Team Portugal Kult

Third Cryx player on the team! Boring Skarre1 but also Mortenebra non-tier with Blood Witches and Nightmare! SBE 0/5

  • Romeu Silva, Team Portugal Kult

FOURTH Cryx player on the team! Boring Asphyxious2 list but Skarre2 with a Kraken earns him an automatic green, and it’s a t heme force as well! Buckets of Satyxis Raiders and solo characters. SBE 0/5

  • Joao Isidro, Team Portugal Kult

FULL FECKING CRYX TEAM!!! Asphyxious3/Goreshade3. Both lists are interesting without being new, but he gets a green for going full cryx… NEVER go full Cryx! SBE 0/5

  • Benjamin Kierkegaard, Team Denmark White

Skarre2/Asphyxious2. Old School Skarre2 gains him a green (you’re on a roll here guys!) even though boring Asphyxious2 almost made him land an orange instead. SBE 0/5

  • Søren Jacobsen; Team Denmark White

Goreshade1/Deneghra1. Søren gets a green for bringing Malice with Goreshade1, even though his Deneghra1 list is like everyone else’s. I’m proud of you Søren… even when you come home dressed up in a diaper because of all the buggery you’ll receive over there. Don’t worry I’ll nurse you back to health. SBE 1/5

  • Jocke Rapp, Team Sweden Dynamite (full Cryx team)

Deneghra1/Asphyxious3. Even without the benefit of a full Cryx team Jocke would get a green since he has Black Ogrun Boarding Party in his Deneghra1 list!  SBE 0/5

  • Andreas Holm, Team Sweden Dynamite

I’m so hot for you right now Holm! Asphyxious2 is boring stuff but you brought The Witch Coven Auguries of War, and then you get hit by the biggest Cryx nerf in recorded history, and it ESPECIALLY fucks over the WCoG. I’ll buy you a beer when I see you next, and you can cry at my shoulder. SBE 4/5

  • Rickard Nilsson, Team Sweden Dynamite

Goreshade1/Deneghra2. Goreshade the bastard with no heavies! I’m giggling like a lunatic at the PC and my wife is looking at me funny. He peeks his head out of Minions and get whammied by the nerf, to the point where James Moorhouse cooked this up for him!

CM-rTUDUcAA__fy.jpg large

Going Full Reekard!

They must have run out of casters and just gone ‘oi Richard, this one is for you, and then you get this awesome Deneghra2 theme force to make up for it‘ … then WHAM the theme force is nerfed. His lists still have game, but I wouldn’t want to be him at the tournament! SBE 4/5

  • Johan Dyrlind, Team Sweden Dynamite

Goreshade2/Skarre1. I probably would have spread those two casters out on two players, but two infantry-spam lists can never be wrong. It’s not the most interesting of lists, but then having five Cryx players in one team is interesting enough in itself. SBE 0/5

  • Stefan Bendiktsson, Team Sweden Dynamite

Goreshade3/Scaverous. A quite interesting Goreshade3 list I might try when the Sepulcher arrives as it looks a bit like one of my first ideas for a G3 list with it. The Scaverous list looks fun as well, though the nerf hits it harder than it’s apparently obvious, as I think it depends a lot on control. SBE 3/5

  • Champ, Team Germany Bier

Mortenebra/Deneghra1. Old School Deneghra1 and Theme force Mortenebra lands him a green, and the setup almost doesn’t care about the errata either. SBE 1/5

  • Gert Vos, Team Belgium Brown

Deneghra1/Skarre1. Ah well it couldn’t last, but 13 green ratings in a row has restored my faith in the community! Deneghra1 mercenaries and Skarre1 with 30 Knights almost doesn’t bother me right now. SBE 0/5

  • Paul North, Team England Lions

Deneghra2/Asphyxious2. Uuf, the Deneghra2 list is designed to abuse the feat with both Stealth Nightmare, WE&SJ, and a pile of very hard to shoot reach models. It’ll be rough on him in certain match-ups. Good thing he has a solid Asphyxious2 list to back it up. SBE 3/5

  • Matt McGinn, Team Northern Ireland 1

Goreshade2/Skarre1. Double grind list, but at least it’s Goreshade2. SBE is 0/5

  • Bozikas Dimitros, Team Greece Epic

Asphyxious2/Deneghra2. The Deneghra2 list has a few interesting addition like the Ghost Raiders, but not enough to go orange. SBE 1/5

  • Kerazoglou Nikolaos, Team Greece Epic

Deneghra1/Skarre1. I don’t understand his lists at all so he gets the special color. It’s either genius or really stupid, because I don’t see them working at all which either means I’ve missed the point completely or the lists are just that bad. Sure the two casters can polish some serious turd, but they better get to polishing and hope there’s no terrain on the table either. SBE 2/5

  • Johan Dyrlind, Team Portugal Prime (Reserve)

Asphyxious2/Mortenebra. A Kraken-Mortenebra lands him in the green zone, and the Seether secures it despite Asphyxious2 being his other setup. SBE 1/5

  • Harm Kleijnen, Team Netherlands Hero

Deneghra1/Skarre1. Skarre1 brought an Arc Node in an otherwise standard list, so that’s interesting, but Deneghra1 mercenaries is carbon copy. SBE 0/5

