Reckoning: The Reckoning!

I’ve had a few days to ponder our new releases, and I’ve even had the chance to try out the Sepulcher a bit, so it’s time for my slightly less knee-jerk reaction to the whole thing. Reckoning brought us a lot of useful releases, but I’m still disappointed, and here’s why…

So much disappointment.

Reckoning gave us a lot of very interesting models, but it gave us none of the things we were led to believe were coming our way. With the release of Ruin and Dynamo we honestly thought Reckoning would bring us a reason to play Helljacks again, and with the released No Quarter battle report we were led to believe there would be a reason to run Bonejacks as well.

Then our 10 point character Helljack turned out to be very lackluster, and the Advanced Deployment Stalkers in the battle report turned out to be a mistake. To add injury to insult they released another Bonejack on a Scavenger chassis, and then made it more or less useless in the grand scheme of things.

All looks it seems

I might have shrugged this off because Cryx so very rarely receives anything worth playing in the jack department, but when I look at the releases every other faction received it’s clear that this book was supposed to enforce the use of jacks even further, except in our case it put us even further behind the curve instead.

We’ve been waiting so long for a useful Helljack, and when they announced the Inflictor we finally had some hope that times were changing. More than a year later the Inflictor isn’t even on the release schedule, there’s no explanation as to why, and then Privateer Press decides to release another book of useless cryx junk jacks.

And now, for some more disappointment

Then of course there’s the whole issue of Deneghra, The Soul Weaver. I’m awaiting final judgment on her viability as a caster until I have a solid dozen games under my belt with her, but one thing I can say for sure that she’s uninspiring, unfocused, reliant on the enemy list, and 100% not what I expected (or wanted) in the third incarnation of such an iconic caster.

Let’s begin with the most painfully obvious problem I have with her, which is the complete lack of anything interesting in her stats or abilities even relating to the fact that she’s mounted on a giant dragon. The überscav as I named it has an impact attack which could potentially be devastating because of the huge base, but which will more likely be insanely hard to use well because of that very same huge base.

Then we have the utterly ridiculous breath attack. There were so many things they could have done to make that interesting and a part of how she plays, but a highly inaccurate eight inch spray with very low power is going to be a ‘because I didn’t have anything better to do with my action‘ ability.


You had such promise…

On top of that disappointment we have her spell list, which is so incredibly unlike anything anyone named Deneghra should have. Where are the control elements, the movement shenanigans, the finesse spells, or even the reference to her previous incarnations that casters usually have…

She only has four warjack points despite not having an attachment or any spell/ability that would account for that loss, and if someone dares argue that her überscav makes up for those lost points I’m going to smack him. Finally she has a weapon that does nothing, and poor melee assassination potential unless your opponent hands his caster to her on a platter.

I didn’t expect a caster that could rival the two previous incarnations of Deneghra, so I’m not all that disappointed by her perceived power level (and I think we might be underestimating her a bit), but I’m disappointed beyond mere words in her as a release.

And now for something completely different

So what’s good about reckoning then… well a lot of things actually, though several of them are mercenary releases that just happen to work for Cryx as well. The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers are so bloody good that I still can’t believe it, and several of our Reckoning releases will see regular table time for sure.

The Soul Trappers are going to see major play because they’re super cheap and potentially game changing, even though they’re fragile and easily destroyed. They’ll not be in every list, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t see regular table time, simply because they’re models with a huge potential if you can manage them.

The Sepulcher basically guarantees that the Kraken will only see play because people already own it, or when it’s required in a theme force. The Sepulcher is so much better that it’s not even a contest, and I think it will see ten times the table time the Kraken ever did.

Finally there’s the dark horse from out of nowhere, the Swamp Gobber River Raiders. These things might not be a power release but I think they’ll see play because they bring an element of utter chaos to the table, and because Cryx lacked some flanking solo characters with throwaway price tags. They’ve got Advance Deployment and Camouflage, so all those strangely placed terrain pieces on the flanks now serve a function for us, and woe to the player who let’s the River Raiders into his support models.

The Reckoning!

That’s a full four releases I think will see regular table time, which is quite good for a single book. The Sepulcher opens up some interesting builds, the Soul Trappers are excellent fillers, the Devils Shadow Mutineers are game changers, and the River Raiders are just plain fun, so if our caster and jack section hadn’t been downright awful and disappointing (despite being the most anticipated section of the release) I think I would have been pleased with Reckoning as a whole. As it is I think we lost this book, because most of the other factions got some seriously solid releases, and because half our useful releases are actually mercenaries.

Peace out people!



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  1. Mostly agreed. I’m firmly sitting on the fence with D3 – can’t argue with being disappointed (especially after her whole “runes clearly spelling something else in her artwork) and the lack of tech on the dragon itself. But there’s enough there to at least mess around with for the short term.

    Barathrum is just an eSeether, basically better in every way for +1 point (hence being slightly overpriced I suspect…). Now granted, nobody really runs a Seether EVER, but in any case where somebody thinks “Hmm, I might like to, but can never deliver it or just wish it had a bit more tech.” then there you go. I will preface this though by saying I’m mostly thinking in the context of casters like the Coven and eSkarre, who solve a lot of movement issues, jack support and delivery given the nature of those lists… So I don’t dislike him, I just think he’s very niche? If that makes any sense?

    Otherwise I think you’re right on the money with the rest. DSM and eKraken are awesome, Trappers having insane potential (though fragile) and at least enough to mess around with on the gobbers for a laugh.

