Reckoning: The Reckoning 2

In the first installment of Reckoning: The Reckoning I talked about my disappointment… because honestly the releases weren’t at all what I expected. Well now I’ve had some time and games to help me me understand the new models, but my opinion hasn’t really changed. I was initially skeptical about our jacks in Reckoning, and more or less optimistic about everything else, which is exactly how I still feel, but I’ve learned a few things during testing.

  • Deneghra, The Soul Weaver (7/10)

The Soul Weaver is a huge disappointment when it comes to story and feel, but I’ll be damned if she isn’t legit on the table. I’ve never been able to apply Mortality more than once or twice in a turn, and I’ve only used her breath weapon once (missed every model even when boosting), but she has personally murderized quite a few enemy casters by now. The more living units she sees the more happy she is, but she’s legit even without a single enemy soul on the table.


Not sure if you’re forgiven…

I found her ability to run several warjacks completely superfluous, as we don’t really have the warjacks she wants to run. She does like the Inflictor a lot, and the Deathjack helps out with her otherwise problematic order of activation sequence, but in general I think we need more releases before she can be called a functional warjack caster. It’s a pity really, and I still haven’t tried out my build with six Helldivers, but maybe some day the right jacks will come along.

For now she plays as a hybrid between Deneghra1 and Terminus, switching roles depending on the enemy setup and how many souls she can gather. I’ve had her on 16-20 focus more than once, and bullied my way to the enemy caster, but in other games she’s been stuck as a support caster down back, trying to land a Mortality on something important. The main problem is, that every list I design for her would be better suited with Deneghra1 at the helm, but the Wraith Engine was surprisingly effective with her.

  • Devil’s Shadow Mutineers (10/10)

These girls are so awesome I wrote a spotlight on them already. There’s nothing bad about them, and they’re something Cryx has been needing for a long time. Hail PP, you might not have given us a useful warjack, but you’re completely forgiven: Spotlight DSM.

  • Sepulcher (8/10)

The Sepulcher is simply good. The only reason it’s an 8/10 release is because Colossals have some built in issues with force application, but as a Colossal it’s 10/10 for sure. It’s like we have our very own Stormwall, though it screens itself with Mechanithralls, the pods are Mechanithralls, and some of the guns are also Mechanithralls. The only real downside to the Sepulcher is, that you would really like two of them in a list, and points do get a bit tight.

The guns are miraculous, though the Sepulcher needs three focus every turn it engages. The first focus is used to boost the Desolator, giving you a 40-ish percent chance of paralyzing every living thing under a 5″ AoE. This completely locks down some lists, and also means the Spikers hit on 3+ with all four shots. Without the paralysis it needs help landing those shots, but we have plenty of that in Cryx, and  those babies hurt when they connect.

  • Soul Trappers (10/10)

I haven’t had the time to test these with a wide spectrum of casters but they’re absolutely brilliant. They’re dirt cheap, have super awesome models, and radically change the way some casters can play if they manage to snag a few souls. Four of them seem to be enough in most lists, but there’s no harm in having the full six.

PP really did solid work here considering they’re ½ point models.

I’ve even had the chance to enter melee with them a few times, and nobody sees it coming, but MAT 5 / PS 8 is pretty good when you have three souls to boost! They tend to operate with about half of them up front trying to collect, and the other half hanging out in whatever cover they can find, so they can either daisy chain the souls or pick up whatever breaks through the lines.

  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders (7/10 but 10/10 for fun)

The River Raiders might not be the most impressive of models, and they certainly won’t fit into any old list, but my GOD they’re fun on the table. They’re chaos incarnate, zipping around and getting in where they have no business being, though they often end up stranded or failing to break armor. They’re bloody hard to shoot of the table, and they’re dirt cheap to boot, so you can just throw them into hopeless situations and hope you roll well, because when you roll well they’re spectacular.

If/when they die your opponent has spent way more resources than he should killing your 0.66 point model, and sometimes they simply can’t justify spending those resources on a MAT 5 / PS 6 model, so you get to try your luck on free strikes (typically the odds are against you actually killing the model, but who cares). The real fun begins when you apply some debuffs and the little ones suddenly connect, or when they get into the support models and go crazy. I can’t really recommend these enough.

  • Barathrum (3/10)

I was pretty sure Barathrum would be terrible on the table, but he surpassed my every expectation and was utterly and completely horrible. I seriously don’t see why PP thought we would even want this piece of garbage, and it seems like they just threw a bunch of random rules on a Slayer chassis two hours before the printers started spitting out books. He hits like a six year old girl, and takes a punch like one to, which makes his resilience to shooting more or less pointless because he doesn’t even have the reach he would need to be useful against infantry. He could theoretically see play with a few of our casters, but with our current lineup there’d be a better use for those ten points with all of them.

  • Shrike (-1/10)

… The Shrike is quite possibly the worst model in Cryx. The only caster in our lineup that could conceivably use four points on this thing without completely wasting them is Mortenebra, and she’s not exactly fond of the attrition style play the Shrike seems to be built for. It’s basically a slightly wider spray that you can’t advance with first, costs you focus to use, and which makes your model end up in the middle of the enemy formations when it’s done. The only thing Barathrum has going for it is, that it’s not a Shrike.