  • Billy Cruishanks, Team Scotland Irn

Goreshade3/Asphyxious2. Goreshade3 is a semi-standard Kraken/Cavalry setup, but his Asphyxious2 is actually a bit different with Mechanithralls. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  • Christian Vestol, Team Norway Blue

Asphyxious2/Deneghra2. Standard B&S. Standard Asphyxious2. SBE 2/5

  • Pauli Lehtoranta, Team Finnish Blue

Asphyxious2/Deneghra1. Both standard lists. SBE 1/5

  • Frederik Punt, Team Netherlands Lion

Nooooooooooo Freek, why did you change your name!? Freek Punt was the most epic name in Warmachine.  Skarre2/Goreshade3 is a nifty setup, and your Skarre2 list earns you a solid green. SBE 0/5

  • Georg Buscha, Team Netherlands Lion

With Freek out of the naming race, Georg Buscha rises to the challenge (you guys have to nickname him Junior!). Deneghra1/Asphyxious3 with Croe’s and some interesting choices almost earns him a green, but in the end I settled on orange. SBE 0/5

  • Sieste Sommerling, Team Netherlands Lion

You guys are just making these names up right? Skarre1/Deneghra2 (B&S) without any surprises. SBE 2/5

  • Konrad Sosnowski, Team Poland Leaders

Deneghra1/Skarre1. Deneghra1 brought Press Gangers and Boarding Crew with Riflemen, so at least it’s different. SBE 0/5

  • Andrzej Kasiewicz, Team Poland Grunts

Skarre1/Scaverous. Skarre1 brought a Reaper, and Scaverous brought mercenaries, so here’s a green rating for you mate! SBE 1/

  • Konrad Królicki, Team Poland Grunts

Deneghra2/Witch Coven. A special color for you my friend. You brought the Witch Coven and Deneghra2, then watched as it all burned with the release of the August errata. You must have held hope that the WTC board would decide to play with the old rules but noooo. Your Deneghra2 B&S list has the Kraken, your WCoG list is Machine Minds tier4 with eight heavies on three Iron Lich Overseers, and you are without a doubt my personal hero in this tournament. You earn a 5/5 Screwed By Errata rating, and every game you win is a triumph that should be announced on every live-stream there is.

  • Brynn Holdstock, Team Canada Moose

Skarre1/Deneghra2 (B&S). Boring standard lists. SBE 2/5

  • Brynn Holdstock, Team Canada Moose (Reserve)

Deneghra1/Asphyxious2. Nothing to see, move along. SBE 0/5

  • Lützi, Team United Nations

Deneghra1/Skarre2. The Deneghra1 list has Steelhead Riflemen and other little interesting options, and Skarre2 is old school! SBE 1/5

  • Phillip Johnstone, Team Ireland Craig

Terminus/Witch Coven. Kraken/Snapjaw setup with Terminus goes green, and the Witch Coven speed list is epic. You’re going to have it rough mate, so here’s a 4/5 SBE rating you can hide behind.

  • Jason Jensen, Team Ireland Craig

Deneghra1/Goreshade3. This rating would have been red, but Goreshade3 is still a rare sight in these lists, and he brought Capt. Rengrave. SBE 0/5

  • Gerard O’Brien, Team Northern Ireland 2

Deneghra1/Mortenebra. Atypical Deneghra1 list was interesting, but there’s a FECKING DESECRATOR in the Mortenebra list… instant green zone! Also there’s a Seether and a Scavenger. Rooting for you mate! SBE 1/5

  • Klaas Luyckx, Team Belgium Blonde

Skarre1/Deneghra1. Sorry Klaas, but it’s boring and you know it! SBE 1/5

  • Matt McGinn, Team Wales Fire

Deneghra1/Skarre1. The Skarre1 list is slightly different, but not enough to matter. SBE 1/5

  • Anthony O’Reilly, Team Ireland Ceol

Deneghra1/Asphyxious2. Boooo Anthony, two boring lists. I want the creative and bad-ass iAvian back, but at least your old Terminus list has shown up twice here (without the DJ, but still). SBE 1/5


Holy fuck that was a lot of work. It’ll be interesting to see how next years lists compare after the nerfs, and how far (if at all) Deneghra2 will fall from grace. Please excuse any mistakes as I was getting bug-eyed at the end from scanning all the lists. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of variety, but the bigger and more important an event becomes the less people feel like messing about. Good luck to all of you over there, and I’ll be spectating as many games as I can!

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  1. Great write up, love it. :D

  2. This year has been all positive messages… except for the one guy complaining he didn’t get a special color but ‘only’ green :D

  3. Hi Lamoron,

    Great write up as usual. You are not going to the WTC this year? last year I didn’t get a chance to buy you a beer, for the skarre list I “borrowed” from you, I was hoping to have a chance this year.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever attend the WTC as a part of a group tournament again, but depending on next years location I might turn up at the solo masters, or as an independent reporter. This year I didn’t have the finances or wife points, and I’m still a tiny bit butt-hurt from last years event, so I decided WTC could handle a year without me. I’ll be following you guys closely though, so make daddy Cryx proud!

  4. I knew removing Rorsh & Brine from my pDenny list to go for a more “standard” pDenny would put me in the Orange zone, I thought about it and did it anyway.
    Next year I’ll bring R&B again I promise :p

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