WM MKII Rules Errata August 2015

Freshly returned from the shores of surprisingly sunny Denmark it’s time to have a look at the greatest Cryx nerf in recorded history (according to James Moorhouse at least, but I tend to agree). The August errata turned Cryx upside down and gave us a wedgie, because every tool we’ve been using to deal with Colossals went *POOF* since they’re all shakeable now.

Add the following to the Focus: Shake Effect text:
During your Control Phase after allocating focus, if this model is affected by Shadow Bind it can spend 1 focus point to cause the Shadow Bind status to expire. During your Control Phase after allocating focus, if this model is Blind it can spend 1 focus point to cause the Blind status to expire.

The same goes for Fury of course. I’m a little surprised they didn’t include continuous effects in this errata, because it seems like they’re trying to eliminate control and randomness from the game, but here’s to hoping for a future where our casters can actually do something about being lit on fire.


The nerfs were mostly needed, and everyone in Cryx knows it which is why our forums have been quite civil about the whole thing. Privateer Press broke Deneghra2 by releasing her new theme force (Body & Soul), which seems to be occurring quite often these days (Runes of War, Evolutionary Elementalism, Wold War etc.), and then had to bring her back in line. They did it by adding Shadowbind to the list of effect that can be shaken, which for most affected models was just fine.

  • Bayal (Legion): No real change in how it’s used.
  • Naga Nightlurker (Legion): No real change in how it’s used.
  • Warwitch Deneghra (Cryx): No real change in how it’s used.
  • Warwitch Siren (Cryx): Can’t be used to lock down non-reach heavies any more, but otherwise the same.
  • Wraith Witch Deneghra (Cryx): Massive but needed change.

That just leaves the elephant in the room which is The Witch Coven of Garlghast. Those poor girls certainly didn’t need the nerf, because quite frankly they were underpowered already. I hope Privateer Press has some goodies in store for them, because they definitely need some now, especially because their theme force got utterly violated by this errata.


Blind was also hit with the nerf bat, which was about god damn time, though it only really affects two models and I don’t think Lord Assassin Morghul cares that much about the change. Gorman needed to be taken down a notch, and this way we’ll see him throw something other than Black Oil. He’s still super awesome for a 2 point solo, so no argument about the nerf here either.

The Mountain King and the Archangel got a nice buff and seem genuinely usable now, and the Siege Animatrax might actually find it’s way to a table though it’s still rather bad. There was a nerf to Bone Shaker which had to happen because of a ruling, and of course two out of three Haleys were nerfed which was just lovely (though the most problematic one for Cryx remains untouched). To be perfectly honest the only thing that irks me is the changes to the Pistol Wraith.

Replace the second sentence of Chain Attack: Death Chill with: If the additional attack hits, it does not inflict damage but the model hit becomes stationary for one round.

Now I know that keeping a Colossal chained up for a turn seems like a lot, but all the Colossals worth bringing can shoot anyway, and you’ll most certainly lose your three points worth of Pistol Wraith the following turn. This is all assuming that you can get in there and shoot the Colossal in the first place, and he can’t have a shield guard available, and you can’t roll badly even once. I think Privateer Press should have left us this one, and what we got in return just isn’t worth three points.

I’m not going to bother with the math and hard arguments (plenty of those on the PP forums), but Chain Attack: Stationary just isn’t that good in Cryx. The things we need to delay for a round won’t care about Stationary, and the things that do care are either hard (impossible) to hit or not worth losing a three point model over. Now if they had dropped the price tag a point it would be interesting, but at three points it’s just not worth it even if the Soul Trappers can load them up with souls in some match-ups.

I still think we’ll see some Pistol Wraiths in the game, as Skarre2 still likes them and the new Deneghra2 might use them to increase the focus drain on her feat turn (heavies with -2 focus are going to have trouble bringing her down, or using Animi while charging etc.), but in general the Pistol Wraith went from rare to almost extinct.

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  1. So, maybe I just didn’t use the Witches enough, but is the nerf to their crit:Shadowbind that big? I kind of always saw that as a “nice when it happens” kind of situation. Or is it more that the witches needed the added control from things like PWs and WWS to control the board since they’re incredibly fragile?

    • It’s both. The WCoG needed the control elements of WWS, Gorman, and Pistol Wraiths because they can apply force anywhere but will buckle under any kind of retaliation.

      Still when everything went to shit you could sometimes reel the victory back in with a lucky Stygian Abyss, but now all of their control options have vanished, leaving an incredibly squishy caster with no way of preventing the retaliation they can’t handle.

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