Mini-tournament report

This weekend I attended a small local tournament (more like an organized games day really) and I had some really strange games. I played my Deneghra1 list and my experimental Terminus list.

– Stalker
Bane Thralls (Max)
Bane Thralls (Max)
Bane Thralls (Max)
Bile Thralls (Max)
Bile Thralls (Max)

The general idea was simply to run at the opponent and overwhelm him, which it did really really well… a bit to well as it turns out. The first game was against Haley2 and it went like this.

  • Cryx1: Run up 10-11″
  • Cygnar1: Move up and take a few pot shots.
  • Cryx2: Run up 10-11″
  • Cygnar2: Spend 25+ minutes shooting stuff, then feating.
  • Cryx3: Shuffle up a bit, spend some of his clock on feat decisions.
  • Cygnar3: Spend 25+ minutes shooting stuff, then timing out.

I didn’t kill a single model and I didn’t get a single control point. I was all lined up to murderize half his list and be all like ‘terminus in your face bitch!’ but instead his clock started beeping and I lost two placing in the final ranks (o CP, 0 AP).

da fug!?

The funny thing is that it’s the second time something like this has happened. In the European Team Championships our team lost a round because my opponent timed out to Terminus, thus robbing me of the ability to score control points, and losing us the round (silly four man teams).

Game 2

In the second game I got matched up against Jakob, who’s been away from the scene for a few years due to baby-doom. He was a very solid player back then, and still had some juice despite being rusty as hell.

He was playing a Vlad1 list with a Conquest, against my Deneghra1 list, and his dice were absolutely spectacular. The Conquest killed 8-9 models per turn rolling 11+ on blast damage every time (S&P helps, but it was every single attack), and the first eight Boomhowlers all failed their 4+ tough checks.

ow ow ow ow!

I got absolutely slaughtered, and the game only turned around when I finally got some Mechanithralls in on the Conquest with feat + Parasite up. After that I slowly pulled myself back in the game, and a turn of Crippling Grasp + Venoms on his Kayazy Assassins finally won me the game, as it left him without the models he needed to clear the zone one last time (he was at 4 CP). It was a brutal slaughter which I won with 5 CP and 55 KP, and he only had Vlad1 left at the end.

Game 3

The ‘finals’ were against Husum and he was locked in to Ravyn. I dropped Terminus as Ravyn was going to have trouble with 30 Stealth + Tough weapon masters. The game was thoroughly predictable until my last turn, in which a single infiltrator threatened a free strike on Terminus going where he wanted to be (to feat).

Darragh Wrathe tries killing the Infiltrator but misses the 5+ charge attack, so I decide to simply take the free strike. They roll 4d6-9 because they ignore focus camp, which should be around five damage, but the free strike damage comes up 6-6-6-4 and does 13 points of damage to Terminus, who’s now stuck in the middle of enemy territory with 7 boxes left.

I drained Terminus of Focus in order to kill as many models as possible (since he had Eiryss3 nearby anyway), and ended up on 11 souls. It was going to be close because he had quite a few models left, I was vulnerable to spike damage with so few boxes, and he had a Banshee available with a fair chance at killing him. The insane dice continued, so the Banshee rolled box cars to hit and robbed Terminus of Tough, and then annihilated him with focus left to spare.

I ended up fourth because I only scored control points in one game, and because I got 0/55/5 army points in my three games. It was so hilariously silly that it didn’t even bother me, and I owed Husum a win from way back where I booted him from a Danish Masters tournament by lucking out like it was nobody’s business.

Terminus setup

I didn’t much like the 30 Bane Thralls list. It was effective but it was insanely boring, and no I don’t want to run it with 30 Bane Knights either. I think Terminus will retire again until the Sepulcher arrives, and then he might get replaced by Deneghra3 anyway… ah well, back to the drawing board on solving the Legion issue for now.

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  1. So… is boring enough to warrant dropping a list that you comfortably ran into eHaley? Anything that can beat a Haley sounds like a winner in my book.

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