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Team-Tournament: Lunden (1)

Tomorrow we have our two vs. two tournament in Silkeborg. Each team consists of a veteran and a rookie, and I’m teamed up with a local Trollblood/Mercenary player.

WTC 2015: Cryx lists

I went through all the WTC Cryx lists again this year, and using a broad spectrum of highly scientific methods I assigned them each a color.

WM MKII Rules Errata August 2015

Freshly returned from the shores of surprisingly sunny Denmark it’s time to have a look at the greatest Cryx nerf in recorded history!

Mini-tournament: 16.08.2015

Follow my somewhat coherent ramblings about my lists for next weeks mini-tournament.

Summertime is over!

The last couple of months I’ve had very little time for gaming, but the time I’ve had I spent playing around with The Soul Weaver.