    Certainly a very mixed bag anyway in terms of releases!

  2. I agree how great the DSM are, and cannot wait to get some Soul Trappers on the table. Can you tell me though why you think the Sepulcre will see more play than the Kraken? I’m missing what it has over a 2 pt necrosurgeon.

    • The biggest thing about the Sepulcher over the Kraken are problably the side guns. 4 Leviathan shots for 2 focus (or 2 for none, if needed). Then it also has The AOE 5 gun (which will occasionally have nifty Paralyze shenanigans). On top of that (which I think could be worth the 18 pts by itself), you get Necrosurgeon+ ability (while you’re not always going to want a Brute Thrall, there are times when three single wound infantry or MAT 5 just aren’t going to cut it) on a resilient base, and it can rebuild its McThrall screen.

    • Mostly what Malachi said. The Paralysis gun is incredibly useful, though of course unreliable, but it adds another control element to our faction. It also allows the Sepulcher to reduce it’s own targets to DEF 7, which allows the full four spiker rounds to land on 3+.

      Then of course we can add all kinds of buffs/debuffs to the mix and it gets crazy real fast. The Sepulcher can also charge in and kill some models, then pick up their corpses and spawn Mechanithralls with them, which can launch those Mechanithralls a huge distance as well as protect the Sepulcher from retaliation.

      Finally it’s a recursion element that’s really hard to stop. Necrosurgeons regularly get sniped with spells, clipped with blast damage, or otherwise prevented from participating, but the Sepulcher is a darn Colossal.

      It’s not the most powerful of Colossals, but it’s leaps and bounds beyond what the Kraken could ever manage, and it’s worth taking with many different casters. I’m going to try out Terminus with double Sepulchers and 20 tough Mechanithralls at some point, and Skarre1 double Sepulcher was legit.

  3. And I’ve been working so hard to finish painting my Kraken…

  4. I think that cryx players are reacting poorly to this book. Honestly, no one has any reason to complain, we all got a couple of great pieces.

    The soul trappers alone are crazy. I’ve only had a chance to play two games with them, but they may actually be too good. You just keep them in the back and collect your souls at 10” away. If anything wants to shoot them then that’s ok with me, I’ll have an extra bile or bane. You can also get a nice soul train going with them. If the one trapper with the souls is too far away from your caster, he can give them to another trapper who can then pass them along to your caster.

    Them being 2 for a point and collecting souls 10″ out is what makes them bonkers

    We have a bunch of soul collecting mechanics that never really have the chance to go off unless you are playing Terminus or Deathjack. The trappers allow, Scaverous, for instance, to start collecting a bunch of souls he could never get. Get that guy 3 extra souls before his feat turn is going to be stupid.

    Heck, eDenny with 3 extra souls means 3 hellmouths in one turn. And nothing is saying she couldn’t get 7….

    And all the souls Gerlack whips up now have a home

    Soul trappers with Denny the turd are crazy (side note, I don’t think she’s bad but that’s a family joke I get to use now). She was given 8 souls from two trappers in one turn. My blood witches activated, filled up one who then gave his 3 to d3nny, Bane Knights then did the same but I needed a soul train to get that one going. Then another soul trapper ran up, and Gerlack did his thing. D3nny activated and took that trapper’s souls. It’s rather crazy really

    I honestly believe that if Privateer had called D3nny, eTerminus, the amount of complaining would be cut in half easily. I like her a lot. Being able to sit front/mid field at a 17/23 base with poltergeist, still fill up jacks, and give a universal -2/-2 to the enemy army is pretty great. I’m going to need to play her a bit more as I have only had 1 game with her so far, but she seems to be able to handle herself. That, and a Def 15 poltergeist Tartarus is funny.

    Push comes to shove, she can keep flying up each turn holding a crazy amount of souls and focus. Eventually she is going to get to the enemy caster, and unless you are Butcher at full camp, auto hitting pow 15’s will take you down when D3nny could easily have 11 attacks.

    The Sepulcher is amazing

    I have to digest shovel hands a bit more but he can do work to a colossal run by a focus battery

    The Shrike is cute and I can see some potential with him and the Coven. If the ‘meta’ ever shifts back to a lot of low arm infantry, he’s going to have a good day. Put a soul trapper near him or have it run by a sepulcher and boy oh boy

    • I agree, that had this been Terminus2 the amount of disappointment would have been way less, and I think Deneghra3 has some potential on the table as well.

      As I said I feel that we got some useful tools, but I also feel it’s some completely different tools than what we were expecting :/

  5. I actually expected you’d have been one of the Shrike advocates… mostly due to your great admiration for a certain other beaky birdjack. It’s not the same thing, of course, but it’s one more tool in the toolbox for flying circus lists.

    Totally in agreement with the rest – D3nny really had me scratchin’ my head when I read her entry. I actually flipped the page expecting the dragonbeast was under a separate entry, like scrapjack or something.

    • The Shrike just doesn’t really do anything.

      It’s an 8-10″ trample which in most cases is directly comparable to an 8-10″ spray, except that you can’t move first so lining it up is darn hard. You could use overrun with Mortenebra to line it up, but then you’re playing attrition with her and she doesn’t do that well at all :/

      I think it might warrant another look for Skarre2 players but that’s about it. I really want to like it, and of course it’s going on the table at some point, but I don’t see any potential in it, though of course that might change.

  6. One thing to mention… The sepulcher has pull, getting thing closer to your army to destroy (^_^)

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