The Reckoning

I think we did damn well in this book as we have seven releases and only two of them are terrible. We now have a useful Colossal which opens up a whole bunch of new builds and options, a way of gathering souls which may change quite a few builds, and two amazing mercenary options to play with as well. Our caster is tournament worthy, and the Inflictor remains the only truly useful (albeit theoretical) Helljack release during the four years I’ve served the Dragonfather, which is alright as I don’t much care for stompy bots anyway.

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  1. I pretty much concur with everything but Barathrum as you know, (where my opinion is more “niche” than “bad”). He won’t make many Cryx lists, but I can see some usage with Coven, eSkarre, Morty non-tier and pShade (if he ever makes my rotation). Is that where you tested him?

    I won’t lie that he feels overcosted somewhat, but I blame the Seether for that @9pts. And yes, the Inflictor is still sorely missed and wanted…

    Still shocked the Shrike isn’t 3 points and/or free tramples. Then I’d think about it, and probably still get a Helldiver, but at least it would get consideration.

    • I usually test in a vacuum, meaning that I test with casters that don’t really do anything for them and then apply theory once I know how they behave on the table. I occasionally miss something, but it saves a lot of time :)

      It’s not that I don’t see it working with the casters you’ve mentioner, but at ten points I also see every one of them using those points more efficiently elsewhere, and I don’t think Barathrum really enables a new type of build either, which is what a niche model typically does.

      At nine points I would still go ‘but for one point more I could have Nightmare‘ with every caster on your list. At eight points I’d begin considering it, though the competition with the Inflictor would be fierce, and at seven points he’d be a solid buy and make it to some of my lists at least.

      I did follow your thoughts on him, and I could sort of see the reason behind you including Barathrum if you already have Nightmare in the list, but even with Infernal Machine the lack of reach is a deal breaker for me.

      • Well DJ lacks Reach, and they have the same innate threat range. However, DJ doesn’t have Countercharge or the “pseudo” Sprint to set him up in advance or the Dig In to get across the field. And yet, DJ is frequently making it to melee combat.

        I know they’re very different jacks, but there is a point to be made here – if DJ can make it to combat with useful things semi-regularly, then Barathrum sure as hell can too.

        • Deathjack has more armor, more boxes, and the ability to self heal, not to mention he often has access to spells that can help him reach out and touch models, but despite that I don’t think he’s worth his points in lists that can’t help him arrive (Mortenebra, Skarre2, Deneghra2 etc.)

          In those lists I just don’t see Barathrum being chosen before Nightmare and Deathjack, and his sprint is more or less useless without reach or some way of avoiding melee charges the following turn. I can see him being useful in a Skarre2/Deneghra2 list, but I can’t see him being a good choice.

  2. What about using 3neghra with leviathans?

    • You have to run three of them before it’s better than simply running Deneghra2 with two (one on Aiakos), and three Leviathans take up a lot of points.

      It also means you have to spend your feat powering them on turn two, and you need to face an army with available souls, or they’ll be out of gas on turn three and forward.

      Finally she doesn’t extend their melee threat range, and you really need to be able to finish the job in melee these days.

  3. Great reviews and they feel just right. Now all we have to do is wait forever for the models to be released.

    I was wondering what you thought about the utility of having 1/2 point solos that can contest, probably doubling the number of solos in most lists, and increasing the saturation of must kill models for opponents.

    The Desolator crits 44% of the time, with WS Combines re-roll, if my math is correct its up to a frightening 63%.

    with pDenny under feat and parasite the Sepulcher can destroy a Colossal (def 10 arm 20, 68 boxes) with average damage, in one turn…..if you can get the 3 mech thralls in, you have to get it there but the output potential feel more like a colossal should have

    • I actually had to cut down on the number of solo characters in my test build, because time became an issue. Deciding on the actions of 20+ solo characters (6 Trappers + 9 River Raiders + various support) took forever :D

      The Sepulcher is just good old fashioned solid. It might not beat face like some of the other colossals but as you say it can certainly beat/shoot face when the debuffs are up!

  4. Nice to see that all your predictions were born out by testing.

    I had to test out the shrike myself first, but I’ve definitely come around to your point-of-view on that thing.

    I generally agree with your assessment. I probably still would have swapped the ratings on Shrike and Barathrum, but only because with the shrike you’re only throwing 4 pts in the garbage, instead of 10. I think the last time a character ‘jack managed to be less impressive than its base chassis was Triumph… not good company to share.

  5. Hey mate just wondering if you were going to do any more coverage of Gaspy3 now that reckoning is out. He can do so much for mech thralls and the….crap wifes getting contractions

    • Never say never, but I think the next couple of months are Deneghra3 and tournament time.

      • Am back, with another child hooray for me.
        When i first saw 3gaspys spell list i thought mech thralls, but I could never get them to work. Going to guve them another go with the sepulcher see if u can’t hammer out a working list. If i ever make it outside the house again.

        • Congratulations man!

          I’ve been considering an Ashpyxious3 Sepulcher list as well, but I keep thinking Skarre1 is the better caster in that setup, as the guns on the Sepulcher allows you to force the enemy into range so you can really abuse that feat turn, but time will tell.